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Waterboss Complaints & Reviews

Waterboss - Illinois, Rockford / waterboss 380 softener

Nov 29, 2018

I purchased my waterboss at menards and I noticed recently that they no longer sell them. That was a red flag for me and sure enough six months later my softener started to act up. There are relatively simple things to fix so I called and inquired if the part I was buying woodwork to fix the problem. You could not believe the response I got from the customer service lady. She must get off i'm being rude. I own apartment buildings and I buy water softeners regularly because of the large number of units I have. I deal with a lot of customer service representatives for different appliances but...

Waterboss - Florida, Middleburg / 900 Softener

Jan 27, 2017

I am a landlord in a rural part of Florida. I began installing the WaterBoss 900 softener for my clients to help remove rust. At first I was so happy and amazed and how the product worked. I installed them per the manual and at the time they did not recommend covers or weatherproofing. The unit performed flawlessly. I had bought a total of 4 units...and hit the 3 year warranty period and EVERY SINGLE WB900 I have installed has had the electronic head FAIL. At first...when the first one failed they happily replaced the head. The customer service was great. This was about 2010 or 2011. Something...

Waterboss - Ohio, Groveport / Terrible customer service


I just got off the phone with Waterboss customer service. I have owned one of their water softeners for about 5 years and the thing has not worked properly since day one. (Well documented by their own reps.) I just had to buy a 45 dollar part that may or may not work and I can't return it if it does not work. I voiced my complaint to "Rick" and his response was, "OK Sir.' and then hung up. DO NOT BUY A WATERBOSS PRODUCT!!! Lousy products and lousy support afterward. You would think that a company that charges a premium, typically $200 more than a comparable water softener, would step...