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i have been locked out can not get back in but i get the emails from this company and coupons also how can i fix this problem i have been locked out of other tobacco web sights for the same company i dont understand if i can get a email why cant i log in i want to log in without being locked out if i can get a email from this company why can i not log in


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    Jersey25 Jul 30, 2019

    Me too, I get a coupon every now and then, maybe, every 3 months, but wow. You click "forgot username" it takes you to the sign up page, you click, forgot password, it takes you to the sign up page...enter your information and it says, yo have an account go to login in. How about the point that I forgot my username or login? Nothing ever sent to the email (which the site recognizes) just a loop of trying to enter what you think you recall. I have been trying for 4 years to log into this account. SUCKS!! My spouse gets all kinds of stuff from the brand she smokes because she is able to access her account on the website! Mobile app for Camel just as bad. Disappointed-

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