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Shopper Discount Complaints & Reviews

Shopper Discount - Scotland, Strathclyde, Glasgow / Unauthorised removal of money from bank

Jun 11, 2012

I have just noticed a £10 a month payment from my debit card to Shopper Discounts going back at least 6 months. (I can't currently check my account any further but will do so now that I am aware of this). I have never knowingly agreed to paying £10 a month for this "service" and I get no benefit from paying it. I may have logged onto the website and agreed to pay a single £10 membership when I purchased 1 item on a website but it was not made clear that there would be a regular monthly payment taken from my credit card and I would like to know how I can get my money back. It would appear I am not alone in being conned like this going by some of the comments I have seen on the website.

Shopper Discount - Connecticut, Shelton / Credit Card Scam


In December of 2009 I was purchased some items at Dr. Leonard’s web site. In the process of paying for it with my credit card, the web site offered a $10 discount coupon and I accepted. Everybody likes to save money. Only what was offered was deceptive. When the offer is accepted your credit card information is sent to Shopper’s Discount without the customer particularly knowing that. Shopper’s Discount then starts billing your credit card $12 per month for its questionable services. When you finally realize you are being billed monthly for unwanted services and call...

Shopper Discount - Louisiana / charged from credit card


Hi Shopper discount is not ready to take step back even getting complain all over the USA. Shopper discount taking money from the credit card with any acknowledge of the credit holder.They took away $12 from my account.I am still wondering what, s happening.Its really shame. I found this posted in my statement activity as --- SHOPPER DISCOUNTS 8008898776 CT on 02/14/0

Shopper Discount - England, West Midlands / Unauthorised debit from my Credit Card acount


Dear Sirs I note that you have deducted £8 from my British Airways American Express Card detailing Mail Order on the 8th January 09. I never authorised you to deduct from my card nor have I ordered anything over mail order for you to be able to deduct the money without my authorisation. I am quite taken aback to note that you are able to do such a thing which is totally unethical and alarming from my point of view. Please refund the money as soon as possible and explain why and how you are able to deduct money from my credit card account without my authorisation so that this does not...