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Winners International / Scam

fabulousfrank on Dec 3, 2015
Nr. James Carter calling me telling me that I won $17.5M and to do all the same things they are telling everyone else, wire $25, 500 to them. Interesting how they say that you have won the money from a company called Mega Million they say it's a Donald Trump company. What is hysterical is that they show winners holding Mega Million Lottery winnings! They need to be caught. The number they are calling from is a Jacksonville number although I am sure they are using a computer to scramble where the call comes from. 904 474-9124

Winners International / Asking to have money wired

Cristalz on Mar 30, 2015
I received a call from a man with an African accent initially referring to himself as "Charlie Beckford" who claimed he was from a company from Long Beach, CA (he gave me the professional address of 111 Collies Drive, LB CA) and that I had supposedly won $85, 000 dollars because basically "I am a great citizen and pay my electric bill." LOL He then preceded to say that all I would need to do is wire him $278. through Money gram, and that my check would be delivered to me today by their deliveryman. I did not have a good gut feeling about this whole thing, and he then proceeded to try and sweet...

Winners International / scamed

Paula M Smith on Sep 22, 2014
About a year ago I was contacted by a Mr. JOHN FERNANDEZ saying I had won 2.5 million and car. Yeah I was stupid and listened to him. He was very very convincining so yep him and a KEMAR RHODES in St Marys Jamaica got me for 4, 500. I supposeoflly talked with the pres of this company ad was told that my 4, 500 would be refunded to me and that Mr. FERNANDEZ would be fired right away I hope this is true. If these men contact you hang up Mr. FERNANDEZ has to be the best con I have ever ran across. Again Winners International in Los Vegas

Winners International / phone scam

mad3 on Dec 5, 2013
Received phone call from a Mark Ashley from "Winners International" that I won a large amount of $$$ (I was unable to understand what was being said… the person mumbled; background noise). The number Mark wanted me to call back is 707-666-9132. Sounds like a "SCAM" to me…. I recommend everyone to give "Winners International" the respect you would give a "rattlesnake"!!!

Winners International - New York, Jamaica, NY / harassment

Hawkphil on Jul 5, 2012
As previously reported here this company purports to have a $2.5 million prize they wish to deliver to you. All you have to do is buy a Money Pak card, which is a loadable cash card, load $75 into the card, and then provide them with the code number of the card. When I went to the store to look at this card the instructions say that the company that issues the card is not responsible if lost or stolen, or for losses due to fraudulent prize or sweepstakes promotions. They warn that the card should be treated as cash and to secure it as such. I asked the store clerk how this card works and they...

Winners International / Avoid dealing with this ppl

Laimute on Jun 7, 2012
I was told by a Michael Turner at 509-723-0983, 64 Ramond, St Louis, MO 63130 that I was a $2.5million winner in the recent Publishers Clearing House and that I needed to arrange a charge of $375 on a credit card for cost of handling and then come up with $500 to send them to a Annrell Benson by Western Union this morning. I haven't sent the $500 yet but may be out $375. I am trying to catch at least one of these scammers.

Winners International / Winners International, is an obvious phone scam

Kissode on Apr 23, 2012
Winners International, is an obvious scam. They called me when my mom wasn’t home and asked for her. I said she wasn’t here, and the man asked where she was. I said she was at work and then he started mumbling. he told me to wright down his number. he mumbled so much that after him repeating it several times it was the only thing i heard. I said I would try to have her call him back. I told my mom about it and she wasn’t happy. The next day he called back and asked for my mom, i once again said she wasn’t home, the man yelled back “Well Where is she?” With...

Winners International / Obvious Phone Scam

DabAnk on Dec 7, 2011
Winners International, is an obvious scam. They called me when my mom wasn’t home and asked for her. I said she wasn’t here, and the man asked where she was. I said she was at work and then he started mumbling. he told me to wright down his number. he mumbled so much that after him repeating it several times it was the only thing i heard. I said I would try to have her call him back. I told my mom about it and she wasn’t happy. The next day he called back and asked for my mom, i once again said she wasn’t home, the man yelled back “Well Where is she?” With...

Winners International / won 2.5mil an mercades red

fairhawk on Dec 7, 2011
got a call 2 days in a row. First one from winners International in las Vegas Nevada. from John Peterson. I won 2.5million dollars, and a red Mercedes. wanted me to get a green dot money card put 299.00 on it or make payments and it would be delivered by ups. gave me a number and code only i would know the number comes up private. then calls back to see what i say. Now today I get another call from Raymond Nelson the number comes up Kingston Jamaica. He gives me his cell number 1-876-381-5405 and business number 661-374-5514. They are from United Postal Service and also won Black Mercedes and...

Winners International - Wisconsin, Withee / Scam!

addiy on Sep 22, 2011
was contacted by winner international claimin that we won a big $ amount and a Benz. Its all a lie. they want u to get a moneypak and give the info on the card. Dont they just take the money off. We called the local law enforcement and they dont care! Only care they have is there coffee and were ther next donut is comin from!

