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Meritline / Bad customer service

Caseye2011 on May 3, 2011
After a shipping disgrepancy jennifer the custome service rep told me that it was my word against hers. It is very clear that rather get me my product that I ordered and paid for she would rather do nothing but offer me a lousy 10.00 meritline credit and treat me like garabage.after I requested to talk to her supervisor about 5 times she sent me to the shipping supervisor who obviously wasn't her boss. He tried to tell me that he would talk to her about it. I asked for a follow up call to know what the outcome was. He told me that I am not allowed to know about meritline business. I interprited this as he was going to hang up and do absolutly nothing.

Meritline / I threw 600 bucks away!

SgtMajorAkin on Apr 22, 2011
Product arrived with "G" key broken off and loose in the box, and I could not put it back on. But the main problem was that the computer could not read my memory card or display video from camera correctly. I contacted Meritline to ask about an exchange, but they referred me to Asus because Meritline said they don't handle returns and exchanges. Asus told me they would not exchange it even though the product is under warranty. Called Meritline again to complain. Meritline said all the operators were busy and they would call back. They never did. UPDATE- Meritline finally called back the...

Meritline / Negative Product Review Removed

Grampi on Mar 26, 2011
I recently submitted a negative product review to Meritline. It was posted. I recently checked again, and the negative review has been removed. In my opinion, this constitutes a deceptive trade practice. I have been shopping with Meritline for many years, and this is the first unpleasant experience. Meritline did offer a refund +15% restocking fee. I had to pay return shipping. I did the math, and this was not cost effective, so I decided to just keep the item. (SKU # 271-392-001). I realize the Meritline can not be responsible for product description, as this is supplied by the manufacture...

Meritline - Florida / terrible customer service

DBBU on Mar 17, 2011
I bought some hard drives for my laptop on the same day that the rebate expired (I qualified for the rebate) well I noticed that they overpriced me so I called them and the next day they changed the price! I called them back and the stupid rep who answered would not reason with me. She insisted that I was wrong, and said I either keep it or return it with a 15% restocking fee…..I insisted that I only bought it because of the advertised price but she didn’t care. She told me that there was a coupon but there was no expiration date nor was there some noticed on the listing about a...

Meritline / used merchandise advertised as new and it doesn't work!

socmoe on Jan 25, 2011
I ordered a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse (model#3000) and received a model#3000 keyboard with amidel#5000 mouse and they both don;t work! On top of it, they are clearly used items with dirt spots on bottom of keyboard and scratches on both! When I emailed a complaint, their response was mail back the item for replacement and that I would have to pay for shipping! What???? So, I just called and got a machine (they are not open yet) and the it cuts me off in the middle of the message! UGH!!!

Meritline - New Hampshire / Non-Delivery

A record of the exchanges so far... I have yet to receive a satisfactory answer to the following. Please note: I never received the goods (2 x flashlights). Please send the flashlights or issue a refund. I am not going to give in on this. My next step is to ask my credit card company to intervene and/or seek legal redress. You have 72 hours in which to provide a satisfactory response. Thank you A long standing and previously satisfied customer (check my purchase history). The flashlights did not arrive. I don't think I have the packing slip for the items you mention. I did not expect...

Meritline / Never again!

Never again! They sent a defective laser toner cartridge and when I returned it they tried to give an in store credit with only a partial refund! They don't even know anything about printers! POSTSCRIPT: a full refund was received after posting here. They said the difference was shipping. I do not know why they did not refund shipping since their policies show shipping is refunded. Return shipping is not covered so I am still out that amount. They said their other customers do not have a problem with this item, yet they told me just to ignore error messages from printer driver. Maybe their other customers are just putting up with the problems.

Meritline - California / does not honor lower price

I purchased a flashlight on 9/2 for $20.Two weeks later it was selling for $16. I asked for a credit. Meritline says they will not honor the lower price. Asa longtime internet buyer, this is the first company that has ignored a longtime customer. I will not use Meritline again. Beware...

Meritline / Terrible company

I purchased 2 similar products from 2 separate companies. Micro memory cards for our new cellphones. 1 arrived writing a week. After a week meritline sent an email stating they were backordered, (of course they'd already charged my amex), & expected to send out within 2 weeks. 3 weeks later, I emailed them, and then they sent an email stating the order had been sent that day. (First I did a search for the order # & received a tracking number via their website). Way to be proactive with your customers. Because I've been burned with internet purchases before, (You hear that EBAY?) There's no room for error here. Now after reading the other complaints, let's hope the product works when(if) it arrives.

Meritline / ABCink or Meritline ink cartridges don't work, no one speaks understandable English

I went on Pricewatch to find cheap Canon Pixma ink cartridges. ABCink in California came up cheapest. They arrived fine but are impossible to install. Instructions are terrible. When you fire up the printer, it can't read the new cartridges and thinks they are empty. The ABC instructions tell you to "go ahead and print until the out-of-ink error message comes up". You can't print anything in color because the cartridges aren't working! After a week, two cartridges started. The cyan never did. So I get red cast prints. Useless. ABCink is apparently Meritline but no one speaks English...
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