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Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems Complaints & Reviews

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems - Florida / Fraud


I worked at Jan-Pro of Tampa Bay and lived the horrible things that were done to poor innocent franchise owners. They would convince people to buy a franchise and illustrate a perfect picture of what they would be earning as independent business owners. It is sad how many give up their life savings to this company in hope of getting the American Dream in return. While I worked there I had to help one particular individual with a room to live in. I actually had her living in my house because after she invested $18, 000 in a franchise that would give her $6, 000 net/monthly she ended up getting...

Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems - Colorado / Misleading and Fraudulent activity


There are a lot of complaints about Jan-Pro. If you've read any other complaints it indicates that they give you contracts to clean buildings, that are not even worth the pay; you're basically working for minimum wage and working triple to double the hours that you would if you just got a normal job. It's all true. And trust me, you won't feel like a business owner, they'll make you feel like you're a worthless worker. They will offer you cleaning contracts but they will be so ridiculas, that you have to turn them down. If you're lucky enough to get a...