Caldwell Elementary School Mckinneystolen money from school fundraising event

My daughters elementary school, Caldwell Elementary McKinney, had a spirit night at this location on August 28th where we had families come out to eat at the restaurant to raise money to support our school PTO. We only were getting 10 percent of the nights proceeds which was 1400 and had a great turn out. We are now on the process of collecting the proceeds of 145 dollars and are getting the run around. The current manager claims they don't do spirit nights. We are at a loss because we not only brought in great business but we feel like the 10 percent of the proceeds we raised are not being given back to us. We are an awesome school in McKinney that are raising funds to contribute to our kids future and I think this is a horrible look for the business that's in our community to treat the people they serve this way. Please let me know who I can speak to to resolve this issue.

Oct 09, 2019

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