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Litton Loan Complaints & Reviews

Litton Loan - Texas / Modification Scam

I had some financial issues and could no longer handle a $2, 400 home payment. With no equity in the property I contacted them about a modification. They said I could not apply until I was 90 days or more behind on the note, and when I'm 90 days late they could lower my rate and cut my payment by almost a thousand.I called them back when I was 90 days late and they sent me the enrollment package which I filled out and mailed it back to them. 60 days later I call and find that "We never received your package Great! I also found that to start the new payment program I would have to bring...

Litton Loan / Loan Modification

Litton Loan's idea of a loan modification was to add $400.oo to our monthly payment. We never signed the paperwork, and continued to pay our regular loan payments on time each month. Well...come to find out that they've been reporting us as being 30 days late each month to the big three credit reporting agencies, as well as sending us letters via certified mail stating that we are 45 days late on our payments! Not only are we unable to refinance, but now our credit is mud, and will be for the next seven years. Way to go, dirtbags! This company should be dissolved, and the top people brought up on charges. I am currently disputing my "late" payments on my credit report...we'll see how that pans out!

Litton Loan / what a nightmare


My loan wouldn't of went into foreclosure if if my voice mails were responded to. I called several times to make my loan current and got the run around. Finally got the payment in with all the legal fees added then 2 days later finally got letters from the attorney on regards to the foreclosure..seems like the voice mail system they have just sets you up for failure I haven't received a call back yet from Ms. Lester after 6 voice mail attempts. I wonder if Ms. Lester is even a employee or just to buy time. And how about that Modification form I sent back 6 months prior I requested...

Litton Loan - Florida, Orlando / Modification

After 13 months of dealing with this "modification", I am still trying to "close". In the meantime, every month that goes by they are tacking the difference of $600 between what mortgage was and what my modification payment is to the balance due on the house. I now owe over $3, 000 more on the house than I did when we started this 13 months ago. I have also been reported to the credit bureau for being late over 120 days 3 times. I have yet to be late one time. I have yet to close on this. And I have yet to have peace of mind. I want this done and over and I believe this company is ripping...

Litton Loan / Big scam


It all started in july when me and my family come across a little finacial strain.I contacted litton loan/HSBC BANK for a loan modifacation due to that we have a 9.5 interest rate and my mortgage was to high.I have talked to many, hundreds of agents at litton loan they have no idea what they are doing.I was given wrong numbers to people that do not even due modifacations on loans.Finally i was told the right phone number to call after numerous times of faxing paper work over to the wrong people at litton loan.Now that it is with a loan processer they have started the forclosure process on my home...

Litton Loan / Horrible customer service

A horrible loan company. I recently lost my job, was told to submit my termination letter, my husbands most recent pay stub and a short letter detailing why I needed a loan modification. I was told to call in 72 hours to follow up. I have a confirmation, for the fax I paid for. They claim the number I faxed was not a litton number. I was furious, where did my personel information go? No one could help. I demanded to have supervisor call me, no one has called. The default department does not have a direct number, nor does the modification department. You just have to keep going thru people who...

Litton Loan - California, Fullerton / Deceptive and Trecherous Practices

The customer service in this company could be more adequately described as DISSERVICE. Very rude, very obnoxious, and very discourteous. Non-humane personnel hired to belittle and bewilder any homeowner seeking assistance in earnest. Fullerton, CA

Litton Loan - Texas, Houston / Litton Loan


Litton Loan in 2004 went to servicing my mothers mortgage.In two years the mortgage had almost doubled on her.My mother would send her mortgage payment by Western Union quick collect on the 3rd of every month to Litton Loan.Her mortgage was due on the 10th of every month. Litton Loan would not post the payments until after the 20th of every month so my mothers account at Litton Loan would look as if she were late.Litton Loan then would send my mother letters of threat of forecloser demanding sometimes $1300.00-$1500.00-$1700.00 at a whack.My mother borried over a $1000.0 from my ex-...

Litton Loan - Texas / unlawful mortgage loans


(1) Litton added additional charges on to our account - a forced escrow account in which they never paid the taxes but charged us for it (2) Even though we paid for our own insurance Litton added insurance to our account costing three times the normal premium charged by our insurance company... we would like to become part of a class action suit against them for their predatory lending practices. (3) they forced insurance on us and when we had a tornado at the house and it took out several trees, did damage to the roof, the siding and the yard we spent over $6k out of pocket to clean the...

