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Sensa / not working

Belinda J. Davis on Jan 31, 2015
I used Sensa for two years and i kept hoping that this would be a miracle to help me lose some weight. When I found out that it was fake and cheating people, my sister contacted me and said she received a check for where she only bought it one time. As of today, I have not received anything where I bought this for two years. Can you please check and see when I might get my money back? Belinda Davis 440 Grant Street Middeleport, Ohio 45760 740-992-2603

Sensa / Failure to cancel subscription

Elaine Zobel on Jun 30, 2014
I foolishly ordered a trial of Sensa. I called to cancel my subscription (strange). I got an argument about canceling. I returned the product. Got another argument and refused to keep the subscription (?) going. Then had a charge on my credit card for product I didn't want. Tried to call and of course office was closed. I tried to use the cancellation process on internet which the automated service says you can. It says it cannot be done on the internet, that you have to call. Using the cancellation form, they want to charge you $34.95 to cancel it. It is a total rip-off. My RMA number from them is 4516434. I received an e-mail to tell me they received my return product on May 12, 2014.

Sensa / Unrealistic Trial/Bad Refund Policy

Be Aware People on Nov 12, 2013
I ordered the SENSA and tried the product and they send you a 2 month supply which is 60 days, so when I tried to return it now they told me that you are beyond or return policy and it should have been returned on October 18th and I said well according to the product you need to use it for the 60 days to get true results not 30 days, and that is the way it is explained, so I want to send you back you product and get my money back and they said no you cannot and we will not refund your money. Luckily I had put a stop to it through my credit union so I would not get charged again, because they...

Sensa - Indiana / manic/psychotic behavior

smjandres on Oct 21, 2013
My wife had become manic/psychotic because of the use of Sensa. After two weeks of using this product she started feeling odd. She was seeing things that were not there. She quit using the product and became worse. I took her to the ER at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati to get checked out. They admitted her into their psych ward where she had to stay for 3 days until all of this poison was cleared from her system. Once this poison was flushed out of her system she returned to her normal jovial self. She has no past history of mental illness or psychotic episodes. This product should have...

Sensa - New Jersey / Doesnt work

AngryVirgo on Oct 20, 2013
Well my complaint isthat Sensa dont work, Like they say if it sounds to good to be rue it usually is.Too bad it cost me almost a hundred dollars to find out just how true it is.Icouldnt wait to receive my Sensa and start on this easy and amazing weht loss journey, Boy did i get fooled.Bottom line is it doesnt work, Also the people you see in these commericls saying ho great sensa s must be paid very well.So if yoven sesa save your money, IT DOESNT work, And if you alried iand dont see any change in your weight.WELL YOU WONT.

Sensa - California / side effect

grngi on Jul 24, 2013
Tryed the Sensa product for three weeks now, since a couple days of using the sprinkle on my food, i can never keep my posterior clean.I would be at the bathroom 5-10 times a day wiping over and over again.I dont know what its called but after a while i was raw.some days worse then others, it seemed like the more i used the worse it got.So i decided to return the product.Its a very uncomfortable feeling.

Sensa - California, Valencia / NON REFUND

sissii on Jun 2, 2013
Ordered 6 months supply $216.91. It was cheaper. Used credit card. Received item. One week later phoned for a return authorization number, got it, returned it in less than one week to the above address they gave me with the authorization number large on the front. Used Priority Mail box with automatic tracking number on it. Here it is 3 months later and they will still not refund my money. I had read prior to ordering about the problems others had with customer service and their credit cards. I still ordered it. LISTEN CAREFULLY, everyone wants to lose weight wants a quick fix, something that...

Sensa - Rhode Island, Coventry / trying to cancel trial

LoriLaro on Mar 4, 2013
I am trying to cancel but it wont let me. I DO NOT WANT TO BE BILLED THE 89.00 but the WONT let me cancel the trial

Sensa - Illinois, Crystal Lake / Refund

catherine hastings on Feb 14, 2013
Dear Sirs/Madames, I purchased a sensa trial for 30 days. I cancelled the trail within the 30 days and if I cancelled the trial within 30 days they were not supposed to charge my card. They charged my bank account 89.00 and some change the day after the 30 days was up. I returned the product to them unopened and waited for my refund - no refund came. This was in November of 2012. It is now February 14. 2013. Each time I speak to them they tell me because I disputed the charge it is being held up in their charge back process. My bank (which I have an exellent relationship with) has communicated...

Sensa - California, valencia ca / credit card

way to go on Jan 19, 2013
Do not give these people your crecit card number. You call them and they do not listen to what you tell them.

Sensa - Texas, Plano / free sample turned out not to be free

concerned 3 on Dec 11, 2012
got the free sample, they also send you another 60 day supply that must be paid for within a short window of time. The product alters the taste of food to the point of being unplesant. By the time you determine the product is not fou you, you get a bill for the other two bottles. I tried to tell them I did not want the product but thay said me grace period had lapsed and I must pay for the product. Thay turned me in to a nasty collection agency, thay said the same thing, my grace period had lapsed and I must pay up. Sensa is a scam stay away !!!

