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Republic Tobacco Complaints & Reviews

Republic Tobacco - West Virginia, Berkeley Springs / gambler silver pipe tobacco and gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes

kathy1234! on Apr 24, 2018

On April 4, 2018, I purchased a bag of Gambler silver pipe tobacco and 3 boxes of Gambler king silver cigarette filter tubes. The bag of tobacco was full of sticks and very very dry. It would not roll in the tubes, kept ripping them. When we told the store they said we had to contact the company, no returns. When my husband called Republic Tobacco they told him how to find the date on the bag. Come to find out it was dated 2015. The three boxes of tubes had so many crushed ends they couldn't be put on the machine. At least 20 in each box. The store where this purchase was made is Roy's Grocery...

Republic Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / gambler gold tobacco product

April Porter on Aug 29, 2017

My father found large chunks of plastic while trying to roll cigarettes I find that totally unacceptable. This product should have been checked properly for foreign objects. This company should make sure their customers are satisfied so they will continue to by this product. My father will no longer be one of your customers unless this issue is resolved

Republic Tobacco / Bagged tobacco had unknown debris in it

tracyfogle on Feb 8, 2016

Today is Feb 8, 2016 To whom it may concern... (because i cant find an actual link to notify the company) On more than one occasion there has been foreign matter in our bags of tobacco. My husband got something in his cigarette and about puked, coughing so badly. In August, the 17th of 2015, i found another piece of foreign matter, that was a blue opaque plastic string, that was the same shape of the tobacco. long slender cutting. I have a picture of it and how it was found on my tobacco plate. Just this morning, another piece, different colors, was found as Im rolling our cigarettes. This i...

Republic Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / Gambler Pipe Tobacco (for rolling cigarettes)

CristieB on Nov 13, 2015

I bought it from will not return this bag and I have found bugs, yes real bugs in three bags now! It's disgusting, I've obviously been smoking them, ugh. I've never even seen these types of bugs, they have hard pointed and sharp bottoms or stingers and one even stabbed me on my toe, before I swept, I must have stepped on it when I wiped the tobacco off the table. I want something done about this and I'm seriously considering suing the company!! I mean who knows what I'm inhaling by smoking this! Not to mention it's so damn gross!! I'm definitely taking my business elsewhere.

Republic Tobacco / damage peace.

Johnny Crafford on Jan 22, 2015

The service is great and the Tabaco is fresh and good to smoke, is Just that this Rolling Cigarette broke and it must not be they're false only the Companies that send it and, Is this peace that broke on the Handle. Is the swift Cigarette Machine. Any Question let me know my E-mail I think it was half broke maybe is the companies that send it like that because the way it broke don't make sense it don't carry a sticker or some kind of warning that is fragile. Is a mandatory to have a warning because is made of plastic or some are made of Steel. If is steel...

Republic Tobacco / Stay away

Arnfree on Jun 7, 2011

Yes, we know this, however, smokers will try nearly anything to quit, save money, change and try to fit in. That is how we came to be. Many smokers started because they were unaccepted. Guess what, they still are. Unhealthy, smelly, grumpy, so go ahead, kick them while they are down. An addict is an addict. I've been told the roll your own have less chemicals and would be easier to step off from, great. A ray of hope, so I bought a $50 machine and supplies, only find, it does not work. The store, nor the manufacture of Top O Matic will refund the money. Listen up naughty smokers, don't be suckered. The company wants your money, they don't care for you anymore than the rest of the world.

Republic Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / Less product for same price

I recently bought 3 pouches of drum tobacco and the first thing I saw was they changed the bag . Not a big deal . It's the second thing I noticed! They decreased the amount of tobacco in the pouch !! It used to weigh. ( 1.41 oz or 39.97 grams ). It now weighs. ( 1.14 oz. Or. 32.32 grams ).! They did this on purpose because they would print the ounces & grams on each pouch now they only print the ounces. Since it's very close. (1.41/1.14) do they think that we are that stupid not to notice this . please e-mail me if you know about this & also if you know their. E-mail address !!! Thank you & merry x-mas to all !!!

Republic Tobacco / inferior product

i've been a dedicated TOP tobacco user for 11 years. The papers that come with your product don't fit into the rolling machine I have. Where can I find papers that fit. Where can i find sleeves for the roller that won't stretch out. I roll between 500 and 1000 cigarettes per wk and the cost of supplies is killing me

Republic Tobacco - Illinois, gleinveiw / New top rolling machine


The new roller that adjusts is worthless as tits on a bore hog. Why change something that works with a peace of crap. Hell if you need more money raise the price a little i would rather pay a little more for a thing that works than buy a peace of crap and get mad and buy some other brand.