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I had to travel to the UK for work last year and Capital One froze my credit card after making a purchase there, based on the potential for fraud. I called them (a $20/min call), waited on hold for 20 mins, and told them to unfreeze it b/c I had no other source of money w/o the credit card. They said that I have to call them any time I leave the country or this would happen again. They also said that they would reactivate the card, and they did not. I was stuck in another country for 4 days w/o any source of money, so I had to use a friend’s credit card. Needless to say, when I got back, I canceled the card.

Then, a year later, a service that I use still had the Capital One card on file and charged it. I got a bill from Capital One and called them up. I wanted to know why the charge was not denied since I had canceled this card a year previously. They claimed that it was not canceled when I called 1 year ago. They of course had no explanation for this, and so I made it abundantly clear that I wanted the card canceled now. In the process of expressing how this was inexcusable, the representative hung up on me.

I would be very careful that Capital One actually cancels your credit card when you instruct them to. Apparently, there is recollection of events or anyone held responsible for this at these banks, even though they claim to record the conversations. I will never use Capital One again.


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      Jan 24, 2019

    Terrible customer service. I have personal and business accounts with Capital One. Every few months, I have to call in because I cant access my online accounts. Three attempted log ins and you are blocked. I tried entering forgot password. I am asked for my name, birth date, and account info. The system verifies me and takes me to the same log in page that I could log in to in the first place. On the phone, I give them all my information and they transfer me to another department "who can better assist" me. Then I speak to this department and they tell me to hold so they can transfer me back to that department. Then they try to High Verify me, but their VOIP technology is so cheap the line crackles while you try to enter in your password. Then you can use that system again (only 1 try allowed). They say they can send me a one time code to my phone numbers on file, but they then say they cant send the code to those numbers. This happens every 2 to 3 month. Capital One is CHEAP. They dont invest in CUSTOMER SERVICE or a proper web portal to log in. I bank with 12 banks around the world and only capital one has these problems. CRAP BANK.

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