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I had bought a used Honda, 2 dr coupe about a month ago. Rear speakers had previously been replaced and...

Resolved rebate

My rebate, according to was received on 11/05/2010 and issued on 01/20/2011? I'm...

price match

So they advertise that they'll match any price on their website (albeit with the usual small print).

I found an online retailer that was selling a Pioneer 10 inch low profile subwoofer far below the Cartoys online price. It met all the criteria...authorized dealer, blah blah. So I completed the online form and sent it off. No reply. I repeat the procedure two weeks later (same product) reply.
I eventually sent them an email b/c I was at least expecting some lame ### excuse from them to not match the price.
Guess what? Three weeks later...NO REPLY!
They suck ###.

Resolved deceptive pricing

I bought a car alarm from Car Toys during their "no sales tax" sale. First of all the alarm I purchased was listed in the store as $449.99 installed. Wrong! I was charged $469.85. Apparently they tack on an additional $22.38 and call it a parts charge. I had a standard installation and had no extras added to the alarm. I was told this is to cover zip ties, connections, and tape. You can buy a lifetime supply of these for 22.38 and if this is a standard install why don't they advertise the alarm at $469.85 installed!! Here's the kicker...I was also charged $44.64 in sales tax!! I have had 2 employees at Car Toys explain this to me andtell me this is correct and I still have no idea what they are talking about. They are trying to tell me that there is tax on the installation not the alarm??!! So I guess I paid 19% tax on installation?? On the receipt they list the alarm at $223.73 and Miscellaneous at 223.74...what the??? Bottom line...a car alarm advertised at $449.99 installed with no sales tax cost $514.49?????? Go ahead and shop here if you want to look like a complete idiot...I'm done!

car alarm

We had Car Toys of Federal Way WA. install a car alarm when the car was about 3 years old and in pristine...

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installation incompetence

I work for a company who recently had a rear-view camera installed in a company vehicle for the purpose of using a monitor to see any objects that are behind you while backing out. They used a Car Toys location in Hurst, Texas near North East Mall. The monitor they had mounted to the dashboard had holes for screws in the base to insure that it is secured to said dashboard. Instead of installing it properly, they used a double-sided adhesive foam strip, which was weak at best. Due to the heat from the sun, many employees had issues with the monitor remaining secure to the dashboard, because the adhesive strip had melted. Because of their incompetence, the monitor had slipped between the dash and the driver side door, and was crushed as I had entered the vehicle and closed it in the door. My employer had taken it back to the location, spoke with the manager, and was told that the best they could do was a lousy 10% discount. I'm stuck paying my employer for the rest of the cost for a new unit. It seems to me that a discount offered of any kind is an admittance of guilt on their part for the installation. Do not make the same mistake we made.

lies, hides and takes advangate

Car Toys salesmen are nothing but "Used Car Salesman" in training. They lie, they hide and they take advantage of their customers.

I purchased a $700+ stereo system from them. They had me "make an appointment" to have it installed the next day, only when I showed (on time) for my appointment, their bays were full! I was told it would be 2-3 hours to do a simple install. I saw right away they were putting me off to finish the cars they took in as walk ins! I expressed my anger and told them I would be back in 2 hrs and this better be done. And it was.

Fast forward 1.5 mos and the unit is now malfunctioning. I returned yesterday and they told me to make another appointment so they can "diagnose" the problem and possibly fix it. If they can't fix it they will request a replacement from Pioneer. I'm sorry, why is this my problem? Why should I wait for a replacement? Why can't they take one out of THEIR STOCK and wait for their replacement! They, after all, sell and represent this product, they should not inconvenience the customer for the fault of the product! So I again expressed my anger & frustration but they were insistent this was their protocol; to fix or wait for a replacement. (and how am I going to know I'm getting a "new" replacement and not a "refurbished" replacement??

Just another company that insists on immediate payment but drags *** to fix a product they sell AND REPRESENT!

Resolved flim flam

We bought a stereo system from Cartoys in 2007 for around 2500.00, at the time they offered an interest free deal ...we took it. CARTOYS set up the account. We even had them add 50.00 a month to the monthly due payment to ensure the expiration date would be met far ahead of time, we even had it automactically with drawn from our bank account NEVER missed a payment. In January we owed 487.oo, we paid 125.00. In Feb. we owed 362.00 we paid 125.00. Suddenly in March we owe 890.00 because we missed the expiration date??????????? We have spent 2 hours of our time trying to talkk to someone at G.E. Bank we are lied to, talked down to and even hung up on! Does anyone know a good attorney?

