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Furniture City Complaints & Reviews

Furniture City / Non Delivery and Pathetic Service

Jun 21, 2011

I have purchased a number of items at the end of May of which 1 item has still NOT been delivered to me 30 days later!!! Everytime i call in i get a pathetic excuse to say everything possible has been done to ensure i receive it. If i did not call the store and provide them with a solution to provide me with a Loan item until they receive my original item which i have purchased and paying the interest thereof for 30 days for an item i dont even have. I AM UTTERLY DISGUSTED BY THE SERVICE PROVIDED BY THE CRESTA FURNITURE CITY STAFF AND MANAGER AS WELL AS THE RESPONSE TIME AND RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN TO ENSURE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!!

Furniture City / All round bad experience at Furniture City

Feb 10, 2011

I've recently returned to South Africa and my first choice for buying goods was Furniture City. Let me start off by saying that I will NEVER purchase anything from Furniture City again!!!First, the salesman, Willem, sells me goods that he neglets to tell me is going on Sale the very next day! Imagine when I opened the newspaper and saw the goods which I purchased sold for R2017 less than what I paid for it. I pay over R1000 for delivery fee and get no help with setting up anything. I get told when I purchased the furniture - 2 leather couches and a washing machine that I have to take out...

Furniture City / Called 17 times from from tuesday till friday morning


I have a furniture city account and its not the first account I have had there, this month I was late paying my account but I paid it on 8 August via internet banking like I do every month. On Tuesday 18 August the call centre phoned me I explained that I had paid the account giving them the date and amount that was paid. From Tuesday till Friday morning there was 17 phone call made to my cell phone from them, Friday afternoon they phoned again and this time I lost my temper and screamed at the man as he was very very rude, I then put the phone down on him. About 20 minutes later they phoned...