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Plastic Fantastic Complaints & Reviews

Plastic Fantastic / gutters / facias

Apr 22, 2018

These cowboys replaced my gutters fascias 3 years ago ago and the problems are still ongoing. They say on their website they never cover old fascias but they did mine not only that the fascias have no vents which has caused a massive condensation problem in the loft! They smashed my alarm box, the down spout is crook and not long enough, bath water goes all over the drive ... AVOID

Plastic Fantastic / Flat roof and guttering

Nov 04, 2016

No change there then. Got a very professional sales pitch from Paul Wilkinson for replacement facias, soffits and a new rubberised garage/bay window roof. Soffits and facias not too bad, complained that one facia had loads of holes drilled in it. They came back and hammered nails in them. Fortunately I was in and got them to replace the facia. Main problem was with garage roof, which is not supported underneath and therefore "bounces" and the bay roof which drains away from the down pipe to an end cap that doesn't fit and hence leaks. Loads of phone calls, visits to their office to no avail...

Plastic Fantastic / Faulty fascias and gutters

Sep 09, 2016

2015 - Fascias and gutters were replaced at my elederly parents home . Payment made promptly . After inspection it was clear they had not been fitted correctly and securely on the gable end . After many phone calls and appointemts for visits and promised repairs Paul the owner attended. He agreed the job had not been completed to standard . Again promises made to put right . Lots more phone calls and over 12 months later still waiting for work to be corrected . Would not revomend this company under any circumstances .Sales pitch is great, service is a disgrace . clearly the guarantee is useless . Avoid at all costs .

Plastic Fantastic - England, Greater Manchester, Hyde / Guttering and fascia

Oct 28, 2015

Like other people on here got these jokers to fit my guttering and fascia after I had seen that they had really good reviews on check a trade which makes me think that the reviews are not genuine. Lots of problems with the work which they did come back on a couple of occasions to sort out but there is still problems which just goes to show how crap the job was to start with.I now have very leaky gutters which looks like I will have to sort out myself.Avoid this company like the plague, definitely not plastic fantastic.

Plastic Fantastic - England, Greater Manchester, Hyde / Faulty workmanship

Apr 27, 2014

Fitted new guttering and facias, after a few days it started to rain & guess what they leaked all down the side of my house causing very bad damp. I wouldnt mind the guttering they replaced which was 20 years old wasnt perfect but at least it did not leak, never came back to sort it, rang up a number of times & they were simply not interested in our problem...took them to court got half our money back...just simple rules here...DO NOT USE, they are cowboys

Plastic Fantastic - England, Lancashire, Manchester / Fascia and Sofit

Feb 15, 2013

Installed fascia, soffit and gutters on front of Terrace house. They did not attach the new gutter to the Neighbor's gutter, simply laid the new gutter in the old one. This leaked like a sieve. All I got from phoning them is excuses. They simply would not come to correct the problem. Their 10 year guarantee is worthless. They should be avoided.

Plastic Fantastic - England, Cheshire, Hyde / faulty doors, poor workmanship

Jul 27, 2012

Installed two upvc doors. I paid for composite doors they installed plywood. The doors were faulty on installation i.e. would not open. It took them two months to fix them even though they issued a TEN YEAR guarantee which is worthless. The doors have major defects: not alined in frame, faulty locks, drafts through doors, sticking at the bottom. They will not came back to repair the faults - so much for the guarantee. Found out the directors have a long track record of 'ceased trading' and liquidated companies to their name. One director has TEN directorships to his name. No point...