Resolved remote start

i purchased a remote start and was told that the install was included. i made an appointment for 9 am and wa...

Resolved damaged car

Car Toys is a dishonest, unprofessional, and sloppy operation. I brought in my BMW to have an iPod connection installed and they assured me they had the right tools to do the job. When I got my car back there were 2 large chips in my wood veneer console, where the installer had simply pried off the piece with a screwdriver. To make it worse, they denied they did it, falsified the paperwork I had completed when I dropped the car off, and tried to make it look like the damage was there before I brought in the car. Avoid this company at all costs, because it will cost you in more ways than one. I've never seen a company with worse overall customer service. They should be ashamed.

bad, slow,

dont get the insurance...thats all i got to say..i would even stay away from cartoys..theyre not looking out for their customer theyre just trying to make a for cell phone took me a month to get replacement..had to send mine in first..they sent me a faulty battery in the new phone and didnt send out a replacement..i bought a new battery myself and luckly the phone didnt ruin the new 80 dollar im waiting for a call back because i now have a water damaged phone to return and my info in the computer is messed up so im waiting ..i give them a 1 out of 5 rating..a 1 star for replacing my tilt with a fuze that had a faulty battery..

Resolved cell phone warranty

Car Toys Totem Lake Kirkland Washington is horrible! We've had nothing but problems with cell phone...

Resolved cell phone

I read the complaints about Car Toys but didn't believe them. I had purchased a car stereo system with no problem. Not so with cell phones. I spent 3 1/2 hours in the store getting my account established, etc. I was courteous and let the salesman move to other customers without complaint. Purchased 3 cell phones with new AT&T account. I tried to convince my wife to purchase the same phone I had. She insisted on a different one. We were assured that we could change it to the same as mine within 30 days ... no problem. Until we tried it. At first they were going to give us no credit for her phone and charge new price for the update. When I complained they then said we were too late to change anyway because they have a 14 day return policy. I showed them the 30 day policy I had in writing, but was told they did not honor that. All this with another store employee telling the Manager I was correct in what I was telling him. Don't go to Car Toys in Fort Worth, Texas. You are sure to be burned.

  • Cb
    CB1 May 11, 2009

    Car Toys Totem Lake Kirkland Washington is horrible! We've had nothing but problems with cell phone contracts and phones. DON'T EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

    My husband purchased a T-Mobile G-1 for me as a Christmas present and also purchased the additional 2 year replacement warranty for $199.99- my husband was told that if anything happens to the phone I could just bring it in and it would be replaced. My phone just died for no reason. I took it in and they could not find any damage and their comment was "I guess you're lucky that way..." The phone is less than 5 months old. The assistant manager JT said I will need to send in my phone to the manufacturer. I showed him our paperwork that showed the proof of additional insurance (which by the way is exorbinant) and he said their insurance doesn't cover the phone so I need to send it in to the manufacturer. I am in sales and rely on my phone for business and cannot do business without the phone. I need a replacement phone and right now I am losing business and they will not replace the phone. We will never do business with them again and I am getting the word out. Their promises and their business is a total SCAM!!!

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  • Na
    native_texan Jul 03, 2009

    There are three or four Car Toy stores in Fort Worth. The one I went to evidently did not have all the information from the manufacturer to perform a complete install (and did not know that at the time of install), and because the blackberry no-hands feature to my car audio system has had a run of complaints, they are installing a separate blackberry interface at no charge to compensate. The Car Toy store I have been to, although has been slow, is trying their best to correct a bad situation that the manufacturer has put them into.

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  • Wk
    Wkelley May 11, 2012

    Bought the 199.00 insurance and was told i would get a brand new phone anytime i messed mine up up to 4 times in 22 months. Went in for first time and they said i had to call a number. Then the people on the phone charged me 69 dollars and said they were shipping a refurbished phone to me not a new one. Then they called and said they were out of stock and that car toys would send me a phone and charged me 569.00 until i returned my phone to them. Opened mail today and i got a new phone literally just the phone no battery, no battery cover just the phone itself. I would suggest just paying the normal insurance through your provider. Atleast they would swap your phone out that day and not make you mail it in.

