Camping Worldkingston ny management compliant

D Sep 10, 2018

I went for two interviews at the Kingston branch last interview was with David Dandurand. He called me the next day told me I had the job if I would like it. I told him yes. He told me I would hear from h and r about paper work then work on schedule and discuss pay. Never heard anything. The secretary Ellen began to text me asking if I heard anything which I didn't. I called numerous times nothing. I finally received a email from David Dandurand stating he was emailing me a link I needed to fill out online application before I went forward. I tried 10 times to do application would not work. Emailed him he had me talk to a recruiter. Job was never posted so I had to fill out a mechanic application. I called to let him know it was done. Never heard anything. Mean while I was under the assumption I have got the job so I turned down an other job along with already put two weeks in with previous job. Today 9/10 I called 3 times could not get ahold of him. I reached out via email. He emails me back and says today was your start date and you never showed. I explained that I never heard from anyone with a start date or time. Never received email back. I am a single mother of three kids and now have no job went on job search site and he posted reception job after or talk through email. I am very upset on his management skills and the professionalism of how this place is ran. I have all my emails and text and voicemils, I will be contacting an attorney to see what my options are now that I'm jobless because of your unprofessional manager at the Kingston branch. I'm sorry but if I was a manager I would sent my potential employee a email or call verifying Start day and time especially if they reached out as manny times as I did. Plus I never filled ww2 out or got a wage amount.

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