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We called a number about a car debt that we actually owe, thinking it was a company that we had previously set up payments to. Instead of that company, they gave us the name capital management, and announced that they had 3 vehicle debts (!) and 2 credit cards listed under what they "owned" and that we "owe" to them. First of all, not true, and secondly, how could one collections agency legally "own" every debt owed by one family? We were told by the original company to dispute and then ignore tis company. That is what we will do!


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    capital management services lp May 05, 2009
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    I agree, they sent me a bill from MCI saying I owe them almost $130 and I NEVER have ever been a customer of MCI! I took care of this problem with CBCS and MCI exactly one year ago...still NEVER have I ever been with MCI... Now here we go again only a different company!!! I am contacting the BBB.

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    MS-Ky Dec 15, 2009

    Very Interesting story I was contacted by phone by Capital Management Services recently. I asked the person who I was speaking with to send me information in the mail because recently I had been contacted by a company about the same bill that turned out to be a scam. Now the interesting part – the address for Capital Management and the other scam company Hoffman Weinburg and O'Brien are in the same block of addresses in Buffalo NY mail service. So beware of those claiming to represent any debt collections company, debt liquidation firms, or law firms representing anyone you may have had contact or an account with. If a legit company or not, have them send you a letter with the settlement details. If fraud it then becomes a Federal Racketeering Case because of the use of the United States Post Office to facilitate a crime. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices to collect from you. If legit companies keep a copy of your letter you were sent. Send the original back by certified mail and pay for a “return receipt” so you’ll be able to document what the collector received. Enclose in that letter your own letter asking not to be contacted by phone or mail (keep a copy). Once the legitimate collector receives your letter, they may not contact you again, with two exceptions: a collector can contact you to tell you there will be no further contact or to let you know that they or the creditor intend to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit. Sending such a letter to a debt collector you owe money to does not get rid of the debt, but it should stop the contact. The creditor or the debt collector still can sue you to collect the debt. However, they must do so through your attorney. If they contact you back in any other way you know without a doubt that it was a scam.



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    ophelia222 Dec 29, 2009

    Capital Management contaicted me about an unpaid debt from 18 years ago. I agreed to send them 900 dollars, in three increments. I was told that they would settle for that amount and the debt would be closed. Two months after the last check was cashed I was contacted both by phone and mail, stating I still owed approx 1300 dollars, but they would settle for 435. I was under the impression that the debt was paid off! I phoned them and was told that in roder to settle the debt once and for all, I would have to pay 336 dollars. I paid it--but they are not going to get another cent from me. Paying the 900 dollars within two months really put me behind, as I am on disability and owe about 20, 000 in medical debts. I also need very expensive antibiotics from time to time, so I dipped into the funds that cover my co-pay on antibiotics (800 dollars for 10 days worth). I feel I have somehow been scammed. Any comments?

