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Stoneberry Complaints & Reviews

Stoneberry - Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls / Terrible fees!

May 03, 2016

This is a scam company! I made an order and ordered some items from Stoneberry. First of all they took a lot of money for shipping and I never expected so high shipping fees! Then they sent me terrible defective products and I had no other choice just to send everything back in order to get a refund. But I also was supposed to pay from my own pocket to ship everything back! What's the point? If I would ship my items back there would not be much left from a refund! Beyond ridiculous!

Stoneberry - Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls / Horrible!

Mar 09, 2016

Stoneberry is the worst company to deal with! I suggest everyone to stay far far away from this place! Yes, their products are really cheap but there is a reason for that. Their items either arrives broken or damaged. Their customer service is totally unprofessional. They will always offer you a credit but will never give it. Then they will say that they never offered you anything. I'm really disappointed and already reported them to BBB and Federal Trade Commission. I hope I'll get money back, but I'm not sure about that!

Stoneberry / Warranty or no warranty that is the question

Jul 03, 2012

Rachel Rays cookware not all that is is cracked up to be or Warranty or no Warranty that is the question.. A warranty should fully cover defective merchandise!! I shouldn’t have to pay to send it in, then wait for their determination on their faulty product! I entertain a lot and I watch a lot of cooking shows! Being a chef I thought it would be neat to own a set of Rachel Rays cookware.. On March 11, 2012 I placed an order for Rachel Ray’s Cookware at a catalog company called STONBERRY.. I have seen them used on her show many times. Being a chef and the only cook in the household...