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Earthlink / Ripped off

scott23232323 on Jul 29, 2014
Earthlink ripoff: I inquired into getting Earthlink internet service where I was moving to and was advised coverage was available. They took my credit card information and charged me a total of $40 but a technician called me and told me that internet was not available where I live due to the rural location. I called Earthlink to advise them this but they did not believe me. I offered to give them the contact number for the technician but they transferred me to tech support. They insisted internet was available and put in the service request again. I was again called by another local technician...

Earthlink / Cancellations and frauds

Higgen on Dec 10, 2012
Well I did talk to my Dish network company and they offered me a plan which it comes at the end that wasn’t the plan they offered me, well the Dish network company set up my internet but because they canceled my membership with dish network I have no services at all and never did with this Earhtlink company before and not even after. This Earthlink don’t want to cancel the service which I never ask for it cause the Dish network never told me I have to cancel it directly with this company. I have called several times and I am sure these people have records of my calls when I keep...

Earthlink - Missouri / Fraud

Sandra Garner on May 13, 2012
Last May I mistakenly sent my mortgage payment of nearly $1, 000.00 to Earthlink. The check for Earthlink, $7.95 was sent to my mortgage company. My mortgage company has had me one month behind on our acct since them and just notified me of my deliquency. Earthlink deposited the check for the mortgage company to their bank account and gave me a credit for the amount. Since then, they have been deducting their monthly charge from the credit on my account. When I found out about this two weeks ago and called them, they said since I had sent them the check it was theirs and therefore, they...

Earthlink / Earthlink Internet lied about their prices

Hamukky on May 6, 2012
In September I called Earthlink to ask how much it would be to keep my earthlink email address if I cancelled service since Time Warner was offering $29.95 Roadrunner deal. Earthlink offered to match $29.95 price and I said I’d stay with them. Since then, I’ve been charged $41.95 a month and can’t get anyone at Earthlink to provide promised price. We are retired on fixed budget and the additional $12 a month is a big deal to us. When I call I get people in India who say they will fix and call me back. They cannot give me a number so I can call them back. I have asked for name and...

Earthlink - Texas, San Antonio / Fraudulant Practices

ciliii on Mar 15, 2012
I received a letter in the mail today from Earthlink welcoming me along with an earthlink email address and a password. I have Time Warner Roadrunner internet service so I called them about this letter. They showed no change in my account and suggested I call Earthlink and they gave me the 866 number to their customer service center, which is is INDIA!! I was getting no where with the rep I was speaking to so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor, Stiffler, told me I don't have an account with Earthlink and the letter is to ask me to switch to their service. I read the letter to him...

Earthlink / Want my money back

zippo on Dec 16, 2011
I cancelled my Internet service with Earthlink on Nov 17th 2011, after several months of non-working Internet. I was told i would be receiving a return shipment in the mail so i could return their equipment and that i would not be charged 90.00 cancellation fee. I never got the return shipment in the mail. I went to use my bank card today, it was denied! Earthlink took 90.00 from my bank account and overdrew my account. I contacted them, they have no answer for why i never received my return postage and it will take 10 days to get my money back!

Earthlink - California / closing account

2Catman on Feb 26, 2011
I have been trying to close my account for more than three months but they refuse to do so. We told them in December to cancel our service when we closed our credit card account. They claim their records do not show any request to cancel service despite our telling them THREE MORE TIMES when they call demanding payment. When I ask to speak to a supervisor they ask "Security questions" like my father's middle name and when I answer, they say it doesn't match their records and I cannot continue. Them they ask for my credit card number or bank account number to "verify" my identity...

Earthlink - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Customer Service

Earthlink customer service has gotten terrible. Their phone bank is sent over to India and operators are hard to hear because of their accent and apparently a poor connection. Have had problems connecting on dial up for two months. Their solutions have not worked. Still cant connect. They will not give a credit for the poor service. I have used it 0 hrs, but not because I haven't tried. Earthlink used to be good, now company??????

Earthlink - Massachusetts / bad service

i have been useing earthlink dsl service for about 6 months my problems started almost imediatly. my service drops conection randomly and the modem must be reset to get it working again. in dealing with earthlink we have changed our ethernet card, modem, phone line to wall, lines to the box and the box on the house itself. the smaller items having been replaced numorus times yet the problem prosists, earthlink has been unwilling to change anything on theire end and as of today they have told me they see no problem and there is nothing they can do to help me even though 3 techs that have been...

Earthlink / Scammers

I discovered in January that Earthlink continued to debit my account after services were cancelled. When I called to have the charges stopped, I was always told by the associates that there was no record of an account. Finally today in October I get someone who will finally cancel the account after having to pay $30 dollars to my bank to stop all payments. I would not recommend automatic payments you will never get rid of the ###. Of course they will not refund any of the previous charges.

