California Family Fitnesslying to customers and charging double cancellation last month fees

California Family Fitness lies to customers and does not properly process cancellations.

I needed to cancel my membership due to a car accident and they convinced me to put a freeze on it instead. Then they removed the freeze with no prior notice and charged me. I went in to cancel and was told by staff i needed to do it online, and that corporate would then process my refund. After never receiving the refund, I was told it was kept as my last months cancellation fee.

Then several months later I was called by them and they said I still owed a last month cancellation fee. When i said they already charges me for that fee, the insisted that I did not, and took no responsibility for removing the freeze without sending a notice that it would be removed.

Now they are sending me to collection due to a fee caused by their own incompetency, lack of integrity, fraudulent and unscrupulous business practices.

On other websites such as BBB there are even worse cases of their greedy unscrupulous practices. Google California family Fitness complaints and /or reviews!

Oct 02, 2019

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