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    grub Dec 12, 2010

    i agree with the several complaintants here. I too have had difficulty with Capital Management, all the above rings true, rude obnoxious insulting and harassing, also harassing/curt demeanor toward my mother in several phone call with her, in Oct she initaited a call to them though she is suffering with stage 4 bone cancer and i did ask her to get involved, to stay out of it, i had returned there call one day in sept via her phone while visiting my cell was in car charging so some time that week she retrieved there number from her phone took it upom her self to call and asked what she could do and they oddly enough accepted her call and with minimal information she and they actually worked something out and there next stepped was for her to have me call and move forward with the arrangment they made with her!!! MY GOD she could have been anyone!!! OH well i completed the transaction of having them secure 1000 dollars from my new account and before i could return call and plan an authorization date with them to take the fumds they tried to take it before that and wham i was hit with overdraft and the very next day they did it again !!! now i am in second overdraft, They were told by me i was setting up the account it was opned to the tune of fifty dollars and that i would be making the deposit of one thousand in a day or two that my mom was actually having some pronlems and was trouble shooting with dr appt absolute truth and it would be a day or two, but to show sincereity i gave info checking number etc to save time as they were not willing to wait til friday, or after they had me rumming around on my 45 mim lunch break and secureing the trasnsaction at 10 am friday morning of that week in oct this felt so wrong something was wrong with a man or company that worked for weeks with me this far and then couldnt wait a few hours til i was out of work to take my time they were rigid and very exact in there verbage which was also very uncomfortable. I questioned them from the beginning why the letter reflects that i owe the original amount and why are they arranging to settle half of that amount with me when i have paid over half that amount to citi financial initially and then again to drs bond and now to start from the beginning balance with them seems illegal at best that half of the 3 thousand somethong dollars 1653.00 was over what i owed drs bond i owed them drs bond co july aug sept oct nov payment s of 194.00 and was unable at the time offered in june to pay off for almost 700 dollars so i stayed the course of the 194 monthy and ended up not making july pay as i was out of work and sick mom took my attention and i failed to called drs bonds thats when capital management got involved and it was like everything i paid into drs bond was erased zip stsrting over h ow in the world is this legal???? The rude comment today was bc someone on there end fsiled to secure the amt 68.11 from my acct so the supervisor blamed me saing "if you knew how to manage your account you might know we were not paid " excuse me ??? and "we called your mother nov 8tth yourre sayingshe never gave you the message""? ugh excuse me!!! youwere told in oct do doany phone calls with my mother or anyone inparticular her she is very ill with stage 4 cancer and you called her anyway!!! what kind of people are running and workimg for companies like this? have they no tact no virtue, no class no moral fiber? Do they realize that if not for those who have lost there jobs livelyhoods homes and the like and who just blunder through financial chaos they would Not have a job... I do not trust them i feel they will always have a way like drs bonds sometime in may they pulled the same thing teling me they never got paid when infact they never seure the funds as they had so timely neen dong til they wanted me to settle then not once but tice they they they i urge they failed to secure amt and tried to focus that on me then things did go bump on my end murphys law i messed up having the pay in the bank and theyinstantly dropped me and then comes capital managemnt

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    MikeRotchReeks Feb 26, 2011

    800-504-2401 This number is CONTINUOUSLY calling my 14 year old son's brand new cell phone NONSTOP looking for someone that clearly is NOT at the number they are calling.

    I have since started answering my son's cell phone when they call, and the last few calls came in at the MIDDLE of the NIGHT at 1 AM, 3 AM and 5AM. Each and every time, they keep asking for someone we do NOT know. There is NO one named "Glen" at this number. That's NOT my name, it's NOT my son's name, it's NOT my younger son's name and it's NOT my wife's name.

    Note directly to Capital Management:

    * We do NOT owe you anything.
    * We are NOT who you are looking for.
    * My son JUST got this new cell number a few months ago.
    * Continuously calling his number is considered harassment.
    * Calling at the hours you are calling violates a Federal Law.

    It also seems that you've already been sued in the past.
    Case in point: CASE NUMBER: 3:09−CV−03465−MLC−DEA
    If you continue to harass my MINOR child, I WILL sue you as well.

    I have already told them over 8 times now, as well as taking my personal time to contact them directly by calling THEIR number and leaving a message informing them that they have the WRONG NUMBER and if they continue to call, I WILL be contacting the BBB, the FCC, Sprint/Nextel and our local Police Department, as well as the District Attorney's Office both here and in New York.

    Well, they are STILL calling. Guess it's time to step up the legal actions against them.

    726 Exchange Street, Suite 700
    Buffalo, Erie County, NY 14210
    800-504-2401 / 800-457-8220 / 716-871-9050
    Fax: 716-566-2653

    700 Executive Center Drive
    Greenville, SC 29615
    864-365-5798 / 864-331-5700

    Jeffrey A. Hauser, CEO
    Larry Costa, President
    Karen Kraska, Secretary-Treasurer
    Timothy Kraska, (very) Silent Partner
    Patricia M. Cipriani, House Lawyer

    (716) 871-9050
    Fax Number: (716) 852-1620
    Email Address: [email protected]
    (716) 566-2630 / (716) 873-1695 / (800) 295-6137
    (800) 504-2404 / (800) 519-2649 / (800) 906-5917

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    1ofhisblessed Apr 29, 2011

    I have been making monthly payments to Capitol Management for the past four years. Payments have always been on time or early. They still call me about every 3 months asking for payment. They even asked me to post date 6 months worth of checks. No way...They have threatened to sue, put lien aganist my house, told me to borrow the the money, been rude and the list goes on. There is no plesing these people. I just recieved copies of my credit reports and see that the charge card they are collecting on was written off as a bad debt 5 years ago. Will be off my credit reports in May 2012. Do I still have to pay them after 5/2012 ????

