Careemcancellation charges and captain

Im a regular careem customer and I'm glad to say that your service sucks and you are very good in taking money from people.

I have been trying to reach your uselss call centre but it seems that you stopped hiring human beings and started using robots to answer the phones and then disconnect!

I have complained on your stupid application and a stupid person replied to me like an idiot without even understanding what im saying to avoid.

I booked a ride today from Dubai Mall to Churchill Towers at 02:41PM and your [censored]ing taxi driver was late and never called me! I was waiting for 20 mins in the heat and then when I called to check where is he mentioned that he's on another side of the mall, didn't even bother to call and when I asked him to pick me up from the location I was, he refused and mentioned RTA cabs are not allowed some [censored]! and then you guys flicked 16aed from my card as cancellation fees although the ride was booked on cash basis so you basically stole the money!

I need a callback from your management and I need the money back or else I will raise this with the police and its not a joke.

Dina Yehia

Sep 30, 2019

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