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Earlier this year someone got my credit card info and tried to purchse something online fraudulently. A month later I got an email from capitol one about it. I called them and they cancelled my credit card and issued another card in it's place. When it came payment time I tried to do online banking but my savings account info was gone. I contacted my savings bank online and asked for the bank routing number. I made the payment but it was refused as 'no such account'. I contact capitol one and found out what happenned and the rep reversed my late fees. I went into my bank and found out the routing number was for wire transfers and was given the correct number for online banking. Now every time they get a payment a 2 week hold is placed on it. In July a rep got rude with me saying it was all my fault and hung up on me when I demanded a supervisor. I called back and complained about that and a supervisor made a notation on my accout to fix this problem. So, I just made my sept payment and the hold is back again. I'm so sick of their crap!!!


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      Jun 28, 2010

    I have 2 Capitol One credit cards I've been attempting to pay off to no avail. I called their 'customer service' and of course was met by someone who can' t speak English. I asked him to close both accounts. One had been paid off by check, which of course had been converted to something on my bank statement that made no sense and the copy of the check disappeared. The other account had disappeared and there was no trace of it. I'd sent in the payment stub with the full amount. The payment stub didn't have the full account number on it. They've always taken my checks before but decided this one was special so the payment was not taken nor was the check returned nor cashed. As far as I'm concerned this account no longer exists if they can' t find a record for it so it can be turned over to their favorite collection agency and they can eat the loss. These people are idiots and parasites. I hope they go under along with all of the other crooks that have failed in the last 2 years and they can take Chase and Santander with them. There should be a law against the type of usurious theft.

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      Mar 03, 2017

    I am trying to close out an IRA account and they are setting up roadblocks as well as charging me $75.00. They need to be investigated

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