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H2G Scalp Expert Complaints & Reviews

H2G Scalp Expert / worst experience such a liar don't go there

Mar 27, 2018

#h2g scalp expert 超糟糕的经验 纯粹分享 h2g 会卖你10块钱的voucher 里面包括 苹果干细胞护理和什么oil vaccum的护理, 刚开始觉得10块就有2个护理是很不错下的‼️ 当你去到的时候会有人consult你,然后检测你的头皮 过后最吓到的是她会说你头皮有螨虫还给你看那条虫有多么活跃 毛孔堵塞 没关系 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻重点是你voucher 里的两个护理都不适合用😡 她会说 苹果护理是灌输vitamin 去发根 会让螨虫长得更多 然后她会介绍你比较贵的配套..最便宜的学生配套都要688… 还好我提早问了她们会不会强制性推销她们配套 我很清楚的告诉她们说我是学生会负担不起!她们也只是告诉我的头皮状况 和她们的配套 ! 最后她们都说到这样了,我就放弃做任何护理了‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 😡其实我会这样说是因为我朋友比我早去treatment, 她就是一样被说头皮很严重有螨虫之类的 然后帮她洗脑强制性的刷了她一百deposit!!! 对我来说这样是太过分了 我朋友也是名学生 没收入 当我朋友回去想清楚了觉得自己好像被骗。 虽然100deposit不多也不是很少 隔天我朋友要去拿回钱时她们 h0g damen的人既然不给 ‼️ 没关系 其实让我最无解的就是为什么 她们促销配套里的treatment 不是应该都要适合全部人的头皮 吗‼️为什么‼️不是适合每个人的 ‼️要卖给大众 😡😡😡😡太无解了 感觉被骗 好吧10块就当做买个教训😊 😡😡😡😡😡 最可笑是fb宣传除头螨的宣传词里都包括苹果护理😂

H2G Scalp Expert / unethical behaviour

Nov 20, 2017

Keep on forcing you to sign up for more packages even if your old one is not finished. The consultant told me that the money that I paid for the unfinished packages does not count, only the money that I pay now count. The price is also not transparent as they will just sweet talk you into signing into more packages. If you resist, they will be wasting your time by delaying your treatment just to sell their products and packages.

H2G Scalp Expert / hair treatment

Jan 04, 2017

Pls dont fall for their rm28 gimmicks. They will say so n when u go there they will scan ur head n say oh noo u cannot do this treatment coz ur scalp is dry. N they will brainwash u to pay for their other expensive treatments of which if u refuse, they will say we cannot do vacuum pump we can only do an alternative hair steam. The lady who scanned my head s soon she knew im not signing up for their package she just went missing. N omg they didnt even bother fixing my hair back after washing it. I had to create a scene n then another lady apologised n fixed my hair. I went n read their website...

H2G Scalp Expert / worst service!!!

Sep 23, 2016

Hi Anyone, I'm a student at the age of early 20 and having financial difficulties. However, I think myself facing some hair scalp problem which is abit oily and that the problem with every youngsters would facing. One day, I saw the advertisement on Facebook which stated Apple stem cell scalp treament which cost only RM28 then I am thinking that 'why not give it a try?' Since I still can afford for the price. Besides that, I filled up the forms then the next day they will call you in the morning and talk nicely for redeem the treatment. However, I'm not sure with my schedule...

H2G Scalp Expert / exfoliating treatment

May 21, 2016

I went to H2G scalp expert uptown damansara a week ago after I was claim to win free apple stem treatment & free kit form line. They were keep calling me few time reminding me about my appointment. At first I think they just want to finish off their business with customers earlier so they don't hutang to any customer Dah.. ( see how bersangka baik I am) but I should already detect by this time this is not good.. Knp nk baik sgt dgn customers yg dtg free maa... Kan Kan?? I do have problem with dandruff and hair fall that's why I'm excited to have a look and try. Honestly I really looking...