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Westgate timeshare Complaints & Reviews

Westgate timeshare - Delaware, Wilmington / $3900 gross mistake

May 24, 2013

Rec'd call from an alleged Eric Braunstein of TES, 110 W 9th Street, Wimington, Del - telephone # 302- 353-8232 re sale of timeshare. Since we had put our name on a list sometime ago to sell timeshare, we listened to his sales pitch, stating he had buyer and at some point he emailed a $25, 200 purchase agreement supposedly signed by Judith Morgan - 43 Driftwood Lane, Trumbull, CT Needing time to think about it, we agreed to call back. An address/telephone website lists the above name, address and phone number which I called (203-261-4988). Did not leave a message. Checked a website and...

Westgate timeshare / Lousy service


I bought a timeshare from Westgate Resorts and paid off my debt more than a year ago. Since then I was promised that I was to receive my deed and other official documents within a few months. It has been longer than a year, I even visited Westgate a few months ago, and despite of empty promises and lousy excuses I have not received anything except lousy service. The only time Westgate made great effort and used an aggressive approach was when they wanted to sell more or needed to collect money. Every time I spoke with a customer representative there was the usual sentimental bogus and...

Westgate timeshare - Florida, Kissimmee / no loyalty to old owner


My husband and I have been an owner at Westgate since 1994. Since, that time we have upgrade twice. A upon purchasing at the Towncenter before it was completed, making our decision based on presentation. We stayed in our unit for 3 years looking down at a dirt hole, with the promise we would a have beautiful swimming pool as our view. Well, it turn out to be a view of a garbage dumper. The view of the pool turned out to be for the units more to the left of the building. We feel that they misled us. We were informed that the only way we could change our unit was to purchase another unit...