Camping World Lowell Arkansasterrible repair service!

A Aug 15, 2018

On July 17 2018 I took my 2018 Coachman Leprechaun 260 RS to Campworld Lowell Arkansas which is close to my home. I did not buy my RV from them, I bought it in another state from a dealer who is miles away, I was told I can take it anywhere.

So July 17th was my prearranged drop off date, I provided a full list of items that needed fixed, however I wanted the refrigerator and the hot water heater fixed under the warranty, if anything else on my list I knew I would most likely have to pay for.

I called every Friday to check on the progress, I got excuse that they fired a technician who was handling my unit cause he wasn't doing his job, the next Friday was we are still trying to get it figured out, the next Friday was we are waiting on the warranty department, then last Friday was we are waiting on parts, I called on Monday to check the status, they said it will all be done by Tuesday, August 14th, I arrived at 4:00 pm on August 14th and did a walk through, the vehicle was a mess, inside and out. My seats were stained like they had been walking on them or spilled something on them, your talking about tan cloth seats, so they sent a girl to spray something on them while I spoke to the manager Matt, I was not happy, my wife was livid. Zachary was my representative, all he could say was he thought everything was completed and how sorry he was. Matt the manger or director of services state when I pointed out a draw that wasn't fixed properly, he stated you know it's man
Made right. The whole damn RV is man made ! Don't insult my intelligence.

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