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Mortgage Companies Complaints

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Anglin Family Investments / predatory mortgage loan

Vicitimised on Jun 17, 2018

Predatory Loan ( Contract for Deed ) Payment manipulators, claiming they do not receive payments on time so in which they can extort late fees and cause the forfeiture of the Contract for Deed. They will not relinquish the deed at the end of its term due to the late payment that they had...

Eastern Savings Bank / mortgage

Bonnie and Thomas Green on Jun 15, 2018

Eeastern savings bank are a bunch of thugs. I was foreclosed in 2014 out of my home of 40 years. Their phone is answered by a message that says, we are a debt collector any information obtained will be for that purpose, your call may be recorded. I was not in debt when I made my first...

Citifinancial / cancellation of credit life without authorization and then when death certificate sent as requested selling the mortgage to bayview.

GingLy on Jun 6, 2018

My mother had credit life on a mortgage since 2006. The last month she was alive she started trying to get things in order. Was informed on a phone call to citifinancial that the credit life had been cancelled. She said I didn't cancel this. After many calls arguing they stated it...

Bank Of America Corporation / lien release

JohnettaK on May 24, 2018

I am in the process of trying to refinance my account however I ran into a lien release issue. I have been getting the runaround but finally on 5/22/18 I spoke with customer service who gave me hope. Well today 5/24/18 I received an email stating: we received your request to release lien...

Standard Bank South Africa / double deduction and incorrect debit order date

Janice Lynn Temmers on May 24, 2018

Hi there, Standard Bank Home Loans has the most incompetent team, I ever came across. First they double deduct my account for a few months. When the account holder (my dad) called them, they promised to call him back regarding the double deductions, but they did not. He had to call them...

Wells Fargo, and Specialized Loan Servicing / help with parents home that I inherited

Patricia F. Harvey on May 24, 2018

I inherited my parents home on January 2nd, 2017, when my father died. At this time the mortgage was with Wells Fargo, with a 40 year loan, and 10 k in back taxes. My father had to have his taxes deferred, in order to be able to pay his bill. I spent months sending Wells Fargo paper work...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / appraisal fraud?

Shannon Gregg on May 17, 2018

I purchased my home a little over 2 years ago. I am relocating and have put the house on the market. The new buyers appraisal just came back at 22K LESS than the purchase price - and previous appraisal. 2 yrs where property values have been going up. It seems very suspicious that there wa...

Specialized Loan Servicing / mortgage payments

Rebecca Pratt on May 11, 2018

You can read more about my SLS complaint at Becky's Consumer Chronicles on Facebook (getting state and federal regulators to address a problem is a numbers game, so I'm attempting to accumulate complaints), but here is the short story: Mortgage transferred from Wells Fargo in February...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / mortgage

Freedommortgagesucks2 on May 8, 2018

Sadly, our mortgage was sold to Freedom Mortgage! We have always had our mortgage payments scheduled to be received no later than the 6th of the month. Every single month, they call us on the 4th to remind us that we are late!! I have asked them repeatedly to quit calling and it i...

Freedom Mortgage Corporation / loan servicing mistakes

Stevon111 on May 7, 2018

Freedom Mortgage made a mistake servicing my loan, the problems were resolved, Freedom mortgage admitted that they made an error servicing my loan but in the process they negatively marked my credit history. Calling them, sending them the requested documents has not resolved the issue of...

MGC Mortgage / Mortgage

HRWest21 on Apr 27, 2018

This company is no less than dishonest in their business dealings and servicing customers. I began to notice payments being held, not posted to my bank for 3 to 4 weeks about 5 months prior. I always send payment the first of the month as I had experienced problems in the past where they...

US Bank / US Bancorp / us bank mortgage company

Ulanda Brown on Apr 27, 2018

All my issues began 3/1/2018 and still has not been resolved as of today, 4/27/18. On 3/1/18 I called mortgage customer service to make my March payment. The customer service lady told me I owed over$3000 and was I calling to pay the balance. I told the lady there had to be some type of...

Mr.Cooper / mortgage loan

MarkSexton55 on Apr 23, 2018

They are charging me 811 a month for my house and only 199 dollars goes to my actual house. The other just says taxes and interest. Every time I am them about it they hang up or avoid my question. I have to request to speak to someone in the United States Every time I call. I have been...

Wells Fargo / mortgage (homeowner's insurance)

Koogercub on Apr 16, 2018

HELLO! Our complaint is a little different than others I've seen but we are wondering if anyone has had or heard of a similar experience and what options we may have. My wife and myself went to her niece's boyfriends house at approx. 4am on Feb. 18 because her niece had called saying their...

LoanCare / mortgage company

Crazyme2 on Apr 12, 2018

Loancare is one step before scam to me they never answer the phone but tell you it's going to be a long wait leave call back number and when you are to late to make changes they answer for me it was 5 calls later and told me I needed to call 2 days earlier to make a change on my account so...

LoanCare / unsolicited field inspector home visit.

Ob K on Apr 10, 2018

On April 1st 2018, the day after Easter, a field inspector (SL-7) came to my home uninvited. My kids were home that day while I was not. While he didn't run into my kids that day they were playing basketball in the drive earlier with their friends. I also have a very protective dog that sits in...

LoanCare / mortgage

kristi boul on Apr 9, 2018

This is the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with. They bought my mortgage from Chase and I had a bad feeling because I looked up the reviews. And a couple months later sure enough they raise my mortgage almost $300 a month! I just bought this house, and when people buy a house...

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America [NACA] / it works if you want it to

Persistent One on Mar 27, 2018

I closed on my home about three months ago with a 0.875% interest rate. This wasn't an easy trip, but that's probably what shakes out the people who are really ready from the ones who think it should all be done for them. I probably put about 150 hours of work into it. With the...

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation Of America / unnecessarily strenuous process #naca

NACA-Stressful Experience on Mar 27, 2018

Atlanta, GA NACA Customer Your comments resonated with me. I used NACA in 2006 and the process was not as convoluted. I understand that it is important to screen customers to ensure that they are good candidates for a mortgage, but customers should not be subjected to emotional abuse and...

Dollar General / out of date merchandise

rleighton on Mar 24, 2018

Dollar Generalon march 24, 2018, I purchased 2 packs of energinzer batteries aa4 fpr $4 each. they were marked with a coupon for $4 refund for purchasing 2 packs. when I got home to use them the expiration date was to be redeemed by march 30, 2016. how can i get my money back and be assured that my...