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Litton Loan Services Complaints & Reviews

Litton Loan Services - Texas / Loan Modification Request Denied

Jun 29, 2011

I have had property 5602 Spring Sunshine since 1986 - it has been an investment property for over 15 years. The loan has been bought out several times. Litton Loan is currently the mortgage company. I had problems in the last couple of years paying taxes due to my husband loosing his job of 40 years. It has been difficult prioritize finances - first priority was to keep a roof over our head. Bank of America worked with us and managed to lower our APR bu 3.8 points and a affordable payment plan is in place. I requested the same assistance from Litton and due to the nature of the property...

Litton Loan Services / Heartless mortgage company


This company has put my house in foreclosure and is threatening a short sale in five days because my mortgae was late for three days! I was seriously ill an din the hospital for the past six weeks and only now got back to work. still, during that time, I went hungry, drove my car on empty, just to save every dime to make the last month's payment. They have resfused to accept the money and refused to speak with me further! I call and call and no-one will ansewr their exensions, neither will they return messages How can this be! I don't know what else to do, I cry all night as I...

Litton Loan Services / Fraud and cheating


Litton loan gave me an experience that I will never forget. I never in a million years thought a company could run a business like this. I am a single mom raising 2 boys and I lived in that house for 20 years and Litton took that away from me and my Boys. Litton Violated my rights to redeem my home because they would never return my calls & I would never talk to the same person. Litton wasted so much time during the process that I had no chance to make things right. I had a financial adviser working with me and he was shocked to see this happening because he said he has never lost a case. He...