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Santander - North Carolina, Clyde / Auto sales

Jeri Foote on Oct 15, 2015
I was going to buy a car from this company & I told them from the very beginning that I couldn't make my payments until after the 3rd of every month. After the paperwork was done I had to tell the Hyundai dealership that I noticed the date for my payments were due on the 2nd & they said that Santander would change it for me. Anyhow, when I was supposed to get my first payment notice in the mail it never came to me. Well, Santander sent me a letter after the 1st payment was overdue & told me I now owed them the first & 2nd payment together plus late charges. I explained to them again that...

Santander - Texas, Houston / Ripoff

God Guy on Jul 28, 2015
I got a car from Carmax, which was financed through santander usa. the whole experience was horrible, harassing calls at home and work, would pick threat to repo. So finally after 4years of me dealing with that, i was on a 5yr term. I called to get the pay off amount because it was the new year and I had my tax return coming. they told me i owed 19, 000 dollars on a car that was originally 21, 000 but the blue book value was least than 6000. So i told them to come pick up on a voluntary surrender. They wouldn't, instead continued to call me saying that the repossession people have came to...

Santander / Car Repossession Fraud

Essence E. on Jul 28, 2015
Purchased a 2014 Checy Cruze in December 2014.. After 45 Days Of owning the car, the dealership informed me that the bank backed out.. I had to go in and find another lender. I was out a bankruptcy for about 10 months and excited to rebuild. The car was refinanced under Santander. Two months after purchasing the vehicle, I lost my job. No problem, things happen. I called and made arrangements to pay $100 weekly off of my $307 weekly unemployment. In May 21, 2015, I woke up to make my $100 payment, which I paid just the week before, and my car was gone. They told me I had to pay them $399 to...

Santander / Extra add on fees

Quanikker Dennis on Jan 14, 2014
I have had my loan with Santander a little over a year. When i got my first payment due i called in and tried t get my due date changed because I only get paid monthly and its at the end of each month. I wanted the 28th so that would give me some wiggle room to mail it off but instead was told the only date that i could get was the 25th.Now if my payment is due on the 25th and my check doesn't post until 30th of every month i am already 5 days late. The representative told me that he would document everything and i will be fine, well far from that. December 2013, January 2014 I received...

Santander / payoff fraud

Amanda Barber on Nov 27, 2013
I had a car loan with citifinancial from 2005 to 2008..I spoke with citifinancial approxiamtely October of 2008 and inquired about my payoff which was approximately $4, 000. I was going through a divorce at the time and knew I wouldnt be able to afford the truck payment for very long. i indicated to Citifinancial that i was paying the car off in February 2009 with my tax return. Citifinancial gave me the final payoff and made a notation. The next thing I know, I call to inquire about a payment and Santander has my loan; When I indicate paying the truck off, the payoff amount has doubled or...

Santander - Illinois, Spring Valley / Overchargeing on auto loan

jane hoffert on Aug 2, 2013
santander bought my car loan from citifinancial auto and now that loan has come due (6 years) they say i still owe $6600 and they have repoed the car

Santander - Texas, Plano / not apply extra payments properly

Kippie2013 on Mar 10, 2013
I have an auto loan with Santander in Dallas, TX. The interest rate is extremely high so I am trying to pay off the loan early. However, when ever I send in an extra payment, 50% of the payment (sometimes more) goes towards interest. I call them and ask them if there is an early payoff penalty and they tell me no. They say that all I need to do is mail the extra payment with a letter stating that I wish to have the payment applied to the principal. I have done this twice. The first time was in January. I paid an extra $400 (above my normal monthly payment) and $220 was applied to interest. I...

Santander - Maryland, Baltimore / late charges

tammy alexander on Nov 29, 2012
santander said that by me being later i am going be charge 12.95 every 10 days this not in my contract i suppose to be charge one flat late charge 12.95 not 12.95 a day my original loan was with citifinancial my car if due for payoff 10 /2013 now it toward the end and they are trying to charge me extra money please help me

Santander - North Carolina, Jacksonville / Car loan

lindao99 on Aug 14, 2012
My grandson is in the Marines and stationed in NC. He bought a truck and it was financed by Santander by the dealership. He has had nothing but troubles with Santander. He set it up to pay automatically and sometimes they did it and sometimes they didn't. They called all the time but mostly they called me and I live in Nevada. He finally went to his own bank and refinanced with them, which was great. Santander took a whole month before they would settle the closing and after they excepted the check for the refinance and sent the title to the new bank they charged my grandson $700 in fee...

Santander - Georgia / fees , discrimination.

archhist on Apr 30, 2012
Auto loan over 1 year not behind but notice the strange fees that I NEVER RECEIVE AN ANSWER ON CARMAX also a party to this as they lie at closing to receive large kick back to use Santander financing. Then you are stuck! lie after lie! Santander claims to offer a payment reduction plan, this plan is for 6 month's. to assist you if you may have a problem making payment in future. So far 18 phone calls e-mails. talk on line, produce nothing! The Presidents Office checked out to be a phony racist check point. Yes, that is correct! The off the cuff remark by a so called representative when he called me...

