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i have just been charged about £20 by epocheu for a service i dont have and i dont know what they did for me, all i did was to go on this dating website and i was given a choice of two days trail so i signed up for the two days to see how it looks like of which i only used it for one day cause i wasn't intrested in wat their offering so even technicaly they owe me one day service but that is not the point the point is why did i get charged another £20 whiles i only reguested for two days service. i insiste on a refund and also appologies for the innconvinience and as well a... / Taking money from bank account without my consent,


Money has been taken out my account every month, different amounts from£21.00 to £27.00 and i do not have a clue who it is what company it is, or where it's from?? All the info i have is, is the only clue next too the amounts taken, i do not know how to go about stopping these withdrawels, or finding out who they are, and when it all started.. Please can someone HELP me... / what a joke!!!


Hey I was charged as well! I called them and they told me they were sorry and would never charge me again, I just got charged DOUBLE! WTF!! I only use my card on: World of Warcraft paypal Neopets Ebay anyone else use any of these sites? cause that's all I use my credit card online on. / Alien Transactions


Two payments of £28.39 have been taken from my credit card on 9th December and 9th January. None of these transactions are recognised by me and I would be grateful if you will refund the payments. Epocheu.Com, +13106645810 28.39 POUND STERLING GREAT BRITAIN Regards, Marcello Da Silva / unautorized withdrawl from my account

Ti withdrew $120.00 from my account clearly without authorization today! thank goodness my bank has a service that detects possible fraudulaent use of our account. As soon as I "googled" I saw that this has been apparently happening to countless other people! where is the law enforcement?! / recurring charges on credit card

Ir is the billing agency for, an internet based sex/chat site. If a customer is unwary, a 1 day trial reverts to a monthly "membership" fee of $39.98. They do not take particular care to check that the "customer" is of legal age to use their "services", nor to verify that the use of the given credit card is authorized. My young son got scammed this way, at a total charge -to me- of $159.92. My phone call to the company resulted in no help, but a lecture on "speaking to my son". They refute that their business is illegal and/or unethical, and will refuse recompense. I would like assistance in putting a stop to such practises. / Taking money out of account for unwanted services


I have been having monies removed from my account for sometime, for services that are unknown and unwanted services... It started on the 30 March 2008 for 2.62, then 2/05/2008 for 20.99 pounds then 2/06/2008 for 20.99 pounds and then 1/07/2008 for 20.99 pounds again... If this monies comes out again i will 1 go to the police and report it as fraud and theft as when trying to contact the supposed billing company no such listing comes up, it makes you wonder if a legitimate company. The end result i that i DO NOT want any more monies removed from my acc or as previously stated i will involve the authorities... / Debiting bank account


EPOCHEU.COM has been debiting my account for $30.95 every month. I have never conducted business with this company and would like to cancel debiting the amount of $39.95 effective today. If EPOCHEU continues I will pursue legal action immediately and inform the FBI. Thank you, PACITA A. FLORIG. / stop taking money from account


i wish 2 complain.will you please stop.taking money out my account.the amount taken each month is.£15.79 .i can ill aford paying for something i dont want, if you dnt stop taking the money.i will have to take further p mouna / Scam charges


I live in U.K.I had ordered some goods for my business from U.S. and U.K. firm and logged on to check all had gone through ok. Found 4 payments i didn't recognize and contacted Bank by phone straight away. They old m there were 3-4 others 'pending' i told them it was Fraud but they said they couldn't sop them!, (strange how they stop an unfunded cheque took though). Think this could be related to a charity scam, I remember someone coming the door Weeks ago. They say I will get this money back from First Direct Bank, but i would rather wait and see!