Calvin Kleinwinter down coat

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Daughter purchased beautiful down coat. Cost over $200. I wore it only a few times before the zipper broke. Now it is snowing and cold & I can't zip up my coat.


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      Dec 30, 2011

    Calvin Klein uses inferior materials in its expensive coats. I purchased a black wool/polyester/rayon pea coat last winter and it picks up every piece of lint within a 3 mile radius. You cannot delint this coat no matter how hard you try. I'm embarrassed to wear this coat out in public because it looks so bad. I would like to get my money back to purchase a coat that won't do this, but as I no longer have the receipt I'll probably give it to someone on the street who needs to stay warm. I'll never buy another Calvin Klein product.

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      Feb 08, 2016

    I purchased a Calvin Klein Jacket from Hudson Bay for my husband in November paid a few dollars less $ 300.00. on February 7th ( almost three months after) both pockets from his jacket was torn apart... I will never buy another Calvin Klein product or promote their brand any more...very disappointed.

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      Feb 21, 2018

    I recently purchased a beautiful blue mid-length Calvin Klein down filled winter coat. I really like it because it keeps me
    nice and warm. However, it has feathers that are escaping from the seams that make me look like one of natures feathered friends. What can I
    do to prevent this from happening? I really do like this coat. Is there a spray, or inside cover or something that can be done to stop the
    feathers from leaking out? Please let me know A.S.A.P. because it wasn't a cheap coat and I really want to continue to wear it.
    Maureen Michea-Hunkler

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