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Windy City Complaints & Reviews

Windy City / allison victoria

Dec 23, 2018

I am so disappointed to see the commercial regarding the new show featuring Alison Victoria with a sledgehammer breaking concrete yet no safety glasses on. Is your company so intent on exploiting her as a sex object that they cannot use reasonable safety factors for fear it will ruin her audience's visual admiration ? Yes, the optical business is my trade, however, any building contractor that makes it past her cleavage would have taken notice her lack of SAFETY GLASSES!!!

Windy City - Illinois, Chicago / Credit repare

Dec 31, 2012

This guy f... Me out off lots off money a needs to be in jail for praying on people that have dreams off being home owners Jeff play good cop bad cop scam do not be fool all the good stuff on this about him being a good guy is just him he stay on he's laptop checking out his bad reviews a reply back with good stuff fat boy u Ajoke fool call frank montro and oak realty and he will tell u the real deal he is a point blank scammer