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    taranliam Jun 09, 2011

    people !!! know your rights !!! under the fair debt credit act they must prove that you owe the debt.This means they must produce the orginal credit application and be able to show each and every purchase that made up said debt.They are junk debt buyers and will not be able to show documentation DO NOT PAY THEM A DIME

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    lilmissariel Feb 19, 2012

    so a couple weeks ago i got a phone call from prime source saying that i owed a bill for 2, 000, which is correct. so we set up payment plans 50.00 bi weekly automatically withdrawn out of my checking... they said they would report on my credit as soon as they first payment was made and every payment after that... and would keep pushing the issue that when i get my tax refund to call and make a settlement payment for about 900.00 I didn't put the money in the bank on time one payment so they called and were rude, in a very threatening way (by the way, they said if i didn't do the payment plan they would take it from my check automatically until the debt was paid off) i didn't like their attitude so i didn't pay and they never called me since, maybe they figured out that i knew it was a scam. so i changed my bank number and told my bank. oh and it's funny how i recently checked my credit report and that 2, 000 bill wasn't even one there and nothing was being reported to my credit. some money gone, but lesson well learned. thanks ya'll you just helped me validate my suspicion

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    Grandma Brenda Mar 11, 2012

    I too have been harassed by these monsters, calling all hours, sending threatening letters about grossly enlarged debts. I had a couple capital one accounts, I paid premiums for years for the credit life and disability insurance on it - yet, when I became disabled and uable to pay this, those creeps at capital one and their bogus insurance company refused to cover my claims. I paid more in premiums over the years than I owed on my cards. What name do you put on this fraud ? They got a judgement against me for one of the cards, the judge told me not to worry about it because I am "JUDGEMENT PROOF" (is what the judge said) He said when I can afford an attorney I can appeal and get it dropped . . . But until I learn how to defacate cash, I won't be able to afford one! Now they are harassing me over a window installation job that the company never finished. The window leaks enough I don't have to water plants placed on the sill! There is a guarentee that is not any good... it was purchased from Rolox ! I've already paid over $600.00 on it, quit till it was right!

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    Ceej716 May 19, 2012

    I am a 22 year old college student, and I work at capital management services in Buffalo, NY. It is a legit, third party collections agency. We do not own the accounts, we are simply hired by various clients (Citibank, chase bank, etc.) to collect on the debts. It is our policy to be polite and professional, and it is certainly NOT okay for any collector to threaten to sue you. We do not have any right or authority to put any liens or civil judgments on our customers. It is also NOT okay for the collector to discuss your credit report at all. Although we do have access to the customers credit report, it is against company policy to suggest that we can do anything to it. Other than, of course, letting you know that taking care of your debt can only affect your credit positively. As for the person who is getting calls at strange hours of the night, this is definitely a scam and most certainly NOT actually someone from our company. We are open from 8am until 11 pm, and according to the FDPCA, we are allowed to call from 8am until 9pm. Out accounts are time zoned out so that we cannot call any state before or after these hours. To receive a call at 1am is extremely alarming, and I would be concerned. Our office is not even open, and the system wouldn't allow a call to be made at that time. I am not a monster, I am simply a student trying to make a living (and I make quite a good one at CMS, in all honesty.) As far as "grossly enlarged debts", we have nothing to do with the balance that is placed in our office. If your account has been hit with late fees or interest, just TELL US. Tell your representative what it is that you think you actually owe. We will work with you. Unfortunately, some poor collectors have ruined our reputation for you, but we are actually a pretty cool company. We work WITH you to get your debts taken care of, In many cases, we can settle out your outstanding debts for 25 cents on the dollar. We can arrange hardship payments to people who are struggling financially, some as low as $20 dollars a month. We are allowed to find and call relatives and friends if we cannot get in touch with the customer, but we are NOT allowed to disclose personal information to them or let them know that we are calling about a debt. If there is a number you do not want us to call, just tell us. Once you say, "do not ever call my mother's house again" the number MUST be removed. It is not our intention to harass or embarrass anyone, it is simply the goal to create contact with you and resolve the issue of the outstanding debt for our client. Again, it is unfortunate that a few people who have not done their job properly have ruined the reputation for all of us. I have been thanked many times by people for being so kind and so willing to work with them to get them out of debt. I have also been put down and treated horribly an equal amount of times. It can sometimes be an ugly business, but it doesn't have to be. There has to be a mutual amount of respect between the customer and the collector. If you have any questions, please ask me and I will gladly answer and let you know if your letter or phone call was actually from our company, or from a poser who IS trying to scam you. Oh, and to the above comment, this is not Capital ONE. This is about Capital Management Services. A completely legitimate and FDPCA compliant third party collections agency. I love my job, and I'm sorry that some of you have had unfortunate experiences with CMS.

