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FW1 Shine — SCAM - They Pay Employees Next To Nothing For Working Long Hours!

I worked for this company for 4 days over a period of 2 weeks in Nashville, Tennessee in October 2015. They...

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FW1 RacingScam

I worked for this company for about a week, and it was the worst week of my life. A little bit about myself: I have 15+ years experience as a store manager. I decided to go back to school and get a degree in Graphic Design. During the summer, I decided to get a job so I could have a little bit of money to keep me afloat during the summer. Let me start off by saying this: I had no idea what I was in for because the questions I kept asking didn't get answered until I got the job. Second, I highly doubt they do a background check because the person that trained me ADMITTED that he did time in prison (Not going to say for what, because I'm going to say who I am in a very cryptic way, plus, he was the only guy there I thought was cool). Third, they make you work 12 hour days (2 hours of "motivational training", 8 hours of selling, and 1 hour travelling to and from the location. I'm not counting the de-briefing period). They do give you $10 for gas (The one I worked for did), but with gas prices the way they are, plus the distance you have to go, it's not worth it.

It wasn't until my last day that I decided I was done. I got put with these two people (For these purposes, I will call them "A" and "J". I will use the initials of their first names in hope that they read this). "A" was very disrespectful towards me. When he found out I got a lady's phone number by doing a card trick, he thought it was a good idea for me to do a card trick every time he made a sale (by the way, he owes me $300 for making me miss a gig). Even then, he would try and mess me up, which of course he would fail in the process. "J" would never answer my questions when I would ask him for the time because I needed to catch my train to go home. When I would talk to "A" about it, his only words were "Don't worry about it.". Since "A" decided to stay 2 hours longer then we were supposed to, I missed my train along with a gig that I had lined up for later that night. I decided then I didn't want to deal with it anymore. I'm still waiting on them to mail my pay check for that week (It's been 3 months from the date of this post).

On a more personal note, I decided if I ever see "A" or "J" again, I'm going to either beat the s*** out of them or manipulate them to get my $300. The both of them screwed me out of a gig. I'll update this post if I get my pay check

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      NoThankQ [user banned] Aug 20, 2014

      Nobody owes you anything. Your employer and co-workers are not responsible for making sure you get to your other job. That responsibility lies with you. And your entire rant is ego-centric. We didn't need your backstory. Get over yourself!

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