Carflexiunable to receive rental car in malaga.

Your reference: e -Voucher No: CF 1E 25AC
Carrental confirmation: 292/[protected]

Upon arrival at Malaga airport we were very surprised to learn that due to the fact that I am 72 years of age we could not have a rental car!
This was unkown to us for we only received Robert Groos, thank you for your reservation!
Your request number is CF 1E25AC

The moment RECORD GO confirms your booking, you will reveive your final voucher by e-mail. ( we never received anything!)

etc. etc.

check the status of your booking by using your e-mail address r.[protected] and request number CF1E25AC.

Thank you for choosing Car Flexi, we wish you agreat trip. Pickup 29 August 2019 Malaga Airport.

We spoke to an English gentle man from RECORD GO who told us to write to you because we never received the documents that provide the necessary information about the drivers age.

I can sent you the signed document which he gave us on the 29/8/2019 name Benjamin he is Consultant at Record Go. where he said if we do not collect a car we should have to pay Euro 50, 00 for admin. charges. to which i agreed.

However, I paid well in advance Euro 138, 00 by Mastercard number [protected] valid 09/22
name: R.J.GROOS verification code 194.

We therefore ask you to reimburse us for the 89 euro which we should not have to pay according to your own Cancellation Policy which was shown to us by Benjamin from RECORD GO, which we never saw before and had never received!!!
It says: Cancellation Policy

We explained the situation and agreed to pay 50 euro's to your company and did what was suggested to write to you for said reimbursement.

Could you please inform us what we did wrong and correct the payment as your cancellation policy indicates.

Robert J Groos
Mauritssingel 124
2351 EH Leiderdorp Netherlands
phone: [protected]

We would like to receive confirmation of reception of this e-mail.
We have informed the Dutch Government Tourist Office of this unlucky business.
And asked them to intermediate for us on our behalf.

  • CarFlexi Customer Care's Response, Oct 14, 2019

    Dear Mr Groos,

    Thank you for your review and for giving us the opportunity to respond to you.

    As per a check we did in this case, this reservation was created online by your side and not by our customer service team.

    The age entered during your search was the default age of 30-65. In case the driver is less than 30 or more than 65 years old, then this option should be deselected and should be entered the actual age of the driver in order to be automatically included the young/ senior driver fee in the price of all the available offers.

    This was never done though as we can see, so the offer selected and booked was not including the senior driver fee as the age of 30-65 was entered as the age of the main driver.

    Kindly note that you should edit immediately this review in order to delete your credit card details, as this may lead to having many unauthorized transactions.

    In this case, as there was no error made by our side there is no refund due.

    Your voucher is attached for your reference with the relevant proof highlighted in yellow.

    Kind regards,

    unable to receive rental car in malaga.
Oct 09, 2019

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