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Winners Readers Service Complaints & Reviews

Winners Readers Service - Arizona, Phoenix / Magazines

Jan 4, 2017

I was told by Winners Readers Service that I had already paid for 7 new magazines but I just got double billed on 12/22/16 for $33.00 and $20.50.I still have not received any of these new magazines.It has been months since I paid them and still no magazines.I have told my American Express to block any future bills from this company.I also found out that some of the magazines that they promised are no longer published.When I try to call them I get a recorded message saying "not available at this time"

Winners Readers Service / Unauthorized debit of my card

Dec 12, 2013

This company has been debiting my card and I didn't authorize them to do so. I also haven't been getting any magazine delivered to my address. I don't even have any phone number to get with them on this matter. I have stopped payment to this company. I see that I'm not the only one to be scammed by this company. You can get back with me via Email: [email protected]

Winners Readers Service - Arizona / Charged for things I did not order and they won't cancel the suscription

Feb 12, 2011

I have tried talking to these people, to no avail. They said i order these magazine and had a 5 yr contract with them. What I remember is being told I won a 1 yr subscription to some magazines, I'm being billed monthly and keep recieving harassing phone calls. I even went as far as letting them know I'm not paying for the magazines they send due to the fact that I find them offensive. Tried changing the magazines, still keep recieving the same ones. I guess my next step is to contact each one and tell them how WRS handles their customers..rude very rude people

Winners Readers Service - Arizona, Phoenix / Can not stap automatic withdrawal from account


A while back I suffered a traumatic injury to my face to include the lose of my eye. While I was in the early stages of recovery I apparently got a phone call to subscribe to some magazines. Now I get six subscriptions of magazines I have no interest in and they just go straight to the trash. Not only do I not want the magazines but I am in a financial pinch and barely paying my bills. The magazines were an inconveinience but now it is affecting my life and I tried to stop the automatic withdrawal of money from my account and they say they can not stop the subscriptions until the full amount is paid.

Winners Readers Service / Tricked into ordering


They have me subscribed to 7 magazines, none of which I would pick up from a newsstand. I have tried to get them send other magazines, but they haven't a list that has any. I already get Business Week, Home Theater, Stereophile, Sound and Vision, and U.S News and World Report from other service as well as Better Homes and Gardens, Readers Digest (large print), Good Housekeeping from another magazine consolodater - United. As well, I have a separate subscription to Cincinnati Magazine and to Readers Digest in the large print edition. The other magazines I want are Foreign Affairs, Time...

Winners Readers Service / Scam


This company has been charging me $33 dollars a month for magazines I am not receiving. I have tried to contact them directly but have had no luck since everywhere I look for contact info gives me a different phone number, none of which have been working. This company is a scam and I do not know how to stop these payments.