Winners International / never recieved any money

doris tomacelli on Jul 25, 2011
kept saying i won 3nillion dollars plus a car after i sent over 2184 i havent recieved anything they kinda get mad if you say you arnt going to send any more money

Winners International / phone call

avengingangel on Jul 14, 2011
Received a phone call saying I had won $3.5 million. Gave me a phone # to call. She said her name was Spalding Jones and to call her at 876-567-3266. I reported this already to spam@uce.gov.

Winners International - North Carolina / won $2.5M and a car from Publishers Clearing House and would have to come up with about $875 to have it wired to my bank

nalbnotnim on Jun 28, 2011
I received a call from Michael Turner of Winners International located supposedly at 64 Raymond, St. Louis, MO 63130, phone 509-723-0983. Told I had won $2.5 Million and a car and would need to get to them $875 to cover expenses of wiring the money to my bank. As an attorney who has become a scam specialist I am intent on catching at least one scammer.

Winners International - Tennessee, Murfreesboro / 3rd Place win of $395,000

Kay Eischeid on May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011 I received a call around 11:30 AM that I was a 3rd place winner of $395, 000 from Publlishers Clearing House/ Winners International. The check would be delivered to my door at 1:30PM CDT. To receive this check I would have to pay Custom andRegistration Charges of $ 255.00. I said I did not have the money than he reduced it to half amount $127.50. He said I could take it from my Social Security check. I told him NO. His name was Vurchel Whiteman and he was calling from 303 Carson St, Las Vegas NV. He called from 876 403 4074. He than asked me to verify this with the BBB. Their number is 1 876 578 7237 and ask for Billy Anderson. This is the fourth call I have received in 10 days from Scam artists.

Winners International - New York / threatening phone calls

sinajleknarf on May 20, 2011
A man with an extremely thick accent (possibly Nigerian) claiming to be from Winners International called my home in Colorado, asked for my daughter, and proceeded to indicate that a package would be delivered today containing $1.5 million. When I indicated that I knew it was a scam the man asked me if I would be home all day. I told him it was none of his business. He told me to go to the window and "look across the road and you will see a man with a high-power sniper rifle aimed at your window and things will be bad for you if you don't listen to me." The telephone number that showed up...

Winners International - California, Brentwood [Contra Costa County / FRAUD/SCAM

Tony J George on May 5, 2011
My mother received a call from a Jason Baker at (315) 704-3315 claiming to be from Winners International, who handles the check distribution for Reader's Digest. He told my mom to send a $100 money transfer to a lawyer named David Ramsey who was currently in Jamaica for business. I asked why an American company would need a lawyer in Jamaica and continued to grill this bag of douche until I got sick of his liews and told him to never call my mother again and slammed the phone down. BEWARE of these dirtbags.

Winners International - Massachusetts, North Adams / ripping off the disabled

leena rubin on Apr 6, 2011
My girlfriend who has a learning disability was called several times yesterday regarding her alleged 4.5 million dollar lottery winnings. All she had to do was send Damion Webster at 7 duke st. Portland, Jamaica first $99 then because she didn't right away $199. I have been back and forth to hospitals for a terminal illness, and all she cared about was winning this money to pay for my life saving medications that I need. She was devastated to learn that not only was she not a real winner, but that they had tried to take what little she had been able to collect in donations towards thi...

Winners International - Nevada, Las Vegas / Sweepstakes winning claim

Kurt J. on Mar 25, 2011
A heavily accented man called yesterday afternoon to inform us that we had won a $750, 000 cashiers check and a Mercedes car if we would call a Las Vegas number and provide a claim number (101BN) that he gave us. We also had to go to a local CVS or Walgreens pharmacy and purchase a $500 "green dot" card and then call back to provide serial numbers to prove that we had purchased the card. While I was on the phone with the caller today when they called back to see if I had gone to a CVS he told me that I was being recorded. I have no intention of going to a CVS.

Winners International - Maryland, Salisbury / bogus sweepstakes

DaveHO on Mar 22, 2011
They called 12 times Mar 21, 2011 from 877-879-5511. Finally answered around 11:30pm. Heavily accented guy claiming to be Jim Johnson says we won a new Mercedes with my name engraved on the seats. After much round and round (as he was difficult to understand), he said he'd gotten my name/phone somehow through Wells Fargo/Bank of America. I told him to remove my name and number from his call list, which seems to have worked for the time being.

Winners International - Michigan / sweepstakes winner

DeeDeeP on Mar 2, 2011
I received a phone call from "American Winners International" claiming I was the monthly winner of a plasma TV and a $350, 000 certified check. He only wanted me to pay the $199 shipping difference via Western Union. And get this, 2 Federal Express guys AND 2 US Marshals would escort me to my bank to cash the check, at which point they would give me my $199 back. HA HA HA HA. I got all the information so I could report these guys to the police, BBB and who ever else I could, which my husband is doing right now. The guy could barely speak English, very thick Jamaican accent, broke up the phone...
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