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Mobil Gas Station Complaints & Reviews

Mobil Gas Station / Customer service

Sep 22, 2018

On Sept. 14, 2018, at around 12:45 pm. My complaint is towards Mobil gas station in Vancouver, Canada. It is located at the corner of Grandview and Rupert streets. The employees - a lady and a man - were very rude and impatient to explain how I could use both the points card and the debit card. As a client, I believe I can ask as many questions as I need until I understand what it is being explained. However the employees were clearly impatient. Unfortunately I didnt take note of their names, but by the date and time, the company can identify the staff.

Mobil Gas Station - Massachusetts, Woburn / employee

Aug 17, 2018

The owner has employees that are threatening and abusive. My wife and young child went there today to get gas. Our daughter was in back with our dog. One of the employees, walked straight up to the car, reached through the window. Across my daughter and grabbed out dog with both hands. He pulled and dragging the dog practically out the window. My wife yelled at him to get away from the car, to leave. He ignored the yelling and continued to pull on the dog. He terrified my child, dog and wife. She couldn't pull away without running him over. She did everything to get the clerk insides attention...

Mobil Gas Station - Florida, Kendall / Bad service

Aug 10, 2016

12701 SW 88 at Miami Florida. 11:45 pm between through the door, the employee told me I will close the turn of the 12. I told him the customer first learns that., I gave them a redbull and $40 so that the rest would be gasoline. Only I can charge you the redbull. Give me my money back. The cashier Lock the door until almost 12 false imprisonment. I 'm looking for a lawyer. [email protected]

Mobil Gas Station / Employee smoking just few feet away from pumps

Sep 9, 2014

9-9-2014: Again, I went to Mobil Gas Station today to fill up and what do I see? The manager outside smoking a cigarette AGAIN. She is smoking just feet away from the pumps. She is not the only one, either. There are at least 2 other employees that smoke right outside the door, too, just feet away from the pumps. I have mentioned it to her and so have others. When I asked her isn't she afraid of starting a fire or the place blowing up due to her a hot ash can land in gasoline on the ground...she said to me, "Well, it hasn't happened yet." I can see that as YOU ARE STILL...

Mobil Gas Station - Texas, Houston / prejudiced against our Elderly Disabled Veterans

Jun 1, 2011

i went to get my wife's truck inspected today Wednesday June 1St 2011, 9-AM. at Mobil Service station. first off let me say i am a 100% service connected disabled American Veteran i can not be in the heat in hot weather in any inclement 's due to the meds i take for my service connected disabilities. the clerk at the Mobil service station on the corner of Ella & 34Th asked for my keys & my insurance papers & advised me only (one)1 car in front of me. i handed him my insurance papers & i informed the young man that i was a disabled veteran & that i would be in my truck with the air...