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Cache Creek Casino Resort review: I felt harassed, intimidated and humiliated

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On June 13, 2006 at around 8 PM, I hit the 5 cents progressive jackpot slot machine accumulated over 233 thousand credits and then I cash-out right away. I went straight to my car, get the cell phone and just about to call my wife to share the excitement that I won a jackpot. I was surprised when I saw the printed ticket amount of $21.75 only. I realized I was short change. So, I rushed back inside the casino and immediately call one of the slot machine attendants and we went directly towards the machine where I cash-out the ticket. Sure enough the machine was flashing 435 credits that were paid-out only and equivalent the amount of the ticket I had cash-out (435 x 5 cents = $21.75). And suddenly, a slot machine supervisor showed-up and introduced himself, as Joe pulled me away from the slot machine and he had me sat-down at the blackjack area nearby the cashier and began asking question about the time I hit the jackpot and what really happened? I responded without hesitation about the printed ticket I cash-out, with the amount of $21.75, from the slot machine was way off the total amount I supposed to receive, and therefore I was claiming to collect the uncollected balance approximately $1165.00. Moreover, He asked me, to show the printed ticket of the amount of $21.75. I searched entirely inside my pockets and I could not find it. But I thought I might have left the ticket inside my car, I then asked Joe a permission for me to go to get it in the car. He refused and accused me of false claim instead. Shortly, there were two-security officer came and acted very rude and disrespectful. One of them threatened to put me in jail in his loud intimidating voice. And then two security guard came and stands behind me. And the other security officer asked the same questioned over and over why I was false claiming. I repeatedly responded “no, I am not false claiming “, and that my business was to collect the rest of my money only. Few hours gone by when the security officer came with a form and started to ask information while filling up the form and advise me to call the number listed there and handed the pen to sign the form. And then I got escorted out the building, and even I was followed with the same security personnel at the gas station nearby, and warned me to leave the premises at once and get my gas outside territory.

For over two hours I felt harassed, intimidated and humiliated. I was confused, disgusted, disappointed and frustrated. All I wanted to do was to get out over there. In my lifetime, as a client, I have never felt so terrified and never experienced this kind of bad treatment and practiced from a company. It’s a nightmare.

The next morning, I called Cache Creek Casino to get detailed information about the yellow form. I was intensely surprised when Mike, security department, advise that I was cited or charge of false claim and that I was not allowed to enter or even being nearby the casino until further notice or clearance. And also he mentioned to wait for 90 days before I can do anything. This is unbelievable.

Filing this complaint could have been avoided and even prevented: Only if Joe, the slot machine attendant, has taken a little extra precaution and having the thought of giving the benefit of the doubt.

At first, he wanted me to provide and show the printed ticket of the amount of $21.75 as proof which supports and justify my claim to collect the balance of approximately $1,165.00.

The proof that Joe wanted me to provide and show, the printed ticket was inside my car at the parking lot. But when I requested a permission to get the proof in the car, He denied and accused me of false claim instead.

Many efforts and attempts I have done so to collect the balance of the money I am entitled. As of today, still in pursuit and even searching other legal ways to collect the rest of my money.

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Cache Creek Casino Resort
14455 Highway 16
P.O. Box 65
Brooks, CA 95606

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Jul 29, 2018 1:15 am EDT
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Something unbelievable and distressing happened this evening when I went to Cache Creek Casino. I was kicked out of the Casino for calling a woman who stole my machine a "fat b****" even though I apologized shortly afterwards, and said it out of frustration but did not threaten her. I had left cigarettes, an ash tray and a bag of goodies I had bought in the gift shop on the chair while I quickly went to the bathroom, which is the common etiquette at casinos in California, Nevada and Arizona. The woman took my machine and laid my stuff nearby. I was the one who asked for security to look at the video and to tell her to let me have the machine but they agreed with this woman. They said if someone leaves a machine "unattended", anyone can take it. They said one must ask an employee to lock down the machine if going to the bathroom or getting a drink. If you are in the area please consider going to other casinos that treat their customers with more respect. People who know me wouldn't think I am a troublemaker worthy of being kicked out of a casino! If you choose to go to Cache Creek, keep in mind that you must follow these rules or you may loose your machine and potentially be kicked out for minor reasons!

Sep 21, 2014 8:33 am EDT


Dec 10, 2012 10:53 pm EST
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The WORST casino hands down i have ever been too. The managemnet staff is smug and insincere. The employees are good people but the management staff is a joke ! Have seen it first hand, managers that hit on female guest and get away with it, and when the person complains they throw some money at the patron and slap the manager on the wrist an just move him to another shift. Customer service is a joke you cant blame the employees because if i had to work in the hostile of a work envioment i would be unhappy to be there as well and there mood reflects on the guest, Cache creeks answer is to write up employees and force them to do things they dont want to, instead of correcting the problem at the root ! THE MANAGEMENT! There is a reason most guest have moved to other casinos there is no reason to go, the promotions are a joke and the management staff just worry about kissing the person above them a$$ to keep their jobs. The houry pay is the only reason the employees are still there ! due to the economy most have learned to deal with it and continue to dread every day they are there! I truly feel sorry for every employees there ! It will be a true godsend when the new casino at Ronhert Park opens finally cache creek will be put in its right ful spot at the bottom, and when the guest and the employees move to this new casino it will be a proud day for past and present employees (victims) of cache creek to finally hold their head high once again with out this sad casino in the rear where it belongs
Sincerly Concerned Guest!

Jun 22, 2010 12:23 am EDT
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Well, it is a little after 10pm and I was thinking about making the two hour drive to give them a shot at my bank roll. With 25 plus years in a customer service position I can see how this could have been easily resolved.
They tape every thing, every where on their property, they run credit-checks on prospective customers and match their comps with your credit score
A quick review of the tapes would have shown if he was playing the machine when it hit. My hunch is he was. If he wasn't, then they had proof positive that he was "false claiming" and would have him cited and arrested for attempting to defraud and inn keeper or something like that.
Also, his photo and all his personal information on his drivers license is now probably in the Griffen Investigators notorious "Black Book" that all casinos subscribe to and he is listed as a known slot cheat.
Remember, every game in those joints gives the house an edge. It is even worse when you try to litigate against large corporations.
Anybody else out there old enough to remember when the unsavory elements ran Vegas. Many places had a "broke money" policy. Basically, a non refundable bus ticket home and five bucks for a sandwich and a Hearty Better Luck Next Time . They meant it too, only a short sighted and greedy fool would kill a goose laying golden eggs! .

Jun 18, 2009 7:09 pm EDT

The best thing you should do is to hire a lawyer to sue that casino for 2counts harrastment etc..And a plus if you had that receipt that proof you won the right amount that they should supposed to pay you.sorry to hear .Good Luck!.


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