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Emillionaire a HUGE SCAME - Be warned all internet users, that www.emillionaire.comis a huge scam with over hundreds of thousands of complaints. I had to to cancel my credit card, and the CD they send you is nothing but to guys pretending to be on aconference call with no information to help anyone make monies. They are in noway affiliated with GOGGLE as they claim. The only people making monies as thesescam artists who not only bill you $1.95 but go on to bill you another 39.95.STAY AWAY FROM THESE BIG LIARS AND SCAM ARTISTS... BEWARE. / Charged $47.00 thru


Just got a charge on my account for, after trying to call the 1-866 number all day (no one ever answers), finally got through. They said the charge was for I never authorized this charge. I went to the website and called their customer service number. They said they are not affiliated in any way with CPI. So who is lying? I had to cancel my card number with my bank and am disputing the charge. Very shady business...I would steer way clear of these companies! / Online fraud


I had seen their commercial online and usually I never fall for these but this one I did. On Mar/3rd/09 I purchased their program online and they had a special for $1.95. After 10 different other offers, that basically wanted me to spend more money, I only went for $1.95 offer to see what they were offering and I was told on their website that my program was in the mail. A few minutes later I get a call from a sales guy who really tries really hard to sell me something else for $47. I sternly and repeatedly told him that till I read the initial package I was not interested. After I yelled at... - Ontario / SCAM! But I got refunded!


There seems to be light at the end of the long and dark tunnel. After a month of continuous headaches and running in circles, 800 numbers going out of service mysteriously, recieving emails from their support that apparently doesn't exist if you reply, recieving a phone call from someone connected to eMillionaire and then being hung up on when he didn't like what I had to say and many numerous other instances, I've finally recieved the confirmation I required! Here's the email: eMillionaire Support to me <br /> show details 11:37 AM (3 minutes ago) Reply Dear valued... - Florida, Tampa / scam

Have you gotten scammed by Emillionarie :( *~* Beware of this scam! I saw an opportunity to make some extra money with Google Search - the Ad was Google Profit and it cost $1.95 to have the CD and instructions sent. Thought it sounded okay! Well a minute after I put in my bank account information I went to my bank account and found a charge of $48.41 by EMILLIONAIREMBA plus I received another charge for $1.95 which is all I agreed too from the start. What could this $48.41 be for and how come I have not received anything for this $48.41 from Emillionarie nor have I received the CD and... - Texas / No such money making/fraudulent charges to Credit Card


I signed up for this money making opportunity expecting to receive an e-mail with information on what my next step was. I saved the sign on information to my favorites, but when I go to favorites it just gives me the support address now. No such web site located after several attempts. I called the number that showed up on my bank statement within 48 hours to cancel membership after I found all of the complaints. I spoke to a real person who assured me my account was canceled and when I tried to verify that no other charges would be submitted, conveniently the line started cutting out and then... - Florida, Tampa / Goog income

After £1.45p taken from my credit card on 12th Feb 2009, £28.46p was taken out on 21st Feb 2009, 9 days later. Now on 5th March (over 3 weekes) I get this link to confirm subscription. What a cheeky trick or they are so naive to the fact that someone is making good takings from the name 'emiilionaire'. First charge was taken by product support, then the next one by 'Goog income'. All I want is all my money back with ever they are acting for or with. Below is the first email I'm getting since I signed in to Kevin got his green. I did not sign up with... / Online scam


I entered Facebook and saw an ad reportedly saying i could make up to $11, 000 Canadian a month by writing links for emillionaire through Google.The ad seemed genuine.Fortunately i did not give my credit card info and hit ask me later at the bottom.As far as i know i believe i gave them the info to send to my address any literature about said 'SCAM'. I've inquired to my Mastercard and have no purchases from emillionaire or Marqilife.But now it gets even better!! I went back to Facebook and lo and behold there is the ad with a little 'TWIST'. A male in his early...