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I can't tell if this web-based company is legitimate. I got an email from them asking me to update my personal credentialling information. I called them and spoke with someone named 'BJ". I told him that first, I don't recall setting up any credentialing database with them. He told me that it could be a hospital who sent this. I asked which hospital and he proceeded to ask questions to verify my identity. This is where things get suspicious. He asked for my SS # which I refused to give him. Then he asked for my DEA #. Since that is public information based on my name, I gave that to him. Still he needed more personal information which I refused. So he asked me to answer a "security question" which was "which city did you go to for your honeymoon?". I know for sure that is not one of the questions I've ever answered for a security question because I went to two cities. I argued with him that this is not a legitimate question and since I already gave him my DEA number and he can easily verify my name with that number, it would have been easy for him to tell me which hospital submitted my info into their website. I told him I would call that hospital to verify that indeed they submitted my information. He refused to tell me. This is a very suspicious website asking for personal information and until the company provides more avenues to verify that they legitimate and not a scam, I will not work with them. Beware of ID theft with this company.


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      Oct 18, 2018

    Zero stars. Incompetent company engaging in credentialing harassment of providers! I’m

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      Oct 18, 2018

    Demonstrate lack of competency to identify diversity of providers and relevant criteria for a specific provider or role type.
    Rigid format of computer forms not tailored to providers individuality.
    Delay providers ability to work without just cause by demanding forms or criteria which do not apply.

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