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Resolved warranty for blackberry

I purchased a Blackberry Curve in August of 08 at that time I also paid $200 for the extended warranty...

Resolved blackberry cell phone warranty

What a ridiculous nightmare!! I got suckered into purchasing a $200 extended warranty for a new Blackberry Pearl in January 2008 (I know-very stupid). 11 months later the phone simply wouldn't take a charge. I called the warranty phone number for the CarToys warranty who told me to go into the retail CarToys store and see if it was the battery or charger. I knew it wasn't either, but went anyways. The clerk informed me that she saw bent pins in the charger port. Bent pins??? What are you talking about?? I have no idea why the pins are bent, but I have a deluxe extended bumper to bumper warranty that I was told covers everything, even putting it through the washing machine. I've never touched the phone in any abusive or negligent way. I'm not some kid who just wants another new phone for no reason. At that point the clerk gets on the phone with the warranty company, supposedly a secondary vendor. All of a sudden the "deluxe" bumper to bumper warranty was denied because "I had obviously tampered with the pins." I again explained that the charger wasn't taking a charge and that nothing had been tampered with. They sent me home with my old phone saying they would find another way of covering it for me and let me know by that afternoon. Needless to say, I didn't hear from anyone and called the following morning. Now I speak to the manager and he says he'll get back to me in just a bit. He calls back in an hour and tells me that he has to jump through corporate hoops but that he thinks he can replace the phone but the warranty is now void. I tell him that he'll have to do better than that as I foolishly paid $200 for a warranty that was completely bogus and invalid. I still haven't heard from him. This afternoon I called Verizon who told me they would send out a new phone immediately and that it was still considered covered under the manufacturers warranty within 12 months, no questions asked. Now I want my $200 back from CarToys. What a ripoff company. Slimeballs!!

Resolved never again

I purchased the Car Toys Extended Warranty for my Blackberry. There is a hole in the phone to connect a lanyard so you can hang the phone around your neck. The lanyard swung as I was closing my car door and the phone came apart. It will not snap back together, so I called their so called customer service. Instead of getting the phone replaced under warranty within 48 hours as promised by the salesman when I purchased it, I am getting the run around. They told me they would have to send the file to corporate and have them decide if I had been negligent. I don't think so. Accidents happen. I will never purchase anything from Car Toys again.

Resolved don't ever take your car there

I had an auto alarm installed on my vehicle I had just purchased a month prior... When the technician attempted to show me a demo on how it functioned, he hit my windshield thus causing the alarm to go off. Then he hit it again, harder this time, and cracked my windshield. Here I am trying to prevent my windows from being broke and protect my investment, and their very own employee breaks my window. Instead of making it priority number one, he told me I had to come back the next day, and see if they could get one of their guys who strictly did windows to repair. And I had to *** with an unsafe vehicle. The technician never finished explaining the alarms function to me, and when I got to work, I opened my trunk, and realized, they never wired the trunk. This is where most of my valuables are placed, and they didn't arm it? It was my first time there and my last... I intend on contacted the corporate office... the companies CEO, and the better business bureau...the service that was provided by them was downright lousy, and they exercised imcompetence, and negligence.. Don't EVER take your care there! The location was 2801 Central Expressway in Plano Texas, 75075 phone number [protected]

Resolved their warranty is a nightmare

Good luck getting ANY level of customer satisfaction from Car Toys Extended Warranty!

They are IMPOSSIBLE to deal with and "customer service" does not exist whatsoever!

They actually made me regret leaving the repair service of Qwest!!! Now THAT'S bad!

I happily purchased 4 cell phones from Car Toys last February, but have now had 3 opportunities to utilize their insurance and have YET to be satisfied.

Most recently it took me over TWO weeks to get a phone that would be delivered in "2-3 days."

Next time I'll be sure and purchase the extended MANUFACTURER'S warranty and NOT the CAR TOYS warranty!

  • He
    Heather Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just tried to use the extended warranty that I spent quite a bit of money on in July of 2007 and I agree with you, I am very disatisfied. First the lady I dealt with did a poor customer service job, partly due to being nearly impossible to communicate effectively with, partly due to what seemed to be general attitude, I could tell right away they purposely try to make this difficult to use and encourage their customer service people to not give replacements, maybe they hope most people will just get irritated and give up.

