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M Mar 07, 2017

I bought my first MH from them in February 2017. I was pretty excited and really looking forward to everything about RVing. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. They revealed after the sale price was agreed upon that I couldn't get it unless I financed. That was the first red flag. In hindsight I should have walked away.

I asked repeatedly and was told that there was no prepayment penalty. Surprise! They lied. So at the last minute I either took a higher interest contract with a different lender or took the lower rate and pay the penalty. We traveled from out of state to GA and after being there for 7 hours and a lot of high pressure I also bought the extended warranties. Then read the overwhelmingly negative reviews of GS warranties which mostly centered around claim denials and decided to cancel and go with a competitor who had mostly positive reviews.

I made repeated requests to cancel the warranties and never received confirmation of cancellation but they harassed me with every reply trying to convince me to keep the policies. I had no choice but to dispute the charge with credit card company. Thank goodness I had used a credit card because if I had not, I would still be fighting with them to cancel the policies. Which we were told repeatedly are cancellable at any time. This may be true but good luck actually cancelling. They also tried to claim after the fact that the tire warranty was now non cancellable.

We bought a lot of stuff from the store. Got to campground and discovered they had not given us several items. Had to run back to the store which was over an hour round trip to discover that some of the items were now out of stock. On top of all of this they had not put a temporary tag on the MH! They wanted us to run out to them again but we asked that they bring it out to the campground.

They really should be ashamed of themselves but the customer doesn't matter to them. Making and apparently holding on to the sale is whats important to them. They have certainly left us with the impression that they make $money$ on the financing and sale of warranties on top of the RV. I bought a better warranty for less with Wholesale Warranties.

We do love RVing but the buying experience could have and should have been more positive. I am grateful though that I won't have to deal with them again.

Buyer Beware!

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