Santander - Florida / Wrong Payoff Amount

mv0013 on Mar 16, 2012
I called for a buyout amount on my autoloan (simple interest auto loan) and I was given the full balance (including interest) as my buyout amount. My contract states I can buyout my loan early with an up to max $75.00 interest penalty. Santander is lying about my payoff amount and won't give me the correct amount. Each day they delay costs me money.

Santander / Frozen Assets

blushersbest on Feb 27, 2012
I have set up a transfer of money to a company in UK for transfer to my Australian bank account. My account has been frozen because of 'security' reasons; I have called Santander every day for 5 days now and they insist the security team have to make a call to me to verify I am on the numbers in contact details. I find myself in Australia with $6 in my purse, no means of paying the motel and no means of getting more funds transferred. This is the worst experience of any bank I have ever encountered. They have absolutely no heart, although I have satisfied all the security question...

Santander - California, Camarillo / Fraudulent repossession

Crystals truck on Dec 9, 2011
Auto was fraudulently repossessed. Last bill states 69 out of 72 payments were made but lists amount due as 16, 000. When asked for explanation, was rudely told that I didn't understand "simple loans". Auto repossessed after hundreds of calls and the last two were from an "investigator" who called my employer telling them that I was mentioned in a fraud.

Santander - Pennsylvania, Uniontown / Refund/Overpayment

Bill plus 6 on Sep 14, 2011
Bought my 2006 Dodge van from a dealership, the fianace was origanally through Sovereign Bank until Santander took over. About 3 weeks ago we paid off our van, with the help of a finanical company. We had made an overpayment to Santander, money should be returned to finanical company or us, to me it does not matter. Called Santander 2 times so far 1st time they had no clue when it was going to be returned. 2nd time they said oh it could be by the end of the month, meaning Sept.30 but they couldn't say for sure. How come it is okay for them to charge us for being a liitle late with our...

Santander - Florida, Jacksonville / Poor customer service

Bryan Deciuceis on Sep 6, 2011
I had a car accident over four months ago. Geico sent me a check with my name and Santanders on it. I cannot get Santander to endorse the check and have the person I chose do the work. The man I was going to use was a good friend and was going to do all the work as long as I bought the parts. They want me to pay a shop because they dont trust the work will get done correctly??? I pay for the car every month but they say its there property untill its paid off? So I guess if its there property they should pay for the tires gas and brakes too right? I dont get it I pay my car and I pay my...

Santander / Have an excellent day and may the bbb shut you down

Ulinay on Sep 6, 2011
Santander just called me telling me they want the car or I have to pay right now they then told me that they can garnish my wages if you google it you will see is what I was told so I did 41. South Carolina Wage Garnishment Wage attachment is prohibited in South Carolina. SCCLA 37 -5-104. wow looks like a lie a huge one there lol. They will tell you anything they can to get CASH I don't get how this comp even has anything but terrible pr I want to see them go down I am going to go to every car dealer ship and let them read all the complaints then as reckon any of the folks here would...

Santander - California / NIGHTMARE CAR LOAN

namastefromca on Aug 31, 2011
Our car loan was also bought by Santander from Citi and that was a BAD, SAD, day... Our experience with Santander to date has been from ***. We are getting nowhere it seems on a car that is now upside down. We pay outrageously high payments that are sinking us and our balance does not go down. The payments are so high (over $500.00) that we keep falling behind to just keep the car, then the late fees and other "fees" keep us owing more and more... the term of the loan seems a year longer than we remember signing on for. They have little to no explanations for any of the confusion we have and...

Santander - Mississippi, Caledonia / Liars

dwilson10 on Jul 18, 2011
we have a car loan with them and because of the economy and my husband is now disabled we are living on a fixed income, we asked them repeatedly to refinance our loan to a lower payment they refused, so I couldnt make the payment, after 3 months they cal and lie to me tell me if i justmake one full payment then they will refinace the loan and drop the loan payment to half. they took out money which was half of our food budget for our children and never refinaced it also we keep getting harrassing phone calls al the way up to 9pm when our children are in bed. I am sick of them I told them to quit calling me and come get the vehicle. In stead they continue to harrass us on the phone.

Santander - Texas, Dallas / NOT A COMPLAINT!!!!! :)))))))))))))))

Princess Dagmar on Jul 15, 2011
Wow! Santander Customer Service Rep-Randall is AMAZING!!! My car loan was also sold to Santander after CitiFinancial Auto sold out. I usually pay my car loan on time but I've been out of work for some time and just couldn't make the payment last month. So, I've had many Customer Service probs with Santander...including rude, insulting, ignorant & harrassing, hang up calls. Then a couple days ago, I decided to call & try to offer up a "good faith" $50 pmt & explain my sitch. That's when I got Randall. Honestly, he was polite, respectful, patient, kind and understanding. He...

Santander - New York / Auto Loan

santandercomplaints on Jul 12, 2011
Have you had or are you having an unpleasant experience with Santander Consumer USA? Please contact me at sancomplaints@gmail.com if you have experienced the following with Santander Comsumer USA: 1. A default on your auto loan with Santander. (The default should be after your loan was purchased by Santander Comsumer USA from another bank) 2. A deferment granted on your auto loan after it was in default. 3. A repossession of the vehicle after the deferment was granted. Please email me with your name, email address, location and the specifics of your situation. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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