Earthlink - Missouri, Kansas City / Fraudulant billing

I had a subscription for Earthlink cable internet service for several years. Payment was deducted from my checking account, which was ok, but one day I noticed small additional amounts being deducted from my account under the Earthlink name. I must admit that I am not very thorough in checking my account so it over a year passed before I noticed the extra smaller charges. I called Earthlink and was told that the extra charge was for land line internet service I had ordered. I tried to convince them of how absurd it would be for me to order land line internet service when I HADN'T HAD A...

Earthlink / Unauthorized billing

They mail flyer to me offering $49.95, for phone and dsl service in june 2007 and i accept, for payment they only accept credit card and every month they take over $100. for payment, when i call earthlink about it while talking to then they cut me off, when i call back they put me on hold and no one answer me, from june 2007 i called earthlink more than ten times, all i wanted to know is why earthlink is collecting between $ 100. and $180. from me when they said the service was for $49.95. per month.

Earthlink / Nightmare

On June 6th, I switched from AT&T to Earthlink home phone service. It was the WORST decision I have ever made. I am so frustrated with them I could scream, and I have no one to turn to because there is no one to complain to. Here is my story. On June 6th, I signed up for phone service. I quickly received my new modem and instructions on how to set it up. Everything was fine, my service was up and I figured that was the end of it, WRONG!! As I was talking to people on the phone, they were telling me that there was an echo on the line. This proceeded to happen for about a week before I called and...

Earthlink / Terrible service

Earthlink is using the cheapest kind of business tactics to avoid losing customers. They currently will not allow customers to cancel via email or through the website, only by telephone or certified letter. I called Earthlink to cancel, and were told that computers were down, and to call back in 24 hours. I called back again in 24 hours, and were given another bogus excuse about a storm causing more computer problems. On both occasions, I asked the representative if I could simply give my account information over the phone, so it could be written down and acted upon when the computers were...

Earthlink - Oregon / Billing

I signed up for Earthlink Dial-up service around June of 2008. I Have been trying to cancel my service since July of 2008. I was charged almost $23.00 per month, they have also double charged me at times, and I have not used their service. I have tried to call them numerous times, and I actually get hung up on when I tell them my problem! This is unbelievable. I had to go as far as to cancel my debit card and get a new one, and now they are sending me bills in the mail! I contacted them through e-mail, with no response of course, and I am just out of options. What can I do?

Earthlink / Fraudulent charges

I attempted to sign up with Earthlink DSL service in January 2009. I was told that since I had a certain local phone provider, they could not provide DSL service for me and an account would NOT be opened. In the past two weeks, my cell phone has begun ringing with recorded message from Earthlink billing department. I called them back and was transfered to fraud department and was told I had no account with the company. Today, I came home and pulled up my bank statement online and $65.19 was taken out this morning by Earthlink. I called to find out why and was told a supervisor would call me back...

Earthlink / over billing

i canceled my services on jan 24 eathlinks agent with held the billing cycle and date that my jan 18 payment was for when asked . In my bill me later statement it states 31 days what are the 31 days arethay jan o r feb? it is not stated .now on billme later statement the math is wrong! $26.90 +$19 =$45.9 NOT $47.90. NOw I can not get any one inperson to talk to me I was told some one from earthlink would call back they never did I was able to chat room with eartlink there only coment was to give a$10 credit to my acct what acct ? my eartlink acct. or my bill melatter acct.?my phone# 308 787 1678 email kiowamsn@yahoo.com

Earthlink - California, Redlands / wrongful billing practices

I had a brief living situation in which I was possibly able to get dial-up internet service. It was going to be rough using dial-up, but it was better than nothing, so I called earthlink. The gentleman told me that they had a special offer that gave me 1 month free with an option to cancel, or I could continue for 5 more months at 8.99 per month, and then, thereafter, I would pay the regular monthly service charge. Knowing I was to be there for less than a month, I agreed to the free trial, then after I moved, I could perhaps switch to DSL with earthlink and keep my email... well... The trial ended...


Earthlink seemed like a good company at first. I used them for wireless services, in conjunction with cable internet from Time Warner. As mentioned on this site, there phone service was terrible. Working out a minor issue would take at least an hour. I was assured I could keep paying for the wireless after ending my cable service, in order to avoid the $100 fee for canceling before a year. But when I closed my account at Time Warner, I was immediately charged the $100 (no warning). It took 2 hrs. to reverse this, and I could not simply tell them to cancel my account at the end of the year. I...

Earthlink / Scam and cheating

Bottom line: crappy internet service, incompetent customer service, and bogus charges that you are forced to pay if you care about your credit. I had Earthlink DSL and was paying with a credit card connected to my home equity line of credit. When housing prices declined, they lowered my credit limit and essentially cut off the card. I wanted to switch ISP's due to ongoing technical problems with service anyway so I didn't bother calling them. So they rightfully cut off my service when the card no longer worked. A few months later I got a recorded message saying I needed to update my...
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