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A Aug 04, 2018

I tried to log into my 360 account August 2nd only to realize that Capital One no longer gives the option for email verification! This is a huge problem for me because I no longer live in the USA and the company does not accept non US phone numbers. This should not be a big deal because I had the same issue with Wells Fargo but when I called Customer service at Wells Fargo 1: a person (not an automated system) answers the phone and 2. they are able to verify my identity over the phone and give me access to my account. Sadly this is not the case with Capital One!!! My experience trying to resolve the issue Aug 4th --took 2 hours of holding/waiting on the phone:
1. The automated system does not work. The phone system did not recognize my debit card/pin number and I kept going around in circles trying to get a representative on the line since the automated system was not working for me.
2. Finally got a representative who was rude and unprofessional and didn't even pretend to offer a solution.
3. Tried to call back again to speak with someone else. Finally was able to speak to someone in the technical support dept., which took over 1 hour of automated system run around and a long wait time for technical support. At least this person was helpful in offering a temporary solution and confirmed that the company has removed the email verification option and also confirmed that I was entering the correct pin but the system is not working.
4. I am not in the US and as a result of the incompetence, inefficiency and general bad customer support I have incurred over 200 euros of telephone charges (in one evening) and I am now blocked by my cell phone provider from making additional phone calls until the next billing cycle and I am travelling!

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