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Frost & Sullivan Complaints & Reviews

Frost & Sullivan / Fake awards

Aug 8, 2016

Frost and sullivan gave an award to an organisation which is exploiting old people with substandard food at elder anyone can give award to an organisation which is unethical in practices.frost and sullivan too must be unethical. KSHETRA by heritage eldercare services has been exploiting old people with low quality food or substandard food like adulterated milk, low cost vegetables with no nutrition and they provide beaten rice or poha as breakfast most of the time.they are charging hell lot of money and providing very low quality food from past 9 months.sometimes older people have to...

Frost & Sullivan / Fraudulent/misleading &awards& sold to businesses.


Frost & Sullivan sell "awards" to businesses, as alleged recognition for something special about the target company, something that F&S has supposedly done extensive research about. In reality, many of those awards are handed out (not for free, they are sold as commercial products!) with little or no real justification. The only justification is that award sales generate substantial revenue for F&S. In fact, companies are actively targeted for award sales, based on a) whether they seem to have a liking for awards, and b) whether they look like a potential future client to F&S. Similarly, identical...