Sensa / Not free...a scam

Shawn Iwamasa on Oct 8, 2012
I too was mislead by Sensa's "free trial" I gave them my credit card number to pay for shipping, and a month later was charged $90 for the 2 month supply. I called the company, and eventually received $45 refund, but only after getting upset and and speaking to several people. I am mad at myself for not reading every detail online and after I received my start up package. It is part my fault, but as I told the customer service rep, the wording and exactly "where" to read the details of the offer were extremely misleading. It does say TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS. Which means you have to pay after...

Sensa - Ohio, Unable to obtain address for r / Product a scam

C. Bridges on Oct 8, 2012
I have contacted Sensa by telephone several times only to be given another contact number or placed on hold & loose connection. I wish to return the product for full refund as they advertise but can not obtain an address to ship the return. I am contacting my credit card company to see if they can assist in resolving this matter. I would advise do not by. Scamed in Ohio

Sensa / Health Problems

Spartacus3 on Sep 16, 2012
This product is the worst thing I have ever taken as a weight loss supplement. And that even includes the evil ephedra! For no apparent reason, I had nightmares that I was at work all night and then in the morning I would awaken DEAD TIRED. I thought it was the stress at work. While I was trying to fall asleep, I would hear a whooshing sound that was the same rate as my heartbeat. A few weeks later, I had recurring nightmares that my spirit was leaving my body and I would wake up in a cold sweat and my heart pounding out of control. People at work noticed that my hands were shaking and that I...

Sensa - Florida / Cancellation policy and billing unethical

Rocks01 on Aug 15, 2012
I ordered Sensa in February 2012 at intro rate. I cancelled future shipments and was billed two more times which was a debit transaction. Thought it was over, but a new xsix month period is here and I find they debited another 56.60 and have shipped more of their useless tasteless salt that does not work. Called CS August 15, 2012 and they said they will cancel my membership or whatever this is and return my money after I get the product which will be 8 more days and pay to have it shipped back. So in about 30 days, I may get my money back. In the meantime 2 checks have bounced because of the...


Cutie Pie on Aug 14, 2012
I ordered on a trial basis, Sensa at a charge of $9.95 for 30 days. If not satisfied, return the product. The 30 days has not expired and I've already been charged $89.95 on my charge card. When I contacted the company, they said my 30 days had expired and I informed them that it had only been 2 weeks! I was sending the product back. They informed me it was too late to return Sensa and that it was mine. This is such a SCAM. I do not trust Internet Advertising at all after this situation. Sensa totally mis-advertised trying this product, which a local physician said it was a "mind game" by...

Sensa - Michigan / Takes money anyway

kellymarie143 on Jul 31, 2012
When you return your "free" trial (and you will because it doesn't work), make sure to get the RMA number and GET TRACKING NUMBERS!!! They WILL charge you even though you sent it back, and you WILL have to call and spend tons of your valuable time on hold waiting for a rude customer service person to come on the line and ask you a bunch of irrelevant questions. They WILL make you give them the tracking numbers in order to get your refund. They count on you not getting the tracking numbers so they can say they never received the return and keep your money. This happened with my order AND my husbands order. Can't be just a coincidence!

Sensa - Missouri, Saint Charles / BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

Ronfrommissouri on Jul 17, 2012
While this product may actually work, I don't know, but I have seen it listed in the top five weight loss products out there. BE VERY CAREFUL when using your credit card because the "Free Trial" is NOT free! You MUST return any unused product after 30 days AND cancel otherwise you will automaticly be re-billed like $80.00 for another month supply. They fail to mention that part in the radio and tv adds! When I found that out I called and canceled and as soon as my "Free Trial" showed up I sent it back without even opening the package. They did however refund my shipping costs, so I got lucky on that one.

Sensa / Return of my money

susanhuffcraig on Jul 12, 2012
I ordered Sensa on or about April 24, 2012. Cancelled it on May20th/21st. My checking account kept overdrawing and I am literally going crazy cause I don't get it. Then July 5th there was another 2 month supply at my door. It honestly never occured to me my overdrafts were caused by Sensa, after all I cancelled that order two months prior. On July 6th I mailed back not 1 but 3 months supply of Sensa. I not only want the money they charged me back in my account but the OD charges as well. I am on Soc Sec and they have really hurt me finacially. This is making me crazy. I will never trust...

Sensa / Unauthorized Charge

Jay Bush on Jun 29, 2012
READ THIS... on 5/26/2012 I ordered this product on a free trial with an agreement that I cancelled that same day, to go ahead and keep the free product and all that I would pay is a one time shipping fee, would receive no further shipments & would never be charged for anything again with them hoping that I would only enjoy the results and call back to order more. I trusted this product because I saw it in Costco, I originally heard an established radio show host call out this product for a call this 1-800# get it now while it's free plug. Also stating that they just wanted people to try...
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