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Napa Auto Complaints & Reviews

Napa Auto / core return

Jan 28, 2015

This is a deal with NAPA auto parts . I own a semi and drive all over MT, ID and WY . There are times I buy parts where ever I am at if I need them at the time. I did this not long ago. Bought some parts at a NAPA store out on the road. Changed the parts and fixed my truck the next day. 3-4 days later got back home. There was a core charge on the parts I bought so when I got home I took the core and receipt to the NAPA store in my home town. Asked to return the used parts for the core charge. Was told I had to return the parts to the store I bought them from otherwise I would have to pay a...

Napa Auto - Arizona, Queen Creek / Deceptive Practices


I had my suv serviced at this location for my brakes about a month ago. The brakes work just fine but when i got my car back the vehicle bounced really bad, which had not happened prior to taking my vehicle in. When calling and talking to Chris the service manager, he said that my tires probably had too much air in them and to bring it back in. I took in the car on way home from work and they told me that i was nuts and that there was nothing wrong with the car. This was odd, since it was bouncing so bad that it was painful. The vehicle settled back in and was fine a day later, so still dont...

Napa Auto - Washington, Vancouver / Tire chains


During the bad storm on December 20 to 22 we bought cable chains from the Napa store in Vancouver WA. After putting them on our new VW Rabbit all our warning lights came on. The chains had severed the electronics under our car. The dealership said the chains had been installed correctly but were a bad design. Now we have no ABS, no traction control, no speedometer and it well take 4 weeks and $450 to fix! If this cable chain should not have been sold for a VW Rabbit someone needs to be held accountable.