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After working 25 years for camping world I was terminated from the Junction City, Or location. You have my file and it will show you all the stores I worked at, how many times I relocated for the company and how I went on the road for a year after Flaggstaff, As was destroyed by a tornado. I always had good reviews and great attendance record. When they terminated me from the Junction City/Coburg, Oregon store. I was shocked to say the least. For some reason the Freedom Roads people wanted me gone. They kept complaining about anything and everything till finally I was thrown under the bus on a customer service issue. Lack, Craig and Brad were the ones trying to push me out the door.
Fired with no severance package after 25 years of which I was a service manager for about 12 years. Not to mention I was sick at the time and they knew it. Congestive heart failure with COPD. My time is starting to run out and had to get this out just to see if anyone there actually cares.
Brian k Miller
Camping World employee number 3268

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      Aug 02, 2018

    If you were good at your job, they wouldn't have anything to write up. Stop going on the internet to look for false sympathy.

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      Aug 03, 2018

    A lot of businesses are getting rid of higher paid dedicated mature workers and replacing them with youngsters who have no social skills. Just look at the restaurants! Hang in there...they'll go out like Gander Mountain!

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      Aug 31, 2018

    @Trabieso This is the truth. Our salesperson was friendly but I think I might know more than he does about travel trailers. I threw up my hands and said gee my son could work there.

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