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New Balance Complaints & Reviews

New Balance / new balance 1080

Jan 29, 2019

Late 2018, I bought a New Balance 1080 for a more comfortable run from a new Balance Factory Shop in Diep River, Cape Town. I am a neutral runner and always used Asics before. Since i bought the shoe, I had nothing but discomfort. Inner soul cause blisters on my right foot, Front and Heel burning sensation. I ran the Soweto Marathon in the New balance 1080, and it was the most uncomfortable run ever. I have since bought a new running shoe, and the 1080 is just collecting dust. I hope that New Balance is able to do something about the matter. My name is Angelo and my email is [email protected]

New Balance / wrong order

Aug 5, 2015

I ordered one month ago a pair of newbalance and they send me another pair of shoes. So I sent an email to ask how to change the shoes and the day after they answered me saying that I must put the photos too in the email. So I sent another email with the photos but after three weeks, even if I sent them other mails, I didn't recive any answer. It's the worst site ever and I would say to all my friends to DO NOT BUY from this site. The most uncorrect person ever!!

New Balance / stinky shoes

Jan 23, 2013

I have had my new balance shoes 587 running shoes for almost two years. I can not wear them because they they have a strange odor. I have to keep them in the garage because if I leave them in the closet the whole closet stinks. The smell is like old medicine. Is there any way of getting the odor to go away. I took them out the other day to take a walk and after sitting unused for six months the odor is as strong as ever.

New Balance - Missouri, Kansas City / mr1224


I'm writing this e-mail to express my total disappointment with the new MR1224NR shoe that I bought from the NB store in Kansas City. I've been a devoted fan and customer of NB shoes since more than 10 years ago. I always looked for and bought the shoes that were made in the USA as the ones that are made in China are crap!! However, after running in those (MR1224) shoes for just 10-15 minutes, the outer part of the insoles start rubbing against my heels (in both feet) really bad and the shoes would force my feet to move in a completely awkward way!!! To an extent that I had to stop...

New Balance - Queensland, Townsville / unable to wear three month old shoes


I've never complained before but feel you need to know my latest pair of New Balance joggers have worn holes on the inside of the heel of both shoes. These shoes are my 3rd pair of New Balance and felt lovely and comfortable. My husband and I are going to the UK in 6wks and I was hoping to have had my new joggers well worn in for all the walking we shall do. I'm really dissappointed as I went back to the store where I bought them and they didn't want to know about it as I don't still have the receipt. As this was my 3rd pair I was sure there would be no problems and...