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Green Tree Servicing Complaints & Reviews

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Green Tree Servicing / Harassment

Torry Fallon on Dec 14, 2014
OMG, were do I start. The workers for Green Tree are the ### of the earth! That is an understatement.. They are ALL a bunch of harassing and aggressive POSs. They told me that they would not except a payment after 30 days. They said the type of mortgage that I have requires them to immediately file for foreclosure if a payment is not received in 30 days. Bank of America sold my mortgage to them. They are all fed this type of harassment from upper management. How they are still in business is beyond me. We need to suit them for every ounce of frustration.

Green Tree Servicing / Mortgage

Ed Dimmick on Nov 28, 2014
Heres one for everybody to read, Consumer Financial protection Group, Heres how to get ahold of them, consumer financial.gov. I had a 15 yr 2nd Mortgage with these people, Green Tree, through the yrs i had 8 payments defered to the end of the contract, I have payed over $66, 000, in 15 yrs, but yet there saying that i still owe $10, 050. They are now under an investagation thru Consumer Financial.gov, Everybody thats had a bad deal with greentree, needs to get these people investagated. They have bad Business tactics and need to be caught.

Green Tree Servicing / Refuses to make payments from escrow account

Fred Pemberton on Aug 3, 2014
For nearly 1 1/2 months now, I have been trying to get Green Tree to make my homeowners insurance payment from my escrow account, and they absolutely refuse to release any of my money being held in escrow to pay the bill. They're contractually obligated to make those payments, but they refuse to do it. I'm am approx. 12 years ahead of schedule on my Payments, and have never been late making a payment. I send extra principal Payments each and every single time I make a payment to my mortgage. I have called them 3 - 4 times a week for the past 6 weeks and they just won't make the...

Green Tree Servicing - South Dakota, Rapid City / Illegal Threats and Harrassment

Timothy Redmond on Jan 7, 2014
I am trying to go after Green Tree for any thing I can possibly muster up, legally!! I was renting a home in North Carolina that the landlord decided not to make payments on. Green Tree Called me on average 117 times a week demanding me to bring her accoubt current. I was threatened, harrassed, embarrassed, and a bit scared for my families well being. They had my neighbor knocking at the door with messages telling me to call them for payment and had told them my landlord was losing her house because we were not paying them. I have a letter from my landlord admitting she took my rent and spent...

Green Tree Servicing / Force Placed Excessive Premiums

ozzypete on Aug 15, 2013
My house insurance had lapsed and Green Tree had sent me a letter to get cover within 30 days or they will get their own insurance. I got other insurance easy within their time frame. Six months later I learned they had charged me $787 for two months cover anyway. This was an excessive amount as the yearly amount is $900. Green Tree had force placed this excessive amount and were now charging late fees. It was not necessary imposing such a high premium, even though I have complained bitterly to many staff members they were not interested. Green Tree need to be taken to task!

Green Tree Servicing / modification

msnicolejo on Jul 26, 2013
My father loan was transferred to Green Tree and he hasnt had the best time.My father currently has cancer and is recievneing disability.My father makes his payments on time and has never been late but it have touble making the payments becuase he is no longer working becuase of his illness he cant. He only gets disability. So he applied for a modification in june 2013 and was denied in July 2013 becuase he was not able to prove a real hardship:. My mother cant work because she has to take him to chemo, . So i call up to green tree and asked them about the denial reason;. The woman told me and...

Green Tree Servicing - Alabama, Cullman / Customer Service

Synders on Jul 5, 2013
My mortgage was sold to Green Tree from Bank of America. I was notified two weeks before my usual payment was due that I would have to set up automatic payments with them. I contacted them and was told that they could not find my acct and that I should wait a couple of weeks and call back. When I called back, customer service went to a voice mail. This was during the time that representatives are supposed to be available and I was not given an option to hold for the next representative. Over the next 3 weeks, I continued to try to call and kept getting shuttled to the voice mail. I eventually...

Green Tree Servicing / force placed insurance

tonya_okla on Jun 3, 2013
Normally our insurance does not lapse, our policy expired on 3/31/13, but our insurance agent decided he wasn't doing business with that particular company anymore, so it left us hanging looking for a homeowners policy.I found a new agent and had coverage by 4/12/13 with a copy of the declarations page being sent to Green Tree by the agent. Green Tree should have also paid this out of our escrow account. Shouldn't have really been an issue, however, Green Tree kept sending us notices that we didn't have coverage and if we didn't get coverage within 30 days they would add...

Green Tree Servicing - Kansas / unavailable

helen everett on Apr 12, 2013
since green tree took over my loan in march they are not available no information is available...calling there number for days gives recording and hangs up...real people not available at all how can you know about your loan...no information online wants ss# to register...not putting that online...very bad service not the way to treat a new customer

Green Tree Servicing - California / Online Payment Fee

Barbara Rob on Feb 7, 2013
My mortgage loan was just sold to Green Tree Servicing by GMAC. When I went online to register so that I could make a payment, I found out there's a $12.00 Speedpay fee to make your mortgage payments online!!! Green Tree should be happy you can make a mortgage payment at all in this economy. Greed is the name of the game when it comes to these big corporations! I am sickened by these mortgage companies and the scams...