    Then she tried to tell us that they wouldn't cover the phone which was faulty and malfunctioning for quite some time now and is now nearly impossible to use due to no fault of our own, when we insisted that was wrong they agreed to cover a replacement but wanted a credit card number so they could charge us the cost of the phone plus a $35 dollar deductible and they had to recieve our old phone in the mail before they would deduct the cost of the phone. I paid darn near the full cost of the phone just for the stupid warranty for it!!! (dumb on my part, I know!) How about they just charge me if they don't get the old phone or better yet, just do the replacements in the store and save us all this hassle to begin with. Oh but it's easier to screw people over when you don't have to deal with them in person, god forbid they make things easier for the customer who is giving them money for their services and can take those services elsewhere in the future. I decided to pass on that deal, I think I'd rather just spend the extra 15 bucks to get a replacement through Verizon and hopefully leave the store with a phone in my hands, I didn't know we could get a phone replacement through them for only 50 bucks or I'd never have spent all that money on a Car Toys extended warranty. (I fully admit it's my own fault for not being better informed, but I still can't help but be irked by the whole situation.)

    The salesman made it sound like it'd be great coverage and misled us to believe we could just get a replacement free of charge and easily and definitely sort of put some pressure on us to buy the warranty and sung it's praises like you wouldn't believe. They said if we didn't use the replacements in the warranty after 2 years we could use the 200 dollars per phone we spent on it toward a new phone, I sure hope they honor that and don't have some loophole to worm through when that time comes.

    Oh well, I'm young and dumb and have learned my lesson about buying extended warranties, at least from places like that.

    Oh yeah and when we were signing up for the new service they were supposed to waive some fees because they were running some kind of special and we got charged with those fees anyway. I didn't pursue the matter enough when I noticed it and now regret not insisting I be reimbursed.

    In my experiences thus far it seems like you tend to get screwed no matter what when buying wireless phones and plans from anywhere and they always do their best to make you feel like you didn't just get totally boned. Unfortunately they know cell phones have become one of those uneccessary "neccessities" and most people are willing to take the b.s. for the sake of having one.

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  • Th
    thu Apr 22, 2009

    I have some problems with CAR TOYS ONLINE too. They charged my credit card for multiple times, and it took long time to get the phone.

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  • Ni
    Nice _guy Dec 05, 2013

    I bought 2 iPhone 5 1 year ago from Car Toyz, The sales guy from car toyz told me that, I could just bring them the bad phone and they would replace it in store. now year later my iPhone battery fail. went to the store they said no you have to call this number and deal with them. Ok so I call the number, and now they tell me I have wait for them to send me a prepaid packaged, so I can send my phone in and they will either fix my phone (in perfect condition by the way, besides the battery. It was in a case with ghost armor the whole time) or replace it. Ok 8 days later I received a replacement phone which the mic on it doesn't work. I think to myself "well this is a new phone right? I will just take it to apple to see whats wrong. Well the apple tech told me that that was a fake phone and we can't even touch it. I ask "what did he mean by fake?" he says they basically took the inside of another phone (not my original one by the way) and refurbished a $800 phone with fake plastic cheap parts. The back of the phone doesn't even have the engravings from apple and FCC stuff. its just blank and it feels like cheap plastic. Now they want me to send the phone back in, stay without a phone for 8-10 more days (when my wife is almost due with our first baby) and they will see what they can do about it. And this whole time they talk to me like they are doing me a favor. Come on I paid $500 for the warranty service. $250 a piece on two devices. This is ridiculous.

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  • Fr
    Frogett Sep 04, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just tried to use Car Toys extended phone warranty. Originally I was told that it would be a new phone. Now they say that the gentlemen misspoke and they only send out refurbished phones. I sent in my phone a week ago. I was told that I would have my new refurbished phone in 2-3 business days. When I called to find out where my phone was I got the run around. They say they shipped it out but e a tracking number could not be provided and they are not sure when I will receive my phone. I spend $200 on a warranty to be without a phone. I will never purchase an extended warranty through a 3rd party company again.

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Resolved sexual harassment

Car Toys - I was sexually harassed by a co-worker and was later that week yelled at and...