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Waterboss 900 Complaints & Reviews

Waterboss 900 / e1 then ho error

Jan 11, 2019

I contacted the company and they forwarded new parts. Good for them. I could not get the new parts to seal, continuous leak. This is probably the worst purchase I ever made. I spent 4 hours on just one of the replacement parts on and off on and off. I have had it. I shipping this back to them at my expense to there office not their repair service maybe they'll make serious engineering changes. What piece of garbage. I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

Waterboss 900 - Utah, Salt Lake City / Faulty waterboss 900 timer!


I cannot recommend the Waterboss 900. In addition to myself, my brother bought one and we both had problems. He had to replace his timer within the first week. They say the part costs $180, but since it was under warranty, they replaced it free. The company wasn't as successful in diagnosing the problems with my unit and it took 5 months before it began to work. Ultimately, it was the same problem... the timer. Finally, the company representative sheepishly told me it was a problem they were aware of and they were trying to fix. Once it started to work, it seemed to work o.k., but...