Green Tree Servicing - Illinois / No statements

deejaycee56 on Apr 29, 2012
Green Tree Servicing took over our loan from Bank of America, and has been a nightmare since. I was laid off just before the loan buyout, and had been in contact with Green Tree since the day after i was laid off. I wanted to know what I can do with the situation. it took 2 weeks plus to get an answer. They started a HASP modified loan application. After almost 3 months of getting the paperwork ironed out, we were denied. Through this time, they said no payments were necessary. Of course, after denial, they had a different story, and started charging late fees from day one. I now am working...

Green Tree Servicing / Treatment by employee

Ursulita35 on Apr 18, 2012
This complaint is about an employee by the name of Chris Poorten x 36140. He claims to be a manager in the recovery department of Green Tree Servicing. Today, 4/18/12, I called at approximately 3:48pm to ask questions regarding my accounts that are under investigation for fraud. After being transferred a few times, I ended up speaking with Chris Poorten. Apparently he could hear frustration in my voice because he immediately reacted by telling me that I do sound upset and he is going to be VERY careful with the choice of words he uses with me. After conversing with him about the accounts., he...

Green Tree Servicing - Alaska, Apache Junction / will not accept payment????

4LUCKY7 on Mar 20, 2012
I have had an incredibly bad experience with this company Green Tree Servicing. My mortage has changed hands three times; first it was with Countrywide who I loved, then it went to BOA who I hated, then it went to this fly by night company Green Tree Servicing which no words can explain how inefficient this company is. First off, I quit paying bills by mail in 1998, so I am not new to internet payments. When I couldn't pay my on time payment to BOA as I always did, never miss a beat since 2006, I had to try and contact this company to make payment. That was the first journey and...

Green Tree Servicing / Anyone who gets a home, don't finance with Green Tree

Agrabele on Feb 11, 2012
Anyone who gets a home, don't finance with Green Tree. They are dirty, they need to bought out or get out of the business. they are not nice and they don't treat people right. They don't care. I've seen a lot of complaints about this company. Something needs to be done.

Green Tree Servicing / They will not refinance our home and we can't get anyone else now to finance us

Loopez on Dec 6, 2011
This individual has called our home constantly. One day he called 3 time within 5 mins. time. He has been harassing us about our house payment, even though they have been mailed to him. I have ever sent them like 6 mos of post dated checks and we will get a call anyway regarding our "late" payments. We have had our house for 11 yrs and it appears that we are not making any head way with our balance. We have questioned them about it and they always have an excuse. They did send us an entire payment history, but you can make heads or tails of it. This has been an on going problem of harassment...

Green Tree Servicing / Don't use this loan company

Sebeross on Nov 10, 2011
Over the 20 years we have been dealing with this company- we have had nothing but rude and very unhelpful people when trying to resolve issues with this company. We had a loan with them for our mobile home and it was complete in August of 2009- however- we were sent a notice that our loan was in default because we still owed over 5, 000. When I contacted them- at first they couldn't tell me WHY we still owed that much money-even though I had the contract in front of me and NOWHERE on any of the statements did it ever say anything on anyone of them about fees or anything else...they...

Green Tree Servicing - Minnesota / Thieves, Con Artists and Douchebags

N Bliss on Jul 26, 2011
Green Tree Servicing and its many subsidiaries are a ### sucking, low life, bottom feeding company. Their executives are based in MN who sold their soul to devil many years ago. Their employees are ex-cons and people who have been trained in psychological warfare. In a word - do not do any business with them if possible. If your loan has been sold to them, find an attorney and rid yourselves of this CANCER of a company. Best of luck, Nick

Green Tree Servicing - Arkansas / late payment

Bruce Casilio on Jul 20, 2011
I have 2 accounts with Green Tree not because I chose them to be through them, but because they bought out the companies that had the existing notes. I have been paying on these notes for approx 12 years now and have had approx 4 instances where i got behind 1 to 2 months. well they call continually, but today was the tipping point. I answered one of the calls, and got a rude agent. I know that the note was behind2 months and i tried to tell him the situation, and after a 2nd call to the agent, he went postal on me. he didn't even give me the appropriate information that i needed to pay...

Green Tree Servicing - South Dakota, Rapid City / Short Sale

http://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2010/aug/04/city-lights-1-foreclosure-fee-feast/#comments Green Tree Servicing, the owner of the second lein on my mortgage, is stalling the approval of a Short Sale. They will not accept the monies that are being offered by the owner of the first lein, One West Bank. I wrote my local Congressman; the letter was forwarded to Freddie Mac and Green Tree. I received a call from Freddie Mac stating that what Green Tree was asking me to do was "not within regulations". When the letter ended up in the hands of a representative from Green Tree, I received a call...

Green Tree Servicing / I would tell everyone never to do business with Greentree or Bank of America

Our mortgage was held by Bank of America and transferred to Greentree. We received a letter from Bank of Amer. re this, but no bill for the March payment from Greentree. INSTEAD Bank of Amer sent their bill for March 1st, so of course we paid to them. Greentree began their calls--They refused to call Bank of America tostraighten this out. They said Bank of Amer had to transfer the March payment to them. When this did not happen in March, I had to spend 45 minutes at the Bank of Amer branch and they told me I had to send aq fax with copy of the March check payment to Bank of America, so Bank of...
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