Caridpoor customer service


I was buying a roof rack for my car and through the site and prices looked great. Even showed me all the parts to mount the rack. The only items not clear was the length of the crossbars. I call the help line and was told to by the 70" crossbars.

Order arrived quickly but, the crossbars were too long! Replacement policy meant waiting another 1-2wks to get the correct part. Went round and round with the customer service team who had processes to validate who told me what which would add all kinds of time.

End of the 45min call was it would take 3-4 days to just get an RMA. Told them fine do their process and I'll get my money back in a couple of weeks.

REI has same parts in stock at my local store for the same price. Guess who got my money in the end.

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