Litton Loan / Scammers


I feel bad for all of you going through this. We tried making several loan mods, and thought we had made one in Nov 07 only to be foreclosed on because they say we did not send in the paperwork 4 times even after a Nic Setchel signed for them, well any way we lost our home in july 08. they sold our home of 12 years for 124000.00 we owed 216000.00, we could of paid the mod but NOBODY would call us back.WE plan on sueing them as soon as We get a lawyer, for lieing and being deceitful, and for a bad mortgage . There is hope after a bankruptcy you can get a home in 2 years.I tried for 1 year to...

Litton Loan / Unethical Business Practices


ABC News wants to hear your story! ABC News just posted a story online June 4th titled: "Desperately Seeking Mortgage Help", written by: SCOTT MAYEROWITZ, ABC NEWS Business Unit . If you can't find the story then contact Scott through the ABC website. Try this link and post your story. If ABC News recieves enough complaints, I am sure they will produce a story about Litton. This maybe the opportunity you are looking for. TAKE ACTION NOW! This has to stop and it starts with you! After you read the story, go to the bottom...

Litton Loan / Fraudsters and cheaters


I feel sorry for anyone who has litton loan as their mortgage company. They are crooks. After our bankruptcy was discharge they said we owed them 16, 000 dollars, when we made every payment. After arguing with I got it reduced to about 6, 000. I'm still frighting with them to set up a repayment plan. Knowone says the samething. Everytime I call it's a different story. The amount they want changes everytime I call, even if it's with in an hour. We have lived in this house for 15 years, we 2 young boys who want to stay by their friends but litton wants to foreclose on our home...

Litton Loan - Texas, Houston / scam


All of your complaints are very familiar. I too have a loan with Litton Loan (NOT BY CHOICE) I did not choose to do business with them, which in it self is a scam. What I would really like to know is why aren't they being audited by the US government? Why aren't the Feds on top of this bottom feeder of a company and why aren't they shut down from doing business with anyone? This is suppose to be freedom of choice, I had no choice in who my loan got sold out to, or who I am forced into doing business with. A home loan is the biggest investment we all make in our lives and all...

Litton Loan - Texas, Houston / Illegally Misapplied Principal Funds

Litton Loan bought my mortgage from SunTrust, and every payment they have handled since the transfer of the loan has been illegal. My additional payments to principle has been deferred to "suspense" accounts illegally maintained by Litton Loan as insurance against future missed payments. By law, the terms of my loan may not be changed due to the sale of a loan. Any payments marked for additional principle are supposed to be applied to the principle of the loan. My wife and I cannot refinance to a lower rate due to these dishonest practices. Class action lawsuits take forever to resolve. What are we...

Litton Loan - Texas, Houston / Scam and cheating


My problems and issues with Litton Loan servicing are more than than the space provided could ever allow. Litton Loan Servicing has shown to be the premier predatory lender in the country and I only wish I had an option to whom my original mortgage was sold to. Litton owns 80% of a loan my wife and I share. Our payment is now over 1200.00 monthly on an original amount of 687.09. 1200.00 for a 104000 loan is nothing short of predatory. I began speaking with Litton about a possible modification of our loan because we had never been late on the initial amount and were horribly misinformed about...

Litton Loan / They've messed up my short sale


Litton Loan suggested I do a short sale. I tried. I came up with three, cash bidders about two months prior to the foreclosure. These buyers were prepared to come up with more money. The day before the sale someone from Litton finally looked at the offers and said, "Sorry, they are too low and we do not have time to negotiate; you should have sent these in sooner." Also, Litton didn't realize they held the 2nd on my house. I had to inform them of that. I cannot believe they are still in business. My credit score is now 526. During my dealings with Litton, I was constantly bumped around to...

Litton Loan / Loan terrible practice

It took my husband and I 13 months to finally receive our new loan modification from Litton. It was a horrible mess.. not to mention stressful. The individuals within their various departments (loss mitigation) are very unprofessional and lack the knowledge necessary to help you with any questions. Also, they do not return phone calls. We were fortunate enough to receive an email address from an individual within the Loss Mitigation department and we began to correspond via email rather than over the phone. We saved these emails and it was a good thing that we did - at one point, we did not...

Litton Loan / Delinquent payment on my credit report


I was hurricane kitrina victim. Litton loan and many other companies offer programs on paying your bills to help get your life back in order i have a mortgage loan with litton. When i sign up to the program with a gentleman name milton scott i was told that it would credit. Well a few month later i denied a loan from a bank because litton put delinquent payment on my credit report and i need your help to get litton to clear my credit. Company details: 4828 loop central drive, houston tx 77081 phone 800-999-8501 fax 713-966-8975.