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I joined for an initial deal of 4 posters for $5 each, which went fine, my credit card was charged $20 and I recieved the four posters I wanted. Little did I realize that somewhere in the fine print I was signing up for a repeat poster service (who in the hell would want this), and after returning from a month long vacation found 3 more poster boxes at my house, and 3 charges to my credit card of 39.80. These turned out to be random posters since I hadn't chosen them. I called up and canceled my account immediately and asked what I had to do to get a refund - they told me... - Illinois, Evanston / internet scam


I had three transactions from for $79.00 each within a two week period from my bank card totaling $237.00. I contacted the local Police Department and want to share a form with everyone who was scammed and have you all file with the Illinois Attorney General Consumer Fraud Bureau. Here is the link: Please file, there are other faces of this company and WE the PEOPLE who have gotten scammed need to stop them!!! If you need to contact me for a copy of the e-mail from the police department I can do that. Thanks and good luck! / scam


Help!!! I've been scammed by also known as especially Now I am getting charged $80/month for these posters. Months ago I supposedly cancelled my account, but they keep sending me posters and I am still getting charged. I am sick of calling and not having my call answered, sick of paying the ridiculous amount for these posters which I dont even want! Please help! - Illinois, Evanston / $79 charge after 1 1/2 years!!!!!


I too just noticed a $79 charge on my account after 1 1/2 years after canceling my account!!! WTF?! How are these people still doing business after all this time and STILL taking people's money like this! I just tried to call the phone number and the first time, it just rang over and over for about 5 minutes! Then I called back and was on hold FOREVER, of course, no one picked up and it sent me to a voicemail system! I am completely INFURIATED with this! Please, if anyone has had a similar issue with this company and has resolved it, please let me know how to do so. I'll keep trying... / charging credit card after canceling all orders after the first one, for four posters for $2.00 apiece


I ordered 4 posters for my son for $2.00 each and I paid for them with my husbands credit card. Then 2 weeks later my husbands credit card was charged 79.00 for those posters. I immediately called Posterpass and they told me it was a membership. I cancelled all actions at that time and was told I could not receive any type of credit to his card because it was on the 3rd day of the trial membership. Then right at 1 month later my husband was again charged a $79.00 fee on his credit card, and 1 week later he was charged another $79.00. I called them again and they told me to refuse service on... / unauthorized charges


Saw a deal on 4 posters for $4/ea. Read the fine print, it stated that random posters would be sent to you at "retail cost" until membership was cancelled. Thinking it would be okay, I placed my initial order, and immediately cancelled my account on 6/29. Confirmation #205226. I was charged an additional $39.80 two days later. I called their customer service line to question these charges. The rude lady on the phone said "they were sent at the exact same time as your first order, send them back and we'll refund you". After reading online about how they do NOT refund people... - Illinois, Evanston / fraud


This company ( uses facebook application games through their earn free coins by completing offers. The offer is to purchase 4 posters for $2 each plus you get a free mug with it. I thought it would be fun for the kids to choose a poster, on 8/2 I authorized $8 to come out of my account. I received the posters on the 7th. I was going to go cancel so no further charges occured but I couldn't log on to my account. I found that very odd. I searched my email for the invoice they were supposed to send and never did. So the only other way I could find them was to look up my bank... - Illinois / frauds


I'm dealing with these ### as we speak, luckly my bank when I use my Debit card puts a pre-authorized hold on these transactions, so i was able to realize whats going on. I just got off the phone with the bank and have canceled my card so these crooks cant steal anymore of my money even before I can talk to them. So far they have debited my account for $8.00+$39.80+$39.80=$87.60 for 4 posters what a joke. Now I have to wait till 10am to call these people and cancel my account, but atleast I have the piece of mind that they wont be able to bleed my account any further and I will dispute... / rip-off/scam


I signed up for an offer that was posted on FaceBook from a company called PosterPass. The offer was for 5 posters for $5 with free shipping. When I placed the order, I did not recieve an email confirmation or any kind of terms of service agreement. I received the posters a few days later with no invoice. Two days later I received another package from PosterPass with 2 more posters in it that I did not order, again no invoice. I checked my credit card statement online and it showed a charge from PosterPass for $25. I called them and they said that the offer was 5 posters for $5 each...that i... / unauthorized merchandise shipped and charged to me


Unwanted and unauthorized posters sent to my home and charged to my credit card. I was charged $44.00 for merchandise that I did not request!!! / deceptive business practices


Go to the website there is an advertisement saying that you can get four posters for 2.00 each. Then, on your bank charges you see a charge for 39.80. It said nothing on the advertisement about that. Beware!