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    Real Honest Person Being Hurt Jul 28, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, this company did this to me, too. This company joins with the Credit One Bank playing hand in hand accusing me of owing over $300 dollars. Yes, it is a fraud charge. Remember! Even though you pay half of the amount, the case will not close as promised. It will definitely send you for the other half. And if you do not pay, it will put you on default and charge you more. The companies makes it appears to be real, and make you responsible for the charge they created and build you up.The following is my complaint letters to them as evident backing up my claim.
    July 30, 2012

    To Staff Of Credit One Bank and Capital Management Services:

    This is not a requested letter confirming of the charge. This is a requested letter for the money $129.95 on July 5, 2012, you owe to Mr. Khath Ourng due to your fraud charge. (See the explanation below.)
    1. Prove to me the statement reflecting the charge prior to any communication with me. This means give me the company name that I use the credit card to pay for the product or item. Give me the name, phone number, date, amount of charge.
    2. Prove to me that I did not dispute the charge prior to my payment to you of $129.95. I chose to do this because of your collection agency threatening me and barking me nonstop. I just want to end the barking, but not because I accept the charge as real. Remember! I do not recognize the charge and will never accept the charge as honest action against me. I always think that your company has done an unethical and illegal against me for nothing of me owing you. Actually, by now, you owe me $129.95. I should press charge on you. Now, you must pay me back the money.
    3. Do you want me to present this case to the consumer report or higher authority? Furthermore, do you want me to make this case known to the world?
    4. Check copy of letter you sent to me on May 23, 2012, when I ask you to verified your record. The contents of the letter had proved to me of no charge. This was so because you could not prove to me of the charge. However, since I am an honest person, I sent you a copy of the charge from the collection agency, you then put the data on your system and from this you start making it real to me. This is an unethical action against me. You use the data collecting from me to press charge on me. This proves to me that your business is operating under fraud format.
    5. Sum Up Of Your Fraud:
    A. No business close the account for clients/customers when there is balance on the account
    B. No business close the account for clients/customers and then come back claiming that there is a balance with the account
    C. No business closes the account and then still collecting the money from clients/customers.
    D. No business gives client fault promise or keep changing its mind when already made commitment to clients/customers.
    E. Your business has fallen under the above criteria.
    Therefore, I strongly believe your business is fraud. Now, pay me back the money. The amount you owe to me is $129.95.
    More Details
    I strongly believed you have made a big mistake by charging me without referencing. I wrote to you previously was not to require for the record you had made up after I had sent you the verification of the charges, which stemmed from fraud charge ($45.05). This initial charge had no reference to or real statement. I had also wrote a disputed letter for the mischarge, but then you sent me a letter from the Capital Management, (I did not know that it was the collection agency at the time) which I now believe is the collection agency, who no nothing of the real charge. The contents of the letter ask me to talk to or write to this collection agency, letting the agency know of the mischarge. I called the 1-800 hoping to resolve the issue. However, my communication with the man was unsuccessful. He hardly listened to my reasons; he was interested only pressing charge on me and made me think that the charge was real and it was my fault. He threaded me by pointing to me that my credit will hurt me if I did not pay for the charge right now. I was so mad and confuse. I just wanted to get rid of the problem. I wished I could pay the fraud charge thinking that it would stop the barking. Then, I did not have the money at the time to pay. However, on July 5, 2012, I had some money, and I called and talked with a man. He told me that if I could pay now from my debit card amount $129.95, then the account would be closed. I paid for the asked amount. This means I do not have to worry of any future charges or payments. The case was closed. He gave me a confirmation #6206773. I was happy thinking that everything okay, safe, and no more worrying. Then, a couple weeks after, I received letter from you thanking me for the payment and giving me a new balance. This is not right. It happened just like your fraud woman staff helping me in closing my account, and then a couple months later sent me with a large charge for nothing I owe. This is not a professional honest business operation. This is clearly projecting to me as fraud and dishonest business operation. It is unethical and unlawful business practice and operation. Again, I do not owe you any money. You created the case and built me up for the fraud charge. As matter fact, now, you owe me $129.95. Please pay me back this money.


