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This was one of the worst experiences that I have ever had to deal with. 8 days after picking up my vehicle from Carl Burger Dodge service department and after paying $450 on a Radiator and 2 hoses my car shuts down off the 15. Mind you, my vehicle has been in and out of the shop on numerous occasions and I haven't even had the vehicle for a year. Sometimes they make me come back after taking time off work, most times the parts are never there. When you call, you always have to speak to a service advisor that is never there not to mention no one is ever available.
I call and yes I was a little irrate, the young lady Mandi decides to hang up on me and doesn't help me or my situation at all. First of all, I don't care what I said to make her hang up on me but if im stranded and im stuck 8 days after getting my car and the issue has to deal with something that you supposedly fixed, you are suppose to help me claiming the best customer service in the land. Well I beg to differ. The one thing that she says that made me more upset was that my car wasn't in the shop for 3 weeks. 8 days does not equal 3 weeks to me. Its customer service to reseach info on your customer and to really find out what's going on before making a response or a comment that is completely not true or relavent to the situation. Then she decides to get smart and say, its not like we purposely pooked holes in your hoses or radiator. At that moment, to me, it felt like they did. Especially when at the moment they didn't try to help me.
The funny thing is, after I bought my vehicle I was so impressed that my Mother in law decided to come and buy the same vehicle. So you mean to tell me, not only did I try to buy American but I got them an additional sale and this is all I get from the # 1 customer service/service dept in America. Not only will I never come back, but I don't even want a stupid Dodge anymore. The crap doesn't even work. I do appreciate David Garcia, he tried all he could do to help me out on my wedding anniversary. Lol!

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On Saturday Febuary 6th we decided to buy a new work truck. We went down to CARL BURGER DODGE in La Mesa. We found one we liked a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 4X4. It only had 31 miles on it. We drove it home (Murrieta) and it over heated on the way. We pulled over in Fallbrook and called the dealer. We were told to get it towed to the nearest dealer. We had to use our own towning AAA. (That was not right) We had to contact CARL BURGER DODGE on Sunday. We requested a new truck. We feel it is only fair to receive a new truck since that is what we agreed to buy. We were told the service department needed to look at the truck first. Again and again we have to contact the dealer to find out what is going on. The truck ended up having small holes in the radiator. That is why it over heated. The dealer has agreed to fix the truck but not give us a new truck. We were told the truck would be fixed by Saturday Feb 12th. That is no longer the case. Now it will not be ready until Wednesday or Thursday. Again, we have to keep calling them to find out what is going on. CARL BURGER DODGE only knows what customer service is until they have your money. We were not even offered a rental car until Tuesday when we called them. Now that we said we would like a rental truck, they will not return our phone calls. I feel like we just keep getting the run around and I don't want anyone else to ever have to deal with this.

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    matty dean May 21, 2010

    Nothing but Crooks and Liers, Chad Ross does not know how to tell the truth

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