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Freedom Mortgage / charging $30 for a payoff quote

Sherry Schwegler on Dec 11, 2017
I sold my home this week and called to find out what the pay off would be for planning purposes before closing. When I called Freedom Mortgage, I was told there would be a $30 charge for this service. This is absurd. Why would a company charge for providing this service to a customer who...

Bayview Loan Servicing / mortgage fraud

Stephanie Aldridge on Dec 9, 2017
BANK OF AMERICA OWN BORROWER'S LIEN. BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING LLC own nothing. Ownership has made the continuing participation of the lender indispensable. The power to see is conferred by Florida statute exclusively to an owner. Mortgage servicers cannot exercise the power to sell. The...

Financial Freedom Senior Funding Corporation / reverse mortgage

lorrainewatkins on Dec 5, 2017
My mother has had a rm with ff since 2005. I got involved when they kept purchasing homeowner insurance. And said they paid the property taxes. So I started going through the paperwork and saw that they did pay some but not all. Asked to a payoff amount for the reimbursement. It had gotten...

Midland Mortgage / short sale

Michelle L-S on Dec 4, 2017
We have been cooperating with Midland in an attempt to get a short sale this has been going on for greater than 70 days, we have a letter that said we qualify for it then they send an appraisal out, tell us the clock for the short sale does not start until they get price back which i...

Cenlar Mortgage Company / insurance claim checks

Raven6313 on Dec 1, 2017
I've called numerous times to get my final insurance payment from Cenlar . My home had minor flood damage in Sept 2017, which has been repaired and inspected by Cenlar. Each time I call to get my money they always ask for something else, or state something will be mailed. I never receive...

HUDforeclosed / emptied my home, won't return calls. i'm homeless and on disability

danigrier on Nov 18, 2017
11/3/2017-I got a call from my daughter that my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Grierson Sr, called her to inform her they got a visit from a person inquiring of how to contact me regarding the items in my home at, 10017 Torino Dr. SE Huntsville, AL 35803. The house was to bid on due to...

Provident Funding / mortgage servicing

Laurie Mitchell on Nov 13, 2017
This company is the worst!!! The recent equifax breach caused my bank to quickly close all my accounts. Unfortunately, the bill pay for provident already was sent when the bank closed the account. I quickly sent another payment on my new account and it arrived before the payment was even...

Bank Of America Corporation / my mortgage delinquent payment ending 228884536

Bank Of America CorporationShow this comment to Lawyer Ashley Leigh Pope, so you can finish finding ways to steal money from your customers. Dear Bank of America Support Team, first I want to finish where I left off, after Bank of America representative slammed the damn phone in my ear after asking for proof of my Oct...

Wilshire Debt Advisors [WDA] / loan modified

Dion86 on Nov 6, 2017
My husband and I used Wilshire Debt Advisors Services to process a loan modification with PNC Bank in May 2017. We provided all of requested personal documents, plus a $5, 000 with Wilshire refundable Addendum. During this process, our point of contacts was Sofia AKA Rosa Barraza & Sam...

Ocwen / mortgage

Azi Blas on Nov 6, 2017
Since Oct 20 I had change my insurance company being that ocwen never informed me of an increase of mortgage ! To the tune of over $ 80 dollars . This has been going on since Oct . 20 2017. Also my insurance was increased by : $ 1100, from 1100 to 2111! that's the thanks I get for 12 year...

CitiMortgage / refused acceptance of home mortgage payoff

Brenda Jameson on Nov 1, 2017
October 30, 2019 — I contacted CitiMortgage, via phone, to payoff our home mortgage due to notification approximately 7-10 days prior that loan being transferred to Mr. Cooper, LLC on November 1, 2017. I spoke with Mike at CitiMortgage who refused to give me payoff amount/information stating...

CitiMortgage / customer service

Smray on Oct 31, 2017
It took 4 phone calls to finally get a representative to call me that was assigned to a file concerning an Estate wherein my firm represents the Personal Representative. We were very clear every time we spoke with someone that we wanted to begin the process for a short sale (the mortgage...

Freedom Mortgage / unethical behaviour

F Jones on Oct 29, 2017
I am a single 66 year old female Vet and I live on SS. When we heard that Hurricane Harvey was going to hit us in the Houston Tx area we didn't have much time. After Harvey went thru the Cleveland Tx area, which is where my home is, I called Freedom Mortgage know that I wouldn't...

Nationstar Mortgage, a/k/a "Mr. Cooper" / fraudulent credit reporting

Carol Vargo Teeter on Oct 28, 2017
In October, I received a notice that Nationstar reported to Equifax that my July 1st mortgage payment was 30 days delinquent, which caused my credit rating to drop substantially. When I received my 7/15/17 statement I noticed that it showed I did not pay the July 1st mortgage. I...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / payment and customer service

rosie p on Oct 17, 2017
The worst company ever!!! My loan was transferred over and 60 days later they were able to locate my loan. Sent my payments to the old company and it was returned to me a month later!!! By the time I was able to make a payment with them they informed me I was 2 months going on 3 month...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / mortgage reporting to credit bureau

Dave Wilcox Jr. on Oct 14, 2017
I held a residential mortgage starting in July 1995 for my home at 99 Cornwall Lane, Guilford, CT 06437. Originated with Chemical Bank on that date and then merged with Chase in march 1996. Chase has not accurately reported my credit history back to the origination of the loan to July 1995...

Wells Fargo / a transfer of the appraisal that I paid for

Jodibvanwormer on Oct 14, 2017
I was asking for a transfer for the appraisal I had paid $850.00 for this. The law states as of 4 years ago that we own the appraisal that we pay for.. the Service Link company provided the 3rd party appraisal for Wells Fargo ..1st I am asking Wells for the xml format which a ssr i...

Financial Freedom / reverse mortgage

ylkaren on Oct 11, 2017
My mother had a reverse mortgage with Financial Freedom. She received $400+ a month and the interest was over $650 a month. She owed $52, 000 on her house when she signed up...Mom passed away in February 2017 and I just paid off the Financial Freedom loan for $215, 000!! I received a...

CitiMortgage / home mortgage

CITIMORTGAGE Sucks!!! on Oct 11, 2017
I live in houston and one of the counties directly affected by hurricane harvey. Although I did not lose my home in the storm, I did have damage to the roof and yard damage (Fence and trees). Also, I have been unable to work for some time. I called citimortgage (Cm) immediately after the...

MYPBP.com / fraud

Cventuro on Oct 9, 2017
I hired Tom Browning and Andrew Austin of PBP to help me save my home from forclosure in feb. 2015. They took $ 1400.00 a month to help. I recieved a sheriffs notice on my door saying it is being auctioned. They told me not to contact my bank as it would undue what they are working on with...
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