Capitecretrenchment cover


I submitted retrenchment documents in november 2015 for retrenchment cover and was told to submit payslip asap for documents to be processed and I did exactly that. Made an arrangement to pay certain amount from november 2015 for 3 february 2016 a consultant at capitec wonder park mall called retrenchment office to know about my retrenchment cover status and was told that retrenchment assessment letter is missing. I went back to capitec ga rankuwa branch where I initially submitted my retrenchment documents. The consultant who submitted documents last year, also called retrenchment consultant on the same day who confirmed that retrenchment assessment letter and payslip are missing. I submitted the payslip but I don't how come it went missing. The consultant confirmed that retrenchment office failed to communicate with them on time about retrenchment assessment letter and that's the reason I didn't get it in november 2015. They only knew about retrenchment assessment letter on a later stage. Capitec retrenchment office failed to communicate with branches and clients. The retrenchment consultant said it'll take them another 3 months to assess retrenchment and I have to continue paying for the mistake that they did. I'm still unemployed and cant afford that. I cant be held responsible for lack of communication from capitec retrenchment office and continue paying. They should have communicated this with other branches or at least with their clients on time to impede complications theyve created now and hinder clients payment background to have bad effect.

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