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My license was expiring this year and I figured I would get a Real Id. Made appointment at the Roseville office. I had all the proper paperwork. I was asked to read the eye chart and when I explained I was blind in my left eye since I was 2 years old they said there was nothing in the computer about this and I would need to take a form to my eye Doc. I did this and made another appointment. Went in today (6/14/19) and gave them is the form which the Doc completed (vision 20/40 in one eye, which the form states is screening standard) and now because there is not record in the computer of this issue, I must take a driving test. I explained agin that I have had a valid license since I was 16 (I'm 63 now) and just because they have no record that was not my problem. I do not understand why I must take a driving test.

Resolution-No driving test

Jun 14, 2019
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  •   Jun 14, 2019

    Take the test and ask for a printout of the “exam taken”notes on your record.

    Or, go to another branch and hope they don’t ask for the same thing.

    I have no clear vision in my right eye and never told the DMV. I simply close the eye as usual for reading and take the test. I’ve never failed the exam and wear sunglasses year round to hide the closed eye.

    I have no current license and might get one in a year or two. I’m not worried about the exam but I never mention the eye issue. I drove four classic cars for years and mirrors weren’t plentiful back then. No accidents or fender benders ever

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