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Mortgage Companies Complaints

Sort by: Date | Popularity Cooper / poor customer service

Roswitha Firth on Dec 9, 2018

The website was down for maintenance yesterday and supposed to be up at 10AM today. It's now 7pm CDT. I log in with my saved credentials and get a 404 not found error. The customer service number is NOT listed on the website, but I found it via Google. I called customer service and they...

American Home Mortgage / foreclosure, lied about postponing auction

Douggieboy on Dec 8, 2018

My complaint dates back to 2007. I owned two lovely homes, one in Cambridge, Ma. and the other in Wellfleet Ma. on Cape Cod. I had well over $1 million equity in these properties, but was unable to access any of it due to my FICO scores. 15 years of perfect credit history, but never good...

Flagstar Bank / billing and customer service.

Eneleim on Dec 6, 2018

My loan no. is [protected]. I called your customer service 8 times. The problem started when my mortgage was moved from Cenlar. I was on a bi-weekly payment with Cenlar and when I called Flagstar, the rep said that that would be carried over. My next draft should be on the friday which I...

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage / foreclosed home

jami83 on Nov 21, 2018

Hi, I am sending this because I've about had it up to here with your company. I've had a mortgage with you for a long time and made necessary arrangements and you still took my home. I seen this dispute on the news and called in on 8.26 I think it was and spoke to an Amy Dink manager of...

Ocwen Financial Corporation / sheriff sale

Deborah Black-Ford on Nov 21, 2018

Ocwen Loan Number - [protected] My father is deceased. I have made numerous attempts to work with Ocwen. I have been deceived and not allowed the protections provided to everyone else. I accept full responsibility for recent delays, however it too approximately six months to one year to...

Ocwen Financial Corporation / mortgage servicing

M&M60 on Nov 20, 2018

After going thru the HARP refinance program, I had diligently paid my mortgage on time every month for 2 years. This month I paid online as usual on Nov. 7. And I waited for ocwen to take the payment. They always send an email verifying the payment,   but they also always take a long time before...

MGC Mortgage / loss mitigation department

Frank Bartholomew on Nov 19, 2018

Good Afternoon Mr. Bartholomew: I am the Accelerated Analyst who will be handling your escalated concern regarding loss draft disbursement request for this loan. I will be your contact throughout the resolution of this issue and you may contact me by email or via phone at my direct line below...

American Reporting Company / appraiser that doesn't know how to appraise a house

Dainel R. Schierman on Nov 16, 2018

TWIN STAR C.U. had Lorna L. Cerjance (Affinity Appraisal) from Ocean Shores Washington appraise my house for a RE-FI in JULY 2018... She did not ask me any questions about the house and just walked around took pictures. The house was county assessed at $62K . Appraised in 2017 before...

Street Capital Bank Of Canada / financial mortgage crooks beware

Asus Now on Nov 16, 2018

Street capital bank is the worst bank in canada. The staff are rude andvery unprofessional. Furthermore, they will debit your account without your consent and charge you hefty fees even if you are one day late. Every time you call them the monkeys keep you on hold for over 40 minutes and...

Novad Management Consulting, LLC / government reverse mortgage servicing contractor

John A. Keyes on Nov 15, 2018

Regarding Account Number: [protected] My parents entered into a reverse mortgage agreement, which is being service by NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC. My father, Louis J. Keyes passed away on December 15, 2006 and my mother passed away on November 9, 2017. Following my mother's passing, I...

Specialized Loan Servicing [SLS] / loan mortgage

gloria Cabral robles on Nov 13, 2018

I been defraud by a lawyer (disbarred). Kurt aanthony miller still my property sls is not doing anything to investigate this matter this lawyer is committing mortgage fraud all over california taking advantage of family's I report him with sls but this time this company is not respond to...

America's Servicing Company (ASC) / mortgage

TerriD34203 on Nov 10, 2018

My husband and I for a mortgage in 2006 that was later sold to asc. In 2011 we split up and tried to short sale our home. Wells Fargo and ACS repeatedly made us offer proof of income, which they seemed to be able to find month after month . We had buyers on the hook for 8 mo this and still...

Colonial Mortgage / cannot get funds released from escrow for a property loss due to a flood

Debra Butler Abrahamson on Nov 8, 2018

In March we discovered our home had broken sewer lines under the home. We filed our claim with our insurance company and thus began our nightmare with Colonial our mortgage holder. All checks were made payable to us and Colonial. We endorsed as required and sent it in. It is now November...

Wells Fargo / heloc and mortgage fraud

BillyA on Nov 4, 2018

I was trying to get a HELOC on my house and the process wasn't moving as expected and when I inquired about it I was told that because some of the information that was put on my original mortgage (which was with Wells Fargo and I still have it) was mistakenly entered and I can get the...

Carrington Mortgage Services / claiming escro "cushion" needed for 2019 property taxes projection

Kelly Wood on Oct 26, 2018

Carrington Bought our loan in Novemeber, 2017 and since that time, our monthly mortgage payment has gone up 3 times, 1st, claiming our State Farm INsurance Home Owners Policy has lapsed requiring Carrington to pay an additional $241 to them on our behalf. We contacted State Farm who...

Wells Fargo / escrow

slgnj on Oct 25, 2018

Wells Fargo sent an Escrow Statement on September 10. In "Part 4" they use actual and estimated payments to project the Oct 2018 Escrow account balance. However, while Nov 2017 through Aug 2018 have actual payments and Oct 2018 has an estimated payment, Sept 2017 has $0. So their ending...

Shelly Mayo-Mitchell / lender placed flood insurance

smayomitch on Oct 23, 2018

Lender placed flood insurance was placed on my loan prior to my providing BLS with proof that I have flood insurance. They sent me a letter dated Oct. 1 and I received a letter dated Oct. 18 saying that they had removed the insurance because I sent them the update. It is asinine that it...

Nationstar/Mr. Cooper / mortgage payments

After our bankruptcy was finished our mortgage was sold to Ocwen. We have always made our mortgage payments on time every month and still do. We started getting harassed by Ocwen about fees, Insurance and property taxes, all of which we pay on our own and on time. Ocwen sold our mortgage...

Clayton Homes / payment and service

Megan979 on Oct 17, 2018

Clayton HomesI brought a house from Clayton Homes in Bryan, TX. They did the key turn over on 10/10/18. I moved in on 10/13/18 it was a Saturday. On Sunday 10/14/18 I heard a hissing noise while I was sitting on master bath toilet. On Monday I called the manager Christian. He told me to call Telanna...

Nationstar Mortgage / pulling the plug on hard hit families receiving federal government assistance

Billy Earley on Oct 10, 2018

Nationstar MortgagePETITION ON CHANGE.ORG "Stop Nationstar Mortgage (Mr. Cooper) from targeting Federal Home Assistance Programs..." Brief Summary: Please we need to get...