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Mortgage Companies Complaints

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LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / payment and customer service

rosie p on Oct 17, 2017
The worst company ever!!! My loan was transferred over and 60 days later they were able to locate my loan. Sent my payments to the old company and it was returned to me a month later!!! By the time I was able to make a payment with them they informed me I was 2 months going on 3 month...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / mortgage reporting to credit bureau

Dave Wilcox Jr. on Oct 14, 2017
I held a residential mortgage starting in July 1995 for my home at 99 Cornwall Lane, Guilford, CT 06437. Originated with Chemical Bank on that date and then merged with Chase in march 1996. Chase has not accurately reported my credit history back to the origination of the loan to July 1995...

Wells Fargo / a transfer of the appraisal that I paid for

Jodibvanwormer on Oct 14, 2017
I was asking for a transfer for the appraisal I had paid $850.00 for this. The law states as of 4 years ago that we own the appraisal that we pay for.. the Service Link company provided the 3rd party appraisal for Wells Fargo ..1st I am asking Wells for the xml format which a ssr i...

Financial Freedom / reverse mortgage

ylkaren on Oct 11, 2017
My mother had a reverse mortgage with Financial Freedom. She received $400+ a month and the interest was over $650 a month. She owed $52, 000 on her house when she signed up...Mom passed away in February 2017 and I just paid off the Financial Freedom loan for $215, 000!! I received a...

CitiMortgage / home mortgage

CITIMORTGAGE Sucks!!! on Oct 11, 2017
I live in houston and one of the counties directly affected by hurricane harvey. Although I did not lose my home in the storm, I did have damage to the roof and yard damage (Fence and trees). Also, I have been unable to work for some time. I called citimortgage (Cm) immediately after the...

MYPBP.com / fraud

Cventuro on Oct 9, 2017
I hired Tom Browning and Andrew Austin of PBP to help me save my home from forclosure in feb. 2015. They took $ 1400.00 a month to help. I recieved a sheriffs notice on my door saying it is being auctioned. They told me not to contact my bank as it would undue what they are working on with...

Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corporation / endorse an insurance check

Brad Buysee on Oct 6, 2017
This company is as shady and tricky as they can possibly get. They really push the line of a legal grey area to keep your money. I got my roof replaced in June. It is now October and they will not endorse my insurance check that I got from my insurance company! I have filled out all kind...

US Bank / illegal foreclosure practices

Shermona on Oct 3, 2017
I applied for financial assistance for my home loan when loosing my job. They began the process would and not take any form of payment. After submitting the requested paperwork for 2 years the bank denied my request and foreclosed on my home. When speaking to the agent once I learned the...

Carrington Mortgage / mortgage and other carrington affiliates

Deborah Crumpton on Oct 1, 2017
DC Debbie Crumpton Reply | Today, 11:47 PM You Tried to sell the 1st home I was hanging onto for retirement to save my current home from being foreclosed on by Carrington Mortgage. It was also sold by BA to Carrington after I was late on several payments. BA apparently sold them loan...

Vanderbilt Mortgage / unethical behaviour/ and payments keep raising/ wrong credit reporting

StoneLS on Sep 27, 2017
We have a FHA loan with Vanderbilt Mortgage, they have done nothing but problems. First was the insurance was not being taken out of our payment, then our escrow account was in the deficit. Then after our payments went up because of their mistake. Then when we lost some of our income we...

Shellpoint Mortgage / illegal escrow in dead person's name

Last year on March 16, 2016. My husband passed away. We had a freddieMac loan with mortgage insurance. I Called Green Tree/Diteh (spelling) and informed them. First of all they only record calls they want. I explained that my husband passed suddenly. They wouldn't speak to me because my...

Huntington Bank / our home mortgage

Barbara Emmer on Sep 18, 2017
our bank in elkhorn wi, huntington made a mistake on our home loan papers and we are pretty much begging them to fix it and they are no help. the manager, rachael is rude as hell. the paper work for the deed was never filed properly and I could file the it myself on line eRETR is the form...

Nationstar Mortgage / modification of mortgage loan

Lida Perez on Sep 15, 2017
this is one of my letter to Nationstar - now known as Mr. Cooper: I received calls but no written explanation. I am writing this letter with great concern, stress and frustration! I started the modification process December 2016 and to this day it’s been a nightmare dealing with the...

Eastern Savings Bank / eastern savings bank

MEH9330 on Sep 12, 2017
I too am a victim of ESB's unethical practices. I initially did a Home Equity Loan on my house through ESB. I was employed as a senior level law enforcement agent. At the time of the initial loan, I was making more than enough money to make my payments. About 3 years into the loan, I...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage account number 171644

Joyce Shook on Sep 9, 2017
I made payment of 2 payment on 8/29/17 by bill pay today 9-7 received email that payment failed, I attempted to call but Hurricane prevented speaking with someone. I see shows payments owing from 3/ 17. I have prove of payments as follows. 2/22/17 850.00 bof a 3/15/17 850.00 mar 5/8/17 845.00...

CitiMortgage / help from the hurricane harvey

Sharon Cooper on Sep 8, 2017
On August 25 we were hit with Hurricane Harvey but thank god for my blessing my home was not as bad as others only my floors in my home got wet and needed to be replaced and I called my mortgage company for help because I really didn't want to make a claim on my Insurance and was told we...

Fifth Third Bank / mortgage refinance

joseph parsons on Sep 6, 2017
for past 18mths I have been dealing with 53 on a refinance t get my ex wife off of the mortgage. Jon Ullman was the first mortgage officer to promise that it could be done. I got all of the way up to the closing date 2x with him before he stated that he had made an error. His immediate...

Panera Bread / delivery order: 143709490 incorrect

Christen M. on Aug 18, 2017
Order Number:143709490 Expected Delivery: 11:30am-11:45am We placed this order on the morning of 08/18/2017 for a corporate luncheon that we expected to start at 11:3o. 1. Our order arrived late at 12:00pm. 2. (2) salads were made incorrectly 3. (1) salad contained NO toppings, just...

NVR Inc / Ryan Homes / mortgage service from roundpoint mortgage services

rph71 on Aug 18, 2017
Loan #2003383789. Your August 2016 selection of this company to service my NVR mortgage on a condo was an incredibly poor choice. Having lived in nine states, with five different mortgages, RoundPoint has provided — by far — the worst service I've ever seen regarding my Escrow and Harford...

Ocwen Mortgage / didn't apply payment

eagleeyeprophet on Aug 15, 2017
My payment for the month of July was $1388.10. I received assistance from an Organization in the amount of $800.00. They sent the $800 check along with my two money orders that I purchased totaling $588.10 along with a letter stating to apply the $800 check to Delores Lane account in one...
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