    Khath Ourng
    Encl: copy of previous letters. You owe $129.95 to Mr. Khath Ourng. Please make payment to Mr. Khath Ourng.

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    Flippo Oct 23, 2012

    Received a call from this group out of the blue today, claiming that they are working with a Citibank account of mine and that they need to confirm some personal info on me, starting with my mailing address. I had never heard of them, and did not think I had any accounts with Citibank, and so I was immediately suspicious. I asked if he could explain what the nature of the call was about, but he would not. I asked if he could tell me some general info about why he was calling, such as the type of account (loan? credit card? bank card?) but he refused. I told him I had no idea who he was and unless he could give me some information to make me think this wasnt a phishing scam, I was going to hang up. He insisted I give him my info, and was pretty aggressive and after a few minutes I just told him to take a hike.

    My wife and I later reviewed all of our credit info and found the only Citibank-related dealings we had was an old HomeDepot credit card, but that had been paid off years ago. DONT TRUST THESE GUYS - they may have some legitimate business, but I suspect they are crooks - get proof of everything and verify it with the original debtor before you even consider sending them a check, and also require in writing any claims/arrangements they promise you about forgiving remaining balances.

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  • Th
    thisman Oct 31, 2012

    Right move. Never ever confirm anything to anybody. Even if it's Obama or Jesus. Just Hang up! If it's Mr P call the the whitehouse directly, if it's Jesus that might not be so good, he may be calling you home ;-)

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  • Ta
    Tami Bryden Sep 17, 2013

    I get calls from Capital Management for a person who has never had my number and yet I am told that I am listed as a contact number for this person. Capital Management told e that they removed my number and said they were sorry for the confusion. Well, we will see. Is this a system that flagrantly calls a person who may have had a person for a neighbor, but the Capital Management peruses it in their interest to use another person number to get information?

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    Tigergirlisonthelose Nov 19, 2013

    People, unsecured debt has a statue of limitations. Look it up in the state you live in. Prove I owe it and prove the time to collect it has not expired!

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    Lisab39 Jun 01, 2015

    This company contacted me today. I understand if you owe a bill, that you're required to pay it. Firstly, I don't have a job yet. Working on it, so if some body from a collection agency says, pay your bills problem solved. I have proof to show to you that this company is a scam. They left a VM stating that they were going to show up to my house, if i wasn't home they would show up at my place of employment. Lastly, I think the only ones who can come to your place of employment or residence, is someone that has papers to take you to court. The man who left a message, didn't even validate who they were collecting the bill for, just left a threatening message, saying they were going to show up. If in fact, you're not a process server, for example, taking me to court. You show up at my place of residence, or work. I'm going to have you arrested. Capitol credit management, can't show up at my work cause i don't work. If they show up at hubby's work, and they are not serving court documents, you're gonna get a surprise..:) I've just seen an article on the news, where some collection agency was just shut down for that purpose and fined. The sad thing is, the dummy left a voice mail and i have it saved!! So there is my proof, that CAPITOL CREDIT MANAGEMENT, just violated the FDCA.

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