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Mortgage Companies Complaints


Reverse Mortgage Solution Inc. / payment not received

robstown on Mar 21, 2019

Date of Incident; Oct.2017 Loan:[protected] ILD ID:161069 After receiving damage from Hurricane Harvey in October 2017, I received $5, 217.25 from Texas Windstrom Insurance.This work was completed in December of 2017. I paid $14, 037.25 to have these repairs done. Reverse Mortgage Solution...

NationStar/ Mr. Cooper Mortgage. / mortgage modification/ loss mitigation

Kenneth F.Simon on Jan 24, 2019

Requested a loan modification in nov 2017 Was told no problem sent to loss mitigation Told my story was promised a modification Told I was just the people who modification s We're designed for. In feb 2017 was told not to pay any more payments that those late payments as they will be...

Amerifund Mortgages, NYC / Alan Bachman, owner/CEO / dishonest co., commit fraud and misrepresent to the public, had to sue them in order to get 'deposit' back

RosaneSt on Dec 18, 2018

This individual alan bachman is the worse in the industry. He frequently misleads, misrepresents and like the other cases hereby he acts on his own 'parameters', doesn't respect the laws. He demands without any reason or basis 'deposit' of moneys holding the potential client hostage of hi... Cooper / poor customer service

Roswitha Firth on Dec 9, 2018

The website was down for maintenance yesterday and supposed to be up at 10AM today. It's now 7pm CDT. I log in with my saved credentials and get a 404 not found error. The customer service number is NOT listed on the website, but I found it via Google. I called customer service and they...

American Home Mortgage / foreclosure, lied about postponing auction

Douggieboy on Dec 8, 2018

My complaint dates back to 2007. I owned two lovely homes, one in Cambridge, Ma. and the other in Wellfleet Ma. on Cape Cod. I had well over $1 million equity in these properties, but was unable to access any of it due to my FICO scores. 15 years of perfect credit history, but never good...

Street Capital Bank Of Canada / financial mortgage crooks beware

Asus Now on Nov 16, 2018

Street capital bank is the worst bank in canada. The staff are rude andvery unprofessional. Furthermore, they will debit your account without your consent and charge you hefty fees even if you are one day late. Every time you call them the monkeys keep you on hold for over 40 minutes and...

Novad Management Consulting, LLC / government reverse mortgage servicing contractor

John A. Keyes on Nov 15, 2018

Regarding Account Number: [protected] My parents entered into a reverse mortgage agreement, which is being service by NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC. My father, Louis J. Keyes passed away on December 15, 2006 and my mother passed away on November 9, 2017. Following my mother's passing, I...

Colonial Mortgage / cannot get funds released from escrow for a property loss due to a flood

Debra Butler Abrahamson on Nov 8, 2018

In March we discovered our home had broken sewer lines under the home. We filed our claim with our insurance company and thus began our nightmare with Colonial our mortgage holder. All checks were made payable to us and Colonial. We endorsed as required and sent it in. It is now November...

Shelly Mayo-Mitchell / lender placed flood insurance

smayomitch on Oct 23, 2018

Lender placed flood insurance was placed on my loan prior to my providing BLS with proof that I have flood insurance. They sent me a letter dated Oct. 1 and I received a letter dated Oct. 18 saying that they had removed the insurance because I sent them the update. It is asinine that it...

Mr. Cooper aka Nationstar Mortgages / i'm having a hard time finding a way to keep paying off my mortgage. they can't take my payments.

Roger666 on Aug 29, 2018

Well I'm the son of one of the most loving, and kindest mother there is. Never complaines about a thing. Until now. We have been paying this mortgage company an outrageous amount of money on a 37000 dollar mortgage she will at the maturity date have paid back 140, 000 dollars. Now... / insurance claim process

Terri Sanderson on Aug 16, 2018

Ongoing problems with collecting the escrowed funds from since Hurricane Irma. The website gives minimal information for tracking documents, submitting forms and getting your money to pay contractors. The claim to send you the bulk of the claims funds once they...

AFR Loan Care / homeowners and hoa insurance

Anne Peet on Jul 1, 2018

I have contacted Loan care each and every month now for months on letters sent to me with one saying they will take out insurance for me if I do not supply them with proof of insurances. Well I have month after month and have talked to so many customers service people who I am beginning to...

Anglin Family Investments / predatory mortgage loan

Victimone on Jun 17, 2018

Predatory Loan ( Contract for Deed ) Payment manipulators, claiming they do not receive payments on time so in which they can extort late fees and cause the forfeiture of the Contract for Deed. They will not relinquish the deed at the end of its term due to the late payment that they had...

Mr.Cooper / mortgage loan

MarkSexton55 on Apr 23, 2018

They are charging me 811 a month for my house and only 199 dollars goes to my actual house. The other just says taxes and interest. Every time I am them about it they hang up or avoid my question. I have to request to speak to someone in the United States Every time I call. I have been...

Loan Care Mortgage Company / customer service

Jeanette Brown on Mar 5, 2018

For the last 4 months i've received terrible Customer service from this company, every time I call to confirm whether or not certain documents that were suppose to sent to me, or if certain documents had been received or to get information I need I talk to several different people and...

Finance of America / mortgage

ChrisInman89 on Jan 16, 2018

Christopher Taylor - North Carolina Branch Hello, I was supposed to close on a house on 12/21/2017. I went to the attorneys office to close, and was told by Chris Taylor, come back @ 2. We have some paperwork to finish up. At 2, I was told 4. At 4, I was told to wait for a call the...

Nationstar Mortgage, a/k/a "Mr. Cooper" / fraudulent credit reporting

Carol Vargo Teeter on Oct 28, 2017

In October, I received a notice that Nationstar reported to Equifax that my July 1st mortgage payment was 30 days delinquent, which caused my credit rating to drop substantially. When I received my 7/15/17 statement I noticed that it showed I did not pay the July 1st mortgage. I... / fraud

Cventuro on Oct 9, 2017

I hired Tom Browning and Andrew Austin of PBP to help me save my home from forclosure in feb. 2015. They took $ 1400.00 a month to help. I recieved a sheriffs notice on my door saying it is being auctioned. They told me not to contact my bank as it would undue what they are working on with...

Shellpoint Mortgage / illegal escrow in dead person's name

Last year on March 16, 2016. My husband passed away. We had a freddieMac loan with mortgage insurance. I Called Green Tree/Diteh (spelling) and informed them. First of all they only record calls they want. I explained that my husband passed suddenly. They